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Author: Ash Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3882 characters Translator: Musubii English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1152 words

"Hmm…..what should I do?"

 I looked at the lost child who had fainted.

 I couldn't just leave her like this, so I decided to carry the child back home on my back. Somehow, I have a feeling this would become troublesome…..

 I also placed the goblin corpses into Storage. If I left the bodies unattended it would attract other monsters so I couldn't leave them there. Monsters have magic stones inside their bodies. If I took them out it might be possible to use the goblins as fertilizer. Goblins weren't edible no matter how you cooked them. I could also sell the magic stones for money.

 I've returned back home. For the time being, I laid the child down on the sofa in the living room and started a fire in the fireplace. On a side note, the sofa was also a non-standard product of this world and had pocket coils. I will spare no effort in improving my living conditions!

 Anyhow, I started preparing a drink for the girl in case she woke up. But I kept my cloak and hood on. I think it's better to keep my face hidden just in case. For starters, I was trying to avoid being discovered, hence why I was living hidden in the forest.

 I began boiling hot water and added herbal tea with honey. It might be better to provide something sweeter, but it's difficult to get luxury items in the forest. I wished I had milk too. But it was impossible to raise livestock.


 Oh, it seems she's awake.

"You're awake? How are you feeling?"

 She wasn't injured from what I saw after taking her home, but I asked just to make sure. I had some medical knowledge, but since I'm not a doctor I wasn't too sure.

"Where is here? Where am I?"

 She ignored my question! I feel sad….

"This is my house. You were attacked by goblins. Do you remember?"


 Ah, looks like she remembers. Her body was trembling all over.

"It's alright now. There aren't anymore goblins."

"There was also a wolf…..wolf! …..Will it eat me?"

"It won't eat you. If you're talking about that wolf, it's currently sleeping outside. Do you want to see?"


 Hmm, what should I do about her? For the time being, I gave her a cup of tea. ……But she wouldn't drink it. It's not poisoned. How rude. When I drank my portion, the girl looked at me with a scared expression on her face.

"Anyways, what were you doing in that sort of place? Isn't the deeper parts of the forest dangerous since there are various monsters about?"

"…..My mom….she's sick."

 And so she began talking about her situation.

 ……So it seems her mother had an illness. Her family was poor, but they usually always had enough money to buy medicine. This year, however, an epidemic had spread throughout the village, so many people had to buy medicine which caused the supply to run out. As such, it seems she had come to the deeper parts of the forest to search for medical herbs.

Judging from the description of the symptoms, the epidemic appears to be similar to the flu. Speaking of flu medicines, if I recall the brands were Tamiflu, Relenza, and Inavir? I also remember being given antibiotics when I went to the hospital.

"If this continues on, my mom will die……"

 Ah, she started crying. I couldn't stand it. I was not planning to do anything about it. But as someone who was once j.a.panese, ignoring this would be difficult. Furthermore, it seems some people in her village have even died from the illness.

 Judging from what I heard it's most likely that more than 48 hours have pa.s.sed since the onset. Her mother had been sick in bed for a few days now, and the girl said she had been walking for about half a day. Although more than 48 hours have pa.s.sed since the onset, in an underdeveloped world like this, taking flu medicine should cure the person rather quickly…..but the question is what type of medicine should I give her.

 Tamiflu and Relenza need to be taken multiple times. Furthermore, with medicine that needs to be taken multiple times, she might even stop taking it midway. For Inavir it only needs to be taken once. So I will go with this one. Since this medicine was in powder form it would need to be inhaled through the nose, but she might try eating it instead. Well, that's not my problem. Anyways, I will use Creation Magic! ……But it costs more than I expect. Hmm, 100? Expensive!

 That aside, would she even understand if I tell her the medicine needs to inhaled……should I just say it needs to be drunk?

"Have your mother drink this."

"What is it?"

"Medicine for the illness. After drinking this, make sure to have a good meal and sleep well, then she should be cured."


"Medicine? Is it a medical herb?"

"It's not a medical herb, but it is medicine."

"……Is big sister a witch?"


 Why is she calling me a witch!? Is it because I'm living in the back of the forest and made a suspicious medicine!? Speaking of which, I'm still wearing my hood! This is a witch no matter how you look at it!

"I'm not a witch. I just live here."

"Really? But…I don't have any money for the medicine……"

"I don't need any money. But stay here for tonight since it's already late."

 As such, it was decided the girl would stay here for the night. I wasn't mean enough to throw her out in the middle of the night.

 She was a bit scared to eat during dinner, but after taking a bite, she ate it all at a tremendous speed. I had used various seasonings for this meal. The seasonings were made with my own hands. As expected, magic also has limitations.

 Afterward, I took the girl to sleep in the guest room on the first floor. She had quite a surprised expression when she saw the bed I created. And I watched the situation with a satisfied expression on my face.

 The next morning, I kicked her out immediately after breakfast. Well, I actually just had her return home. She looked back multiple times and waved goodbye to me. Hurry on and go back now. In addition to medicine, I also gave her some potions in place of energy drinks. Her mother likely didn't have much energy if she's been in bed for this long, so drinking the potion would help her recover quickly. After a while, the girl disappeared from view so I lowered my hood. Ah~, I feel refreshed.

 Oh, that's right, I forgot to ask for her name. Well, whatever, I also didn't give her my name.


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