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Chapter 458

Probably because the Land of Iron’s border is closer to the Land of Fire, the food here is similar to the Land of Fire. Yamanaka Ryo and Shikamaru-Ino-Choji lost interest after trying some.

During these three days, Yamanaka Ryo took the trio around the Land of Iron until the forging festival.


On the day of the Blacksmith festival, they came to the Land of Iron’s Square.

The leader of Land of Iron, Mifune, sat on the high platform in the square. Yamanaka Ryo took a glance at him. Following his Samurai’s intuition, Mifune’s eyes met Yamanaka Ryo’s eyes. They glanced at each other. Yamanaka Ryo nodded and walked into the square.

Mifune wiped the sweat from his forehead and winked at the Samurai.

The Samurai quickly ran down and came to see Yamanaka Ryo, “Ryo-sama, I’m the Lord Mifune guard. My Lord has ordered me to take you to the best blacksmith master.”

Yamanaka Ryo laughed and said, “Lord Mifune is interesting. Send my regards to him.”

The Samurai led Yamanaka Ryo to the center of the square.


“Ryo-sama, this is the best blacksmith master of our Land of Iron.” The Samurai introduced him to a middle-aged person who looked muscular.

Yamanaka Ryo waved at him and said, “h.e.l.lo, Master!”

The forging Master quickly said, “Welcome, Ryo-sama. Lord Mifune has already ordered me to meet your expectation as much as possible.”

Yamanaka Ryo laughed and took out two metal pieces that can conduct Chakra from the seal Scroll and a piece of ore added by forging Kubikiribōchō.

This ore came from the Kirigakure pit when Jiraiya and Yamanaka Ryo went to the Land of Water to collect information.

“I want to use these materials to make two short blades and one Katana. Are the materials enough to forge all that?”

The blacksmith picked up the ore and weighed it, then nodded, “Ryo-sama, rest a.s.sured, the materials are enough. Leave it to me. Just come over tonight to get it.”

“Hey, sorry for bothering you…” Yamanaka Ryo patted Samurai’s shoulder; he then continued, “Can you take my juniors around for sightseeing?”

“Leave it to me. But where are you going?”

“While we are here, I should pay a visit to your Lord, right?” After saying that, the silhouette of Yamanaka Ryo disappeared.

The Samurai laughed bitterly and took the trio to look around. The trio didn’t feel nervous at all around the Samurai.

‘Yamanaka Ryo’s dare to leave his junior with me. It proves that he has no bad intentions.’

Thinking of this, the Samurai feel more relaxed.


At this time, on the high platform of the square, Yamanaka Ryo suddenly appeared. His arrival surprised The Samurais, who were in charge of protecting Mifune, and they surrounded Yamanaka Ryo at once.

Just as the Samurais were about to attack, Mifune stopped them, “Stop, he’s not an enemy, back down, everyone.”

“h.e.l.lo, Lord Mifune! It’s the first time we met. Thank you for your help so that I can successfully forge weapons.”

“It’s all a trivial matter, don’t be so polite. Are you going to forge weapons for your friends? As far as I know, your weapon has always been an Ice Scalpel.”

Yamanaka Ryo nodded, “Well, two short blades for my friend and disciple, respectively, and Katana for my junior.”

“Sure enough, you can rest a.s.sured. Our Land of Iron’s forging technology is the best in Ninja World. It will certainly forge weapons that will satisfy you and your friends.”

“Okay, then I can wait to see it.”

Afterward, the two talked about Samurai and Ninja again. Yamanaka Ryo then learned that the original so-called Samurai is also different from the pure Samurai of the Warring States Period. Now Samurai also use Ninjutsu, or Taijutsu to be exact.

Land of Iron’s Samurai was originally only attached to Chakra on the sword, and now almost everyone is training Taijutsu. It greatly improved Samurai’s fighting strength.


It was very late in the evening, and the weapons that the blacksmith forged were completed. Yamanaka Ryo took the three blades, thanked him, and returned to Konoha with the trio using teleportation.

After sending them home, Yamanaka Ryo sensed Kakashi’s location and then teleported to him.

At this point, Kakashi was executing a mission at the border of the Land of Fire, and Yamanaka Ryo’s sudden appearance startled him.

“Do you know I’m currently on a mission?” Kakashi said helplessly.

“Really? Haha! It’s okay, it won’t take a long time, I promise.” As he said that, Yamanaka Ryo handed Kakashi a short blade.

“This short blade was forged by Land of Iron’s most famous Blacksmith. It also includes rare metals that forged Kubikiribōchō, which can absorb blood to repair the damage on the blade, just like Kubikiribōchō.”

Kakashi looked at the short blade with a sense of happiness as he heard that.

“Well, That’s it all. I’m taking my leave now!” After saying that, Yamanaka Ryo teleported to Shisui.


Shisui had nothing to do lately. He and Ōtsutsuki Hana hung around every day. Yamanaka Ryo didn’t want to disturb the lovey-dovey couple, so he put the short blade to Shisui silently and leaves.

Yamanaka Ryo’s next stop is the laboratory at Land of Rice Fields, Otogakure, to Orochimaru.

When he came to Otogakure two weeks ago to add Chakra to Kaorin, Kaorin told him that the work of extracting Chakra was almost finished. And with that, Yamanaka Ryo has to end his and Shikamaru-Ino-Choji’s journey.

After Korin’s Chakra extraction is completed, it means that Yamanaka Ryo will have his own Rinnegan. Once he has Rinnegan, with the power of Korin, Yamanaka Ryo thinks he should be able to enter Rikudō Mode.

However, Yamanaka Ryo doesn’t intend to use Rikudō Mode because, in his opinion, Hyoton is his biggest trump card. Everything that he has today is thanks to Hyoton.

“So, your journey is over?” Orochimaru’s words interrupted Yamanaka Ryo’s thought.

Yamanaka Ryo laughed and said, “Well, it’s over and with you as well.”

Orochimaru laughed and said, “You can stay as long as you want.”

“By the way, how is Sasuke?”

“Sasuke! He is a genius! He has the perseverance that ordinary people haven’t. For more than half a year, Sasuke’s strength has made a qualitative leap, and now he should be qualified to open those eyes.”

Yamanaka Ryo was a bit surprised. Orochimaru is famous for being harsh and rarely praises someone. “Oh? Really? To get your compliment, it seems that Sasuke kid is really working hard!”

“He is. Would you like to see it?”

Yamanaka Ryo nodded, “Okay. I want to give him a gift I’ve prepared anyway.”

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