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Bang! Bang!


“Blink, are you sure you can do it now?” “Professor Charles asked Blink while turning his head to look at Blink, who was guarding his side.

After exiting the portal, Charles immediately used his abilities. But when Charles used his ability, he suddenly found that his Psychic Power was suppressed by about 50%.

Although Charles can perceive these Dark Elf’s mental fluctuations, it is very difficult for him to control them. These Dark Elfs seem to be born with Psychic Power defense.

So, even if Charles did his best, he would just cause some Elite Dark Elf fighters to remain in trance for some moment.

Of course, if he directly attacks those ordinary Dark Elf fighters then the effect would definitely be stronger. However, those ordinary Dark Elf fighters don’t require Charles’s intervention. Iron Man and SHIELD’s K-Team and S-Team are enough to deal with them.

“Similar to Siberia, my spatial ability is severely suppressed here. If I force my way out, I can only expect to get one hit.” Blink quickly replied after hearing Professor Charles’ words.

The portal behind them has been sending out its own special spatial fluctuations, and it is this kind of fluctuation that suppresses Blink’s spatial ability. If Blink leaves this s.p.a.ce portal for more than 100 meters then she will recover half of her ability.

However, looking at the Dark Elf and the cannon fodder densely surrounding them, it is obviously not easy for Blink to get out safely. What’s more, she had to stay by Professor Charles’s side. Even if her ability was suppressed, her role at critical moments would still be a little higher than Rogers and the others.

“Only one chance? Then it is better to wait for an opportunity. The leader of Dark Elf is strong, but Rogers and others can also handle him.” Hearing Blink’s answer, Charles said lightly.

Charles was not reluctant to let Blink cooperate with Rogers to defeat the powerful Dark ElfElite soldier at one stroke, but he thought Blink’s ability was very special and powerful and could be used in a tough situation, and it was far from the time of crisis.

“Well, I’ll keep trying to see if I can get rid of the suppression effect.” Blink said seriously as she also knew that her role depends entirely on her spatial ability.

“I know, as for now, guard me well, I want to let this battle end soon.” With a nod, Professor Charles said in a slightly altered tone.

“Professor, are you going to…” Hearing Charles’ words, Blink opened her mouth in surprise.

“Don’t worry, even if my abilities are suppressed, I would have no problem dealing with ordinary aliens. Plus, I’m wearing a miniature Cerebro.” Charles replied with a smile on his face when he saw the worry o Blin’s face.

Then, Charles slowly reached out his hand and took out a strangely shaped hat from under the wheelchair. If Charles hadn’t mentioned the miniature Cerebro just now, people would have mistaken this hat as a shrunken heater in a barbershop.


After taking out the miniature Cerebro and casts his eyes over the chaos of the battlefield, watching all the battles. The next moment, Professor Charles wore the miniature Cerebro.


At the moment Charles put on the miniature Cerebro, a powerful Psychic Power suddenly spread out in all directions centered on Professor Charles! Soon, this powerful Psychic Power belonging to Professor X has covered the entire battlefield.

“Whirring! ~” Charles, who had put on the miniature Cerebro to release all of his Psychic Power, had a pale silver glow in his eyes from time to time, and his breathing had gradually deepened.

And now, Charles is about to use this skill on the alien Dark Elf, this is his first attempt. Of course, even if Charles wanted to try it before, there was no chance.

The purpose of the miniature Cerebro is to enhance Charles’s Psychic Power so that he can more easily release his power, thereby controlling others. And now, Charles is about to use this skill on the alien Dark Elf, which is still his first attempt. Of course, even if Charles wanted to try it before, he did not have the opportunity.


“Haha! Hey Ugly! Look at my feet!” When Charles put on the miniature Cerebro to release his Psychic Power in the center of the battlefield, Peter was being besieged by several Dark Elf, and he was kicking one of them while mocking him at the same time.


The next moment, the Dark Elf who pounced on Peter was kicked out solidly. And Peter was a little surprised because he just kicked the other side openly and he should have been able to dodge Peter’s kick.

When Peter kicked out a kick, that Dark Elf obviously reacted to prepare to dodge, but at the last moment, the expression on his face suddenly became dull and he did nothing to dodge Peter’s kick.

“Ok, that’s weird! What happened to them?” Peter quickly glanced around and yelled out in disbelief while his eyes widened.

It turned out that it was not only the Dark Elf who had just been kicked out by him that was dazed. The Dark Elfs who were still attacking Peter just now all seemed to have suddenly fallen under a magical daze spell, and surprisingly, all of them stood there in a trance, not continuing to attack Peter.

“I’m attacking them mentally, but their own Psychic Power defenses are also very strong. I can’t continue to do this for a long time. Hurry up and end the battle!” Just when Peter was stunned, Charles’s voice suddenly rang out in his mind.

In order to let the people on his side know that it was him who was making the move, Professor Charles had to divide a portion of his Psychic Power again to remind people like Peter. Otherwise, these Dark Elfs would once again continue to fight when they got out of under Charles’s ability he would have exhausted himself in vain.

“So Professor X did this! It’s amazing!” Peter muttered and his eyes lit up when he heard the voice directly in his mind.

Then, Peter quickly scanned the surrounding Dark Elfs affected by Charles’s Psychic Power and he rushed out to deal with them. After Peter rushed out, several Dark Elf fighters who were still surrounding him all fell to the ground, not knowing whether they were alive or dead.

Encounters like Spiderman happened all over the battlefield. Originally, there were fierce battles all over the place, but suddenly, some guys on the Dark Elf side were in a daze for no reason, while the team on the Earthside took the opportunity to deal with the dazed Dark Elfs after a few moments of confusion. This scene had lasted no more than ten seconds, but nearly fifty of the hundred Dark Elfs had been taken care of within this time frame.

It can be said that Professor Charles’s attack directly abolished half of the Dark Elf team. Now, with the exception of those cannon fodder beasts with limited combat effectiveness, the Dark Elf’s side doesn’t have much more people than the Earthside.

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