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「Ev, evidence…?」

With a ghastly pale face, Sherina looked at Rish.e.l.l’s.

Fawning dwelled in her eyes, making me feel repugnant.

「Yes, an evidence… let’s show it then… Dante」

「Yes, yes」

Saying that, the Moses path opened again and a brown-haired, green-eyed good-looking young man appeared.

His name is Dante Varvelde. He’s not one of the capture targets, but Rish.e.l.l’s guard.
He has an easygoing personality.

… I want to capture him! Such voices were often heard over the internet as he was quite a popular character.

「I brought it as fast as I could… there’s still plenty in the office though~」

「I see, good job」

What Dante brought was a large number of photos and… eh, isn’t that my dress (the one torn to pieces by Sherina). How did you get your hands on it?

「Wh, t, that is…」

「You recognize it, right? … This is the evidence that all was your doing」

Here you go, Rish.e.l.l said as he pa.s.sed one photo each to His Majesty, Albert, Sherina and me.

When I looked at the photo, there was Sherina caught in the act, tearing the dress Dante has brought to pieces.


His Majesty groaned, so I quietly peeked into his hands.
… He was holding a photo of me being pushed down the staircase from behind by Sherina.

… Well, I had an idea. It took all of my strength to hold onto the handrail, but only Sherina would do something like that.

By the way, the photo Albert was holding was of Sherina burning my report, while the photo Sherina was holding was of her throwing the things in my desk to the trash.

「Do you understand with this? You can’t make excuses anymore」


Sherina was at loss for words.

Well~ of course~ there are no people who can escape this malicious prince’s condemnation.

Unlike a certain Albert, he plans ahead.

「I, I… I didn’t do anything wrong! … Right, that’s right! Rish.e.l.l-sama! You can take me even as your mistress, okay!?」

「No, what is she saying, this person」

I ended up tsukkoming with a straight face.

No, you were clinging to Albert so much just a little while ago and now you are going after Rish.e.l.l?

What are you thinking?

「No, thank you… I detest you, so just imagining it makes me want to puke」

… Ohh, the honesty.

Sherina wanted to retort, but she closed her mouth after seeing Rish.e.l.l’s freezing gaze.

「… Now then, Olga. What do you want to do with these two?」

「Eh, me!?」

Rish.e.l.l has asked as if it was only natural, but in the game, it was His Majesty who has locked them up in a jail.

He did not mention any specific crimes… what do I do?

Well, let’s have them locked up first?
The game went in that direction too anyway.

「Umm… is it possible to put them in a jail?」

「Is that much fine with you? You can have that woman exiled at the very least, you know?」

Lese majeste, defamation, and all kinds of other things.
She has acc.u.mulated endless amounts of sins.

It will be probably more frightening if we comply by law.

「No, it’s fine… I mean, I didn’t have the time to spare to mind every single thing she did」

Saying such, I turned towards His Majesty.

「… Your Majesty, I’m truly sorry to have caused you trouble… although it originated from those two…」

Breaking off of the engagement turned into something so big.
Tsk! I glared at Albert.

「No, it seems that I have not guided my son properly. For his insults, for his infidelity, for the false charges… I am truly sorry」

His Majesty said to me and lowered his head.

I lowered my head in a panic too.

「… Don’t be ridiculous! Let me go!」

「Who do you think I am!? Are you defying me!」

I heard loud complaining from behind, so I turned around.

… There, I saw the two people being taken away by the palace guards.

「Good grief, how unsightly. Please take them away quickly」

You are malicious as ever.
Well, that is one of Rish.e.l.l’s traits though.

His Majesty rubbed his forehead and sighed.
… You have it hard huh, to have a son like that.

The finacée me built up so much stress, so won’t His Majesty bald with stress?

He doesn’t seem to be balding, but is that perhaps a wig? I would definitely go bald if it was me.

The energy returned to the silent people, a boisterous gossiping commenced and sympathetic gazes landed on me.

… I am quite the fodder by staying here, huh.

Thinking so,

「Then, I will excuse myself」

I turned my back at His Majesty and Rish.e.l.l.

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