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Chapter 1408: Where’s Your Pride? Don ‘t You Want Your Pride?


Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

But how did they do it? Those were demonic beasts! How did they gather so many demonic beasts here to trample on the soldiers like they were vegetables?

“How did you do it? There are so many demonic beasts. Why did they listen to you?”

He could not understand. He really could not understand how Qian Jiyun could be capable of doing this. If he was so capable, why would he allow his subordinates to be bullied by other camps at Huayan Peak?

Unless the woman next to Qian Jiyun was the capable one?

“Guess.” An Jiuyue walked towards him slowly and smiled.

“What… What do you want?” Ming Fucheng became vigilant when he saw her approaching him. He subconsciously retreated on his hands and feet.

A woman who could be with Qian Jiyun must not be kind. He might be half-dead again if she played a trick on him.

Besides, he had fallen into their trap previously.

“What would I want?” An Jiuyue looked up at the beautiful sunlight before looking at Ming Fucheng.

“I heard that you wanted to keep us in Yueming Empire, so I came to ask how you plan to do it. Hmm? Are you intending to treat us hospitably for a few days, or perhaps offer us some gold, silver, and jewelry?”

“You… you…” Ming Fucheng was so angry that he almost cursed.

What a shameless woman! Why would he offer her any gold, silver, and jewelry? He just wanted the artifact in their hands!

However, he knew he could not obtain their artifacts. Why? Because the two people in front of him were perverted. They could even manipulate so many demonic beasts.

“Qian Jiyun, aren’t you going to control her? How dare she ask me for gold, silver, and jewelry?!”

He took a deep breath, suppressing his anger as he spoke coldly to Qian Jiyun. Unfortunately, his trembling voice betrayed his fear.

Qian Jiyun raised his hand and touched his chin. He looked at Ming Fucheng coldly and asked, “Do you think gold, silver, and jewelry are too little? It is too little, but you can’t offer anything good in your current state. So we’ll make do with it.”

“Huh?!” Ming Fucheng was rendered speechless. “Are… Are you crazy? You’re trying to s.n.a.t.c.h something from me?”

He felt that these two people had to be crazy. Otherwise, no one would not dare to act like this. They were in Yueming Empire! If they offended him, he would definitely make them…

No. He was in their palms now.

His expression darkened again as he blamed the two shadow guards for not being by his side when he needed them.

The Yueming Emperor had sent them here because they had the highest cultivation levels among the shadow guards. Their goal was to capture Qian Jiyun and An Jiuyue upon encountering them.

But now that Qian Jiyun was here, he had no idea where they had gone. ‘Qian Jiyun, where’s your pride? Don’t you want your pride?”

“What does this have to do with my pride?”

Qian Jiyun found it strange. He looked at Ming Fucheng as if he was looking at a fool.

“Aren’t you the one waiting here to give us something? Otherwise, Ming

Fucheng, why are you waiting for us here?”

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