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Chapter 480 - Chapter 480: First Level Beginner Realm Of The Myriad

Chapter 480: First Level Beginner Realm Of The Myriad

Transformation Secret Manual! (2)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The next moment, a beam of light enveloped his body, and his figure instantly disappeared.

I’ll give the killing s.p.a.ce a go too since Dragon recommends it!”

Sol smiled and walked into a six-pointed star pattern. The next moment, his figure disappeared.

“I’ll try too!”

Changa Saha smiled and walked into a hexagonal star pattern. Her figure quickly disappeared.

“It’s so expensive here. I hope it’s worth it!”

Chu Zhou muttered and walked to a hexagonal star pattern.

In the next moment, Chu Zhou realized that he was standing on a meteorite. Countless blood-red planets floated in the surrounding void.

A huge book appeared in front of him. On it were the rules of the Killing s.p.a.ce.

These rules were similar to what the dragon had said. He could set up any opponent he wanted, regardless of race or number…

“I’ve just advanced to the Domain Realm and don’t have enough combat experience. Let’s have an opponent at the First level domain lord as my first opponent!”

Chu Zhou muttered to himself.

“Setting: one First level Domain Lord, Human, possesses a Di origin power battle suit and Di origin power weapons… Battle scene set in the Plains! ”

“As for myself, I’ll still use the Divine Wing Saber for my weapons. The origin power battle suit will also be a Di-grade origin power battle suit!”

“Deep Blue, send the application!”

Chu Zhou simply set an opponent and got Deep Blue to send the application.

In the next moment, the surrounding s.p.a.ce instantly Upheaval. The countless blood-colored Star Realms disappeared, and Chu Zhou appeared on a green plain.

Opposite him stood a giant that looked like an Earthling but was ten meters tall.

The other party was holding a huge black hammer in his hand.


The giant roared angrily and swung the black hammer. The violent Chu Zhou smashed over.

The black hammer erupted with a terrifying Gravity Profound power.

Under the enhancement of the Gravity Profound, the power contained in the black hammer was unimaginably powerful.

At this moment, the entire plain was completely shattered by the power of the black hammer. Countless fragments of the Earth floated up.

The sky seemed to have been smashed by a giant hammer, and countless spider web-like white cracks spread out.

“What a powerful Gravity Profound…”

Chu Zhou muttered to himself and instantly used Absolute Shattering s.p.a.ce.

A huge white spherical s.p.a.ce enveloped a radius of dozens of kilometers.

The giant that was attacking Chu Zhou was also enveloped into it.

The giant, including the giant hammer in his hand, directly shattered into countless fragments visibly. Then, those fragments continued to shatter until they finally turned into countless invisible particles.

In the first battle, the opponent was instantly killed!

In the second battle, Chu Zhou set his opponents: 100 First Level Domain Lord human experts. They had fused two Profounds and possessed Di origin power weapons and origin power armor…

In this battle.

Chu Zhou used all his skills and barely killed 97 opponents. However, he was severely injured and was killed by the last three opponents.

In the third battle, Chu Zhou set 10 Second Level Domain Lord opponents. Furthermore, these opponents had all mastered a cosmic ultimate technique.

In this battle, Chu Zhou fully sensed the power of those cosmic ultimate techniques.

All along, he had basically crushed opponents of the same level.

Not to mention facing an opponent with a lower level than him.

However, this time, facing 10 opponents one level lower than him, he spent a full hour killing them all.

“So, the absolute arts in the universe are actually so powerful… This is my current disadvantage. I have to pay attention to it.”

Chu Zhou was enlightened and continued to set his opponent.

In the fourth battle, he had set up a third-stage Domain Lord opponent. Furthermore, not only had the opponent mastered an ultimate technique, he had also fused three low-level Profounds…

This battle was extremely difficult. Chu Zhou almost perished together with the other party before barely killing him.

The fifth battle…

The sixth battle…

The seventh battle…

The 100th battle…

Chu Zhou fought to his heart s content in the killing s.p.a.ce.

There were all kinds of opponents, opponents of various races, all kinds of cosmic ultimate techniques, and all kinds of powerful bloodlines…

All of this was an eye-opener for him.

His combat experience was also increasing at a terrifying speed.

lie was a fresh Domain Realm rookie without much Domain Realm combat experience before entering the Slaughter Battlefield.

But here, in less than a day, he had become an old bird with incomparably rich experience.

“Even though the consumption here is expensive… it’s indeed a good place for people to grow quickly. Lt saves a lot of time.”

After personally feeling his growth, Chu Zhou had to admit that even though the consumption of the Slaughter Battlefield was ridiculously expensive, it was indeed worth it.

“Moreover, I think I’ve discovered the greatest value of this ‘killing s.p.a.ce1…”

Chu Zhou’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“If the opponent 1 set is another me… Physical fitness, origin power, Spirit, comprehension of laws, Profound, and so on are all the same as mine. The only difference is… the other me has mastered an ultimate technique that 1 haven’t mastered yet. Or perhaps my combat experience is richer than mine and I’m better at fighting…”

“In that case, I can quickly absorb experience when fighting another me.. Moreover, the other me has also pointed out the direction for me to become stronger…”

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