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Chapter 1236: Can I t Burn Me

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Since Qian Jiyun did not say anything, Zhan Beiye did not probe further. Everyone had their own secrets, and he was no exception. There was no need to get to the bottom of everything.

“Why don’t I recommend a few good places for training?” he suggested.

“Are you sure you want us to train?” Qian Jiyun looked up at him as he added food to An Jiuyue’s bowl. “I thought you would ask us to stay and help you. Jiuyue, this tastes good. Eat more.”

“Mhm.” An Jiuyue nodded and picked up some food for him. “This is delicious too.”

“Do I need your help?” Zhan Beiye was amused.

This plane was a realm of carnage. There were many people stronger than him. The only reason he was called Marshal was because he was a royal prince.

He was really worried about letting Qian Jiyun and his wife stay here, so he might as well send them out to have fun.

“You’ve already helped me a lot. I wouldn’t have known how to fight this battle without you.”

Zhanling Empire was stronger than Yueming Empire, but Yueming Empire’s military strength was three times that of Zhanling Empire. They could not defeat Yueming Empire head-on.

However, Qian Jiyun and An Jiuyue’s three successive explosions tonight destroyed half of the Yueming Empire’s military camp. Even their military’s momentum had waned.

This was great news for them!

He did not think he would succeed when he brought his men to burn the food supplies. But now that he had succeeded with Qian Jiyun and An Jiuyue’s help, he was satisfied.

“Ming Fucheng came back like a mad dog this time. It’s really… Forget it. Let’s not talk about him anymore. There’s no reason to talk about that mad dog. He won’t be able to bite anyone soon anyway.”

He wanted to criticize Ming Fucheng, but he could not bring himself to do so, especially in front of An Jiuyue. He had to maintain a good impression on his sister-in-law, right?

An Jiuyue picked up some food with her chopsticks and looked up to remind Zhan Beiye, “The more you think he can’t bite anyone, the more he’ll bite crazily. If you can think of burning his food supplies, so can he. He might even take things a step further.”

“I’ve already antic.i.p.ated this. Ming Fucheng’s flames can’t burn me. He can only compete with me in terms of military strength,” Zhan Beiye said with a smile.

Ming Fucheng could not burn their food supplies because they simply did not have any.

He had distributed the food supplies to every soldier in advance. It was enough for everyone for 10 days, and it was the only remaining food in the military camp.

If the rear stopped providing them with food, they would run out of food.

That was why he risked everything to personally burn the food supplies at Ming Fucheng’s military camp—he could not afford to let the war go on.

“I can’t afford it, and neither can he.”

“That’s good.” Qian Jiyun patted his shoulder. “Work hard. Let’s settle this matter as soon as possible and go back.”

“Yes.” Zhan Beiye nodded.

He had to make Ming Fucheng remain in this war forever. Otherwise, it would lead to endless trouble in the future.

Ming Fucheng’s life would allow Zhan Beiye to intimidate Yueming Empire and make them afraid of him.

The next day, after leaving the military camp, An Jiuyue looked up at Qian Jiyun.

“Why didn’t you tell..

“I have nothing to say to him. Let’s come back in 10 days,” Qian Jiyun said with a smile..

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