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Chapter 327. Herben Kingdom (1)

Translator: Atlas / Editor: Regan

The sound of battle horns echoed over the plain. The ground shook under the hooves of the galloping horses.

Behind them rose a cloud of crows, cawing in the sky. It was enough to make a cold sweat run down the spine of the Knight Commander of Herben, though he looked forward at his enemy with dignity, setting aside his unease.

Through the dust rising on the plain, he could see the barbarian army approaching. They came without hesitation, and stopped at the instant their general did.

It was incredible to see such discipline, the vast force moving as if they were a single creature. For a moment, the Knight Commander was so impressed, he forgot that this was the enemy he was meant to fight.

They looked like an invincible army. A terrible army to have as an enemy.

The Knight Commander did not believe his soldiers could defeat them. In fact, he had no intention of fighting a battle. Signaling for his soldiers to remain in formation, he spurred his horse forward.

His eyes were locked on the man who stood at the front of the opposing force, a man who towered even above a crowd of Kurkans. Surely, he was the Barbarian King.

The Knight Commander watched the savage as he approached. He had heard the man’s name was Ishakan, and the name suited him. The rumors had said he was a handsome man, with stunning golden eyes. His muscular body was a weapon in itself, and he would certainly be a powerful fighter.

But the Knight Commander relied on his own practical experience. No matter how powerful someone’s physique, there were some skills that could only be acquired with years of experience. The Knight Commander was hailed as a genius. Even if he couldn’t stop the advancing army, he was sure he could halt a single savage. – Posted only on NovelUtopia

“Barbarian King,” the Knight Commander said, and drew his sword. “If you have any honor, then you will fight me with honor.”

That meant a challenge to a duel, one on one. The loud declaration was received with silence. The Knight Commander clenched his sword and lifted it.

“Come on!” He shouted.

Laughter erupted from the listening Kurkans, and his face darkened.

The Kurkans weren’t even doing it to provoke him. It was a spontaneous reaction.

“Oh, my G.o.d…” Haban gasped, almost falling off his horse with laughter. “I think he’s serious…”

Ishakan said nothing, only smiled. It seemed that the Knight Commander of Herban thought highly of his own martial arts.

But even if he was extraordinary, every Kurkan present was an experienced warrior. The Knight Commander might know his own trade, but he knew little of Kurkans. Most of the Kurkans he had seen were slaves, who had not yet come of age.

It was a plausible excuse for this recklessness.

But still, it wasn’t a bad proposal. This would speed up his own return home. Ishakan drew his own sword with pleasure, nudging his horse over to his challenger.

The Knight commander eyed Ishakan, a.s.sessing. There was a slight frown on his face as he noted Ishakan’s lack of nerves.

“Now it will be your turn with that Estian succubus,” he said, provoking. “I wonder who her next husband will be.”

Ishakan sighed, rubbing a hand over his face.


A glint shone in his golden eyes. He knew this was just a ploy to goad him and make him lose his temper, but he couldn’t help reacting.

Leah had become famous after all the curious events surrounding her multiple marriages. There were all manner of crazy rumors, one of which claimed she was a succubus, beguiling and slaying her husbands.

It was true that those men who had tried to marry her had died. Not just Count Byun Gyeongbaek, but Prince Blain after him.

There were people who were convinced that soon it would be the Barbarian King’s turn, right up until Ishakan killed them.

Ishakan couldn’t understand why anyone would consider the men who had tormented her to be her victims, and he wasn’t interested in trying.

In these cases, Ishakan went for the simplest method. Rather than trying to explain it with words, he would prove it. He was nearly nose to nose with the Knight Commander, and the other man was clearly discomfited at the difference in size.

“I a.s.sume you intend to back up those words.”


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