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"Guest? Ryo kun, are you saying that someone is about to attack our camp?" Orochimaru didn't notice anyone coming.

"Orochi san, this is not a sneak attack. He's going in straight and rushing towards us. And his Chakra, it's terrible!" As Ryo finished his words, he turned towards the hills on the east side of the camp.

"Ryo Senpai, we have nearly 5000 ninjas, with 4 elite Jonins, and two Kage tier Ninjas. Even the "DemiG.o.d" Hanzo of the Salamander wouldn't dare to attack us head on!" Said Anko to Ryo.

Just as Anko finished her words, a Hyuga Ninja rushed in towards Orochimaru: "Orochimaru Sama, on the hills to the east of the camp, we've detected the Yonbi! It's rushing towards our camp!"

"So that's what they've been plotting for over a month now!"

"Orochi san, it's too late to guess what the Hidden Rock are thinking! We need to mobilize the Ninjas in our camp and prepare them for battle!"

Orochimaru nodded and ordered the Hyuga Ninja to summon all forces in the camp. Against such a powerful Biju, tactics are useless!

"Orochi san, how strong is the Yonbi? Can you handle it with the help of Jiraya san?"

"With you by our side, and even without that idiot Jiraya, not even the Yonbi is an opponent of ours!"

Ryo did not expect such an answer from Orochimaru. Before going to the battlefield of the Earth Country, Sak.u.mo kept warning Ryo, telling him that he is in no way an opponent for the Yonbi Jinchuriki.

Orochumiru's words meant that he thought the gap was smaller than that. Along with the rest of the Ninjas on their camp, Ryo could definitely beat the Yonbi.

At the thought of that, Ryo was extremely excited: "Yonbi, I've wanted to kill you for the longest time!"

The Yonbi was getting closer and closer to Konoha's camp, and the Ninjas all got ready to fight it.

"Orochi san! Something ma.s.sive is coming, should be a Bijudama!" Ryo perceived that sphere was flying towards the camp and he immediately reported that to Orochimaru.

"[Summoning: Triple Rash.o.m.on]!" Hearing that, Orochimaru immediately summoned the Rash.o.m.ons, and still kept up his vigilance.

Hashirama's Quintuple Rash.o.m.on was powerful enough to deflect the Kyubi's Bijudama. Orochimau's triple Rash.o.m.on was not that strong, but it was enough the block the Yonbi's Bijudama.

"Listen everyone, Ryo and I will be responsible for the containment of the Yonbi, while you should cooperate with us!"

"Yes Orochimaru san!"

A red figure appeared on the hill. It was Roshi in tailed coat mode. As soon as he appeared, he launched a large scale [Lava Release: Scorching Stream Rock Technique] towards Konoha's camp.

"I'll face it! [Water Release: Hard Whirlpool Water Blade]!" Ryo used Tobirama's Jutsu to block the magma stream that was heading their way.

"You're the young Kage-tier Ninja that the Onoki oji-san had mentioned? You're actually not bad!"

Ryo was in no mood to go along with the enemy's nonsense, and he directly entered the Ice-Lightning Chakra mode. The Lava had evaporated the water he sent towards his enemy, and that created the most favorable fighting environment for him.

Without hesitation, Ryo blinked in front of Roshi, leaving behind an Ice Scalpel. He condensed the water vapor in the air into an Ice Blade, and went in directly to slice Roshi's neck!

Roshi trusted the protection of his Tailed Beast Coat Mode, ignoring Ryo's Blade. He used his fist, wrapped in Magma, and shot a punch towards Ryo's head.

All Ryo could do was using his Ice teleportation to get back to the Scalpel he had left behind. Roshi's punch went through the air and beyond creating a great pit in the ground.

"Yeah, this kid is a bit strong. Here, I'll give it to you, Yonbi!"

As he finished his words, Roshi's body was wrapped in more and more Chakra, which slowly solidified into a red-furred ma.s.sive Gorilla in front of everyone's eyes.

"The Yonbi! The Yonbi is out!" The beast's appearance made Konoha's Ninjas panic.

Indeed, the Biju's appearance is too much for people to handle.

"Don't call me Yonbi! I'm the king of the Sage Monkeys, Sun Wukong!" Just like it was mentioned in the Manga, this Biju was very attached to his name, and despised being called the Yonbi.

Seeing the Yonbi incarnate, Ryo and Orochimaru immediately used [Summoning], bringing Gamahiro and Manda to the battleground.

The two immense animals made Konoha's ninjas breathe a sigh of relief, as their ma.s.sive size gave them a sense of safety.

"Ryo, 1st it's the Ichibi, now it's the Yonbi. I feel one of these days you'll just bring me in against the Kyubi itself!" Said Gamahiro, helplessly.

"Sorry, sorry! But this time I'm not the one taking the initiative going after the enemy. The Yonbi is the one who actually came after us!" Hearing Ryo's explanation, Gamahiro rolled his eyes.

"Orochimaru, why in the world would you provoke a tailed beast?! This time, I want at least 500 sacrifices!" Apparently, Manda was also extremely dissatisfied with Orochimaru summoning him to such a situation.

"Like he said, we didn't provoke this beast. And consider your sacrifices delivered!"

Manda snorted, and did not speak. He kept his eyes and all of his attention on the Yonbi.

"A toad, and a big snake, just because you want to stop me?"

Obviously, the Yonbi didn't care much about Gamahiro and Manda. Even though they were almost as big as each other, size spoke nothing of the power gap between them.

Sun Wukong launched a Bijudama in the direction of the two newly summoned beasts. Ryo condensed the water vapor in the air into an ice wall ma.s.sive enough to block the attack.

Seeing what happened, the Yonbi moved on sending out Molten Rocks that he grabbed directly from the ground. Ryo had no good way to deal with such an attack, and all that he and Gamahiro could do was facing the molten rocks with Water Gunshots from the latter's mouth.

"Orochi san, this won't work! The Biju's Chakra stores are practically infinite, and Gamahiro won't be able to take this for much longer. Is there any way around this?" Ryo was quite anxious.

"First, we should get the Yonbi away from our camp. It will make things a lot easier, and there won't be any need to protect the camp along with ourselves."

"Well, Orochi san, if you can, order the Ninja's and make them all hit both me and the Yonbi was all the water they could use. With that, I should be able to seal him and take him far from the camp!

Orochimaru nodded and retreated with Manda, telling Konoha's Ninjas to do what Ryo had asked for.

The overwhelming waves of water fell all over the Yonbi, and Ryo, who was within range, froze all that water the moment it touched the fearsome beast.

Yonbi was Biju, and the Ice sealing wasn't going to last long. Ryo threw away Ice Scalpels 10 times in a row, teleporting along with the sealed Sun Wukong each time from to another, until he reached a safe distance from the camp. Orochimaru and Manda followed them as well.

"Ryo kun, hand it over to me and Manda, and get ready to seal the Yonbi!"


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