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Yang Yi has a daughter, and she is his biological daughter!

After the fusion of souls, Yang Yi is aware of this matter but he is not mentally prepared to face her so fast.  To have to face Yang Yi’s most important thing so quickly!

(TL: Leon will hardly be used by the author from now on as Leon and Yang Yi are one and the same after the soul fusion. The name “Leon” will return much later but it will be in a different context.)

After hearing the voice of his daughter, Yang Yi is aware that he is unable to extinguish the feelings he has for her.

Even if the previous “Yang Yi” was an a.s.sa.s.sin that feared neither heaven nor h.e.l.l and is a cold-blooded killer, he is somewhat feeling fl.u.s.tered right now for he has no clue how to face his daughter, afraid that she will not like him.

However the happiness in the voice made his inner feelings move and he unconsciously moved towards the door.

He opened the big, wooden door and icy steel gate and a small cheek came into his view. A cheek that resembles one from fairy tales, with exquisite eyebrows along with a jade-like nose that resembles her mother’s but her big bright eyes and the thin cherry lips which resembles Yang Yi’s looks at him.

Not only are her looks attractive, Xixi was also dressed up by her mother to look the same as a  little princess, wearing a pale pink flower bud gauze skirt with white stockings and black small leather shoes, seem extra graceful and adorable!

Xixi does not act with constraint like her mother after dressing up, the four -year-old little girl is at the lively age! Seeing her father, she happily jumped and raised her slender small arm to ask for a hug.

Yang Yi hurriedly bends down due to the unfamiliar movement from Xixi,  hugging her.

“Papa, Xixi missed you alot!" little girl chortles happily, hugging father’s neck, like a spoiled brat and asked, “Did papa miss Xixi too?"

Xixi feels soft, as if she has no bones and also smells of milk but Yang Yi feels like he is hugging all the happiness in the world.

Yang Yi feels her enthusiasm which melted his frozen heart and unconsciously replied “Of course I missed you!"

Maybe it’s due to his predecessor’s influence, but he knows that Xixi has not visited in over a month as her mother has been busy.

Xixi was very satisfied father’s reply, the kid giggle and smiles, and gives a sweet fragrant kiss similar to the granting of a princess to the father.

Yang Yi gawked, lowered the head, looks at the kid who is looking around, in his heart cannot help but be proud: This is my daughter, Yang Xi!

Even if the original “Yang Yi” soul fusion has no effect, Yang Yi started liking Xixi more and more, and his vigilance and guard against her completely disappeared.

After chatting with Xixi for awhile, Yang Yi realized one important person that was missing!

“Mo Fei didn’t come?” He asked with a somewhat disappointed tone but is secretly relived in his heart.

Their story is a long story but speaking simply, Yang Yi and Mo Fei relationship is a coincidence and after a night, she was pregnant with Xixi. Mo Fei however did not chose to have an abortion and did not intend to retire from the entertainment industry so she secretly went overseas to give birth.

It was only two years later when Yang Yi went to JiangChen to work and b.u.mped into Mo Fei and discovered that he had become a father! Since the child needs her father, Mo Fei was willing to allow Xixi to reunite with Yang Yi but as there is a gap in status, Yang Yi and Mo Fei relationship did not have any progress since then. Mo Fei’s cousin and personal a.s.sistant Mo XiaoJuan also greatly despised Yang Yi this “waste” and “despicable man”.

Mo XiaoJuan who brought Xixi here said impatiently “Feifei is busy with her new song and has no free time to see you!”

Mo XiaoJuan is unwilling to be friendly with Yang Yi and blames him for making Mo Fei put her career on hiatus and blames all the losses she suffered on him.

“I’ve brought Xixi to you and i need to return. Feifei-jie (older sister) has a full schedule today!”

She pa.s.sed Xixi small bag to Xixi and gently said “Xixi, Aunt has to go now! Byebye! The day after tomorrow aunt will return to see you again!”

Xixi who was in her father’s arms only giggled and waved byebye to Mo XiaoJuan. XiaoJuan turned around and left happily but did not say or look at YangYi.


“squeak, squeak, squeak……" The old ceiling fan slowly spun.

After Mo Xiaojuan left, Yang Yi is alone facing the kid at home, suddenly, he became nervous, he does not know what to do……

Xixi sits on the bed and is swinging her legs gently. The child blinks her bright and intelligent big eyes, looking at the father walking back and forth, touching own ears and cheeks, not understanding what he is doing.

Facing own daughter, the purest kid in this world, Yang Yi has is ignorant, does not know to say. Moreover, he does not know how to take care of the little girl!

Xixi, do you want to drink water?" After two minutes, he asked again……

Xixi had just drunk a big cup, made a belch, “Does not want, does not want, Xixi does not want to drink water, is quite full!"

Seemed to be awkward……

Yang Yi worries secretly.

Xixi turned around and opened her small bag.

“Papa, you come and look!" Xixi pull out a big sketch book happily, tells Yang Yi to look at it “I draw this! Draw for a long time!"

Inside the sketch book, is a very rough colored sketch. On the page is a round sun, below is a brown house, in front on house lawn, but also is standing three stickman with the same small figure. Yang Yi sat on the bedside, Xixi snucked into the arms of her father, looking for the comfortable position inher  father’s arms.

The sketch this on, that is a very rough colored pencil sketch. The s.p.a.ce has drawn a round Sun, below is a brown house, in front on house lawn, but also is standing three fuel stick same small figure. Loose Yang Yi of big tone has taken advantage of opportunity to sit in the bedside, Xixi is the same with the puppy immediately, sneaked in the arms of father, looked for the comfortable posture dependence in father’s arms.

She is afraid that her father cant see clearly, so she points at small figure to introduce: “This is Xixi, this is Papa, this is Mama!"

Three small figure hold hands stand in lawn, the smallest Xixi stands in the middle, is holding father and mother’s hand. How the picture picture looks like, we will not comment for the time being, but the kid in his own bosom, Yang Yi is somewhat fl.u.s.tered, but is also very delighted…… Why does not know, listening to Xixi to bring words of innocence, thinks very warm, Yang Yi as if at heart was attached to this happy taste.

Perhaps,living like this, is good!

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