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Chapter 1331: Heard the Stone Giant’s Voice


Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Most of these commoners were the families of the officials of Yueming Empire. Staying in Pingyang City would not do them any good, so they chose to escape.

As for the other commoners, as long as they had enough food to eat, they would have no objections to whoever became their city lord.

“They can’t even defend a city. Why should I even have them?” he cursed.

“Your Highness…” The leader of the shadow guards opened his mouth but did not say anything.

The army followed commands; therefore, the deputy generals could only obey the commander. Did Ming Fucheng forget that he was the commander of the Yueming army?

There were so many deputy generals. It was already good enough that they did not have any internal conflicts. All deputy generals were of the same rank, and n.o.body could take command. How were they going to fight this battle?

He could only say helplessly to Ming Fucheng, ‘Your Highness, let’s hurry. I’ll get a few horses later. We’ll ride to Luo City.”

“Okay, hurry up.” Ming Fucheng agreed. He wondered when he would be able to reach Luo City.

“Yes, Your Highness.” The leader of the shadow guards thought for a moment, nodded, and stood up.

The sooner he got the horses, the faster they’d be able to catch up with the army. That way, Ming Fucheng could retake command of the army and resist Zhan Beiye’s army.

“Protect His Highness. I’ll be back soon.”

The remaining shadow guards replied, “Yes, Chief.”

Regardless of the war between the two countries, Qian Jiyun had already arrived at Beiyuan Lake with An Jiuyue.

However, An Jiuyue was stunned when she arrived at Beiyuan Lake because she heard a familiar voice. It neither belonged to Wei Na nor Qian Jiyun.

“There’s a Deepwater Shark Dragon in Beiyuan Lake. You have to obtain the Deepwater Shark Dragon’s inner core for me.”

An Jiuyue looked up at Qian Jiyun and the boundless Beiyuan Lake. She wondered if she was hallucinating because she was so exhausted from running.

However, she did not run much. Qian Jiyun had been taking care of her all the way. She was not that exhausted, right?

“What happened?” Qian Jiyun asked softly when he saw her strange expression.

“No, nothing.” An Jiuyue shook her head. She had a feeling she was not hallucinating.

“Wei Na, did you hear anything just now?” she asked Wei Na to confirm her suspicions.

“What sound?” Wei Na was puzzled. He did not hear anything.

“Master, are you talking about that beastman? He’s very obedient. He won’t make random sounds.”

He had told the beastman not to make a fuss. He hated noise the most and needed to keep an eye on the Points Mall quietly.

“Wei Na didn’t hear it.” An Jiuyue muttered and looked at Qian Jiyun again.

“Jiyun, I heard the stone giant’s voice.”

“Stone giant?” Qian Jiyun looked around.

There was water everywhere. How could there be stone giants? Suddenly, he remembered that certain skilled cultivators could send messages by air.

However, how could the stone giants of Wulong Mountain send a message to his wife across planes?

“What did he say? Is something wrong with the Evil Spirit Universe?” he asked with a cold expression.

“Not really.” An Jiuyue shook her head immediately.

If something happened to the Evil Spirit Universe, she would go crazy..

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