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Namikaze Minato put Hinata next to Naruto, pulled out the black iron rod from Naruto, and extended his hand to touch Naruto’s head.

Naruto unconsciously dodged for a moment, Namikaze Minato’s hand froze in the air.

Minato quietly took back his hand and said with a smile, “Naruto, I’m sorry for the hard work you have done for so many years! Let me take it from here!”

Minato’s silhouette disappeared from Naruto’s face in a blink of an eye and appeared next to Tendo.


“Fourth Hokage Namikaze Minato? Is it you?”

At first, Nagato did not believe that the person in front of him was Namikaze Minato, but Namikaze Minato proved himself with his speed. Rinnegan could not capture his movement track when the person in front of him teleported.

Nagato was extremely confident in Rinnegan’s dynamic vision, and no Body Flicker Technique can deceive Rinnegan. Except for Ninjutsu of time and s.p.a.ce.

Because the time and s.p.a.ce ninjutsu movement is about making a jump from one s.p.a.ce to another, nothing can be traced.

The only one in Ninja World that can do this was the masked man, Yamanaka Ryo, and the dead Fourth Hokage.

Minato laughed and said, “It’s the second time we’ve met. The last time was in Amegakure.”

Nagato froze, then remembered the man who appeared after he killed Jiraiya, the man who destroyed Pain’s Rikudō with his extreme speed.

Thinking of this, Nagato was in a cold sweat. Pain Rikudō was not the opponent of Namikaze Minato, let alone Tendo.

“It was you that day… It seems that our plans today are destined to fail.”

Minato didn’t say anything, and the fact is, it is true… Akatsuki’s attack on Konoha was destined to fail. All this was performed by Yamanaka Ryo to get him back to Konoha and to completely change the perception of Naruto in the village.

It’s all just a scene.

“Namikaze Minato, what are you going to do now? As a winner, will you kill me like the Konoha Ninja killed my parents many years ago?”

“If I remember correctly, you told Naruto before that someone who admires the same sensei should understand each other, so I didn’t want to kill you. I think you need to talk to some people.”

“Then I await that person’s arrival.”

After that, Nagato controlled Tendo and flew away.


After Tendo left, Minato lifted his head and moved towards the sky and shouted, “After watching this scene for so long, you should come out too, Ryo!”

Minato’s tone barely fell, the time-s.p.a.ce in midair shattered, and Yamanaka Ryo and Jiraiya came out of time-s.p.a.ce together.

After that, Naruto saw Jiraiya in person himself. Jiraiya looked at Naruto with a rea.s.suring look.

“Ryo, you are cruel. Anyway, I am also looking up for Naruto’s growth, but after seeing that he was hurt by Pain, you do not even come out to rescue him,” Minato complained.

“Please, Minato-nii, you yourself don’t have the right to say that to me. Naruto is your son, and even when your maybe daughter-in-law confessed to Naruto, you just hide until the end, aren’t you?”

“I was touched by that girl. I would still try to save Naruto regardless of the situation, though. As a father, now I am really happy. But I’m sorry, I was getting excited a while ago, so I forgot our plan….”

Jiraiya glared at him and said, “Enough. You really have no respect for your elder. Ryo, go treat Naruto and that girl first. Minato, you and I go after Nagato.”

“Wait a minute, Uncle Jiraiya. It’s Naruto who will chase Nagato with you. Minato, I will help heal Naruto. You go back to Otogakure to take Yahiko.”

Jiraiya heard Yahiko’s name for a moment, then turned around and asked, “Ryo, Yahiko is alive?”

“He was dead, but I resurrected him by resurrecting Minato.”

“Then…. for so many years … Nagato’s hatred…. Ryo, why didn’t you tell them earlier?”

“I said at the beginning that I would help resurrect Yahiko, but they don’t believe me. What can I do? Okay, Minato-nii, let’s get this over quick, give Naruto to me. And after you take Yahiko, let them all go to Nagato together.”

Namikaze Minato nodded and teleported to Otogakure, and Yamanaka Ryo also started to help Naruto.


After a while, Namikaze Minato returned with Yahiko, and Naruto’s injury was almost healed.

Yamanaka Ryo told Yahiko what Nagato, Konan, and Akatsuki had done over the years. Yahiko was silent. He didn’t understand why Nagato changed so much.

Jiraiya patted Yahiko’s shoulder and said, “I may not understand why Nagato changed, Yahiko. But, let’s go find the answer together!”

“Right!” Yahiko agreed without the slightest hesitation.

Then the master and disciples, three people rushed to where Nagato was moved according to the instructions of Yamanaka Ryo.

Yamanaka Ryo did not follow them because there was no suspension or whatsoever in the result. Naruto was alone in the original work, using the “plot armor” could persuade Nagato. But now he had Jiraiya and Yahiko too… so it should be easy.


Sure enough, more than half an hour later, King of h.e.l.l appeared in the center of Konoha village. A large number of souls flew out from his mouth. The villagers who had been killed by Pain and Akatsuki and other people before the Konoha a.s.sault were resurrected.

“Ryo, what’s going on?” Namikaze Minato asked quickly.

“This is a Dojutsu of Rinnegan called Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven. In addition to the ability of Pain Rikudō, Rinnegan can also control Life and Death, but the cost of using this technique is a lot… In other words, Nagato traded his life for Konoha’s people that had been killed.”

Namikaze Minato was silent, and he understood Nagato’s approach, which was indeed the most appropriate way of atonement.


At the same time, not far from the village of Konoha, White Zetsu felt the end of Nagato’s life, and he quickly told the news to Black Zetsu.

Black Zetsu was also taken aback.

Knowing that Nagato was the key to resurrecting Uchiha Madaram, but now he was dead. Doesn’t their plan have many more holes right now?

Thinking of this, Black Zetsu was no longer entangled with Lain. He and White Zetsu broke away from Mokujin together, sneaked into the ground, and came to Obito.


“Tobi, it’s not good… Nagato is dead!” The black White Zetsu whispered out of the ground.

“What? How is this possible?” Obito pretended to be shocked. Then he left with Black White Zetsu.

Obito’s disappearance made Kakashi angry.

“d.a.m.n! who is this guy, and how our attack does not affect him at all?”

Hatake Sak.u.mo said calmly and said lightly, “Kakashi, calm down, he can ignore our attacks, but he can’t attack us. In other words, he sacrificed all the attack methods to hold us. If he leaves now, it is estimated that it’s over. Let’s check it out!”

Having said that, Hatake Sak.u.mo ran towards the place where Naruto and Pain were fighting. Kakashi sighed helplessly and left with Hatake Sak.u.mo.

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