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Angry Nong Stupid Not the full quid Bit daft.

Off her lolly She's very angry On the turps Drinking alcohol On ya or Good on you Encouragement Pig's a.r.s.e Rubbish p.i.s.sed Angry p.i.s.sed as a parrot Drunk Pull your head in Mind your own business Rat s.h.i.t Awful.

Rooting s.h.a.gging Scrungy Messy Shattered.

Upset She'll be apples She'll be fine Shindig Party.

s.h.i.t-faced Drunk Smashed Drunk Snitchy.


Narky Spit the dummy Lose patience Spitting chips Very angry Square shooter Honest person Squiz Look at Stoked Happy Sweet as Lovely.

Tanked Drunk What a legend What a nice person What a purler.

What a great thing or person Wing-ding Argument Yak Talk.


At the risk of being repet.i.tive I'd like to thank my editor Louise Moore and the entire team at Penguin for continuing to work so incredibly hard on my behalf. Everyone in editorial, sales, marketing and PR has worked with a dedication that astounds and delights me. I'm very grateful.

Thank you Jonny Geller, Deborah Schneider, Carol Jackson, Doug Kean, who are excellent agents and friends.

Thank you to Aly Barr for helping me check facts about fishing communities, weather and dialogues in Scotland and to Kerry Barr for explaining the Scottish exam system. Thank you to Nicole Byford for doing the same with regard to Australia.

Thank you to all my readers, each and every one of you.

Thanks to my family for constant encouragement and support, childcare, anecdotes and love.

The biggest thank-you has to go to Jim. Thank you for your love, patience and a.s.sistance: particularly for coming up with fantastic marketing ideas, designing my website, searching out Elvis tribute bands, driving to Blackpool, reading my scripts over and over again, propping me up, picking me up, slaying dragons and generally ensuring that my life is so crammed full of purpose and unadulterated bliss that I'm in serious danger of exploding.


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