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Chapter 785: Looking For Help

Ka Ka Ka ~ Ka Ka Ka ~

In the quiet League of Defenders base, the sound of Jerry tapping on his keyboard was unmistakable. After Deadpool’s unintentional reminder, Jerry suddenly thought of a way to help Lin Rui. Since Lin Rui’s life is at stake now because of the dark energies remaining in him, why not find a way to eliminate those dark energies?!

Ka Ka Ka!

His hands turned into two phantoms on the new keyboard, and Jerry was quickly connecting with the X-Men. The way he said there is a way to help Mirage Knight actually depends on one person, and whether or not this person can be found depends on the X-Men. Because, this person is a Mutant, and was once a member of the X-Men.

Even though Jerry was a top hacker before he joined League of Defenders, he was a G.o.d in the cyber world. However, even if he knows a lot of things that ordinary people cannot know in their lifetime by relying on the Internet, he can’t really know some secrets of the deeper level of the world.

After Jerry joined the League of Defenders, especially after the League of Defenders allied with the SHIELD and X-Men, layers upon layers of deep world secrets unfolded before Jerry’s eyes. 

Jerry, who had always yearned for this deep-seated world, was particularly excited, so he spent a lot of energy and time expanding his horizon with the help of these open pieces of information.

It was Jerry’s research and memorization of these deep situations that made him not only a qualified logistics officer in League of Defenders but he was also able to put forward his own suggestions and additions in some plans. 

And now, when everyone could do nothing with Mirage Knight’s injury, Jerry figured it out after Deadpool inadvertently tipped him off. He doesn’t know if it will work, but it’s definitely worth a try.

Ka Ka Ka!

“The person who once almost sucked Magneto dry had appeared for many years, but she must still be in this world. X-Men, I hope you can find her soon!” Jerry silently thought in his heart as his hands quickly established a connection with X-Men.

Dī Dī!

Soon, the League of Defender’s side and the X-Men’s side were connected. And the moment they received Jerry’s message, X-Men sent a response back.

“Sky’s Eye, why are you looking for her?!”

In the secret Recovery Serum room, five floors underground of the Stark Industry Building in downtown New York, Harry, who had hurried back from the Siberia Base, was waiting outside Lin Rui’s ward.

“JARVIS, is there really no way to eliminate those dark energies?” Harry asked as calmly as he could as he watched his comatose friend outside the ward.

Knowing that JARVIS has no good way to cure Lin Rui, Harry has already brought all the Serum from the Oscorp lab. Both Serum, which is still in the research stage, and Serum, which is not applicable to ordinary people at all, have been brought in. However, these effects are quite perverse and have no effect on Lin Rui’s current situation.

“We’ve already done what we should, and now we can only leave everything on Mr. Jackson. The thing in his hand may be able to s.n.a.t.c.h him back from the hand of death.” JARVIS’s voice came out lightly hearing Harry’s words.

Harry’s face didn’t soften at JARVIS’s answer. Lin Rui’s situation is now so bad that his heart has stopped five times while Harry has been watching! If it hadn’t been for Lin Rui’s subsequent recovery, Harry really didn’t know what he would have done. And now, they can only pin their hopes on Lin Rui, who was injured and in a comatose state, isn’t it ironic? What are his friends for?!

“What about Thor and Jane? Didn’t Jackson get hurt to save them? Are they watching Jackson fight for his life right now?” Harry asked, annoyed by Lin Rui’s situation. He was starting to get angry.

“Mr. Thor and Mrs. Jane Foster are upstairs, and Agent Coulson of SHIELD is checking with upon them,” JARVIS answered truthfully after hearing Harry’s question.

“Coulson? What is there to know? This situation should have been under SHIELD’s control, but the League of Defenders paid the price.” Harry said in a bad tone after hearing JARVIS’s answer.

“That’s right! Thor! Isn’t Thor… Maybe he has a solution for this dark energy!” Harry, who had wanted to say more, suddenly thought of something, and his voice rose by considerable frequency.

Harry, whose mood suddenly changed, remembered that when Lin Rui introduced Thor to him and Peter, he said that Thor was a real alien! 

And the Dark Elves are also aliens! There may have been a connection between them! And now that Lin Rui is in a life-and-death crisis because of the dark energy left behind by the Dark Elf’s attack, shouldn’t Thor be able to deal with it?!

“JARVIS, I want to see Thor now!” Harry shouted loudly.


“No buts, I’ll go up and find him myself!” Before JARVIS could finish speaking, Harry took a last look at Lin Rui in the ward, and the next moment, he turned around and left quickly.


Then, Harry took the elevator and left the bas.e.m.e.nt.

“Now you know why I’m looking for her? If it weren’t for the fact that Mirage Knight’s situation was too dangerous, I wouldn’t have thought of asking her for help.” At the League of Defender base, Jerry looked at the man in the dialog box on his computer screen and said earnestly.

That’s right, the person Jerry thought of to help Lin Rui this time was Anne Marie with very special mutant ability. Only someone like her whose mutant ability can absorb the ability and energy of anyone she comes into contact with can help the current Lin Rui. This is also a method that Jerry came up with in combination with Deadpool’s ability.

“Are you saying that Mirage Knight’s life will always be in danger if we don’t get rid of those dark energies?” “The person in the dialog screen asked.

“Not only that, I don’t know how long Mirage Knight would be able to last if those dark energies still exist.” Facing the other party’s question, Jerry told the truth about Lin Rui’s situation.

“…Then, I’ll help you find her!” After listening to Jerry’s answer, the dialog box was silent for a while, and then the affirmative answer came over.

“Thank you! Iceman!”

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