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Chapter 1083: Choice

Upon hearing the Ancient One’s words, w.a.n.g paused for a moment. He didn’t understand why the Ancient One had such confidence in this arrogant newcomer sorcerer. Was it merely because of his talent?

After all, the judgment criteria for selecting exceptional sorcerers did not solely depend on talent. To truly a.s.sess a sorcerer’s future achievements, it was essential to consider their perseverance and dedication.

In the Himalayas, many sorcerers with mediocre talents eventually became immensely powerful. Some sorcerers couldn’t even conjure a single spell, yet they could quickly unleash formidable magic. Talent alone couldn’t determine such outcomes.

“Talent is certainly one aspect, but it’s not the most crucial one.” The Ancient One continued, noticing the perplexity on w.a.n.g’s face.

“What else then? I don’t believe he possesses anything stronger than the other young sorcerers with comparable talents. Moreover, if we’re talking about talent, your disciple, Yunlan, isn’t any less competent than him.” Apparently, Strange’s dangerous actions just now had considerably reduced his score in w.a.n.g’s eyes.

“Hehe, Yunlan does indeed have talent, but when she first constructed the Mirror Dimension, it was under my guidance. It lacked a certain spiritual aspect. However, what I antic.i.p.ate is something different.” The Ancient One smiled and proceeded to explain in response to w.a.n.g’s confusion.

“Something different? What is it?”

“The ability to change the future.”

w.a.n.g: “…”

Upon hearing the Ancient One’s response, w.a.n.g froze on the spot. This was the second time he had been stunned since entering the room. However, it was precisely because the Ancient One’s answer astonished him that he stood there dumbfounded.

“In the library, apart from the magic spells they can’t yet control properly, I’ve also placed the Eye of Agamotto. Do you think he would be interested in studying it?” Seeing w.a.n.g’s stunned expression, the Ancient One maintained a smile and dropped a bombsh.e.l.l.

“What! How could you place that there?! And you didn’t even tell me!” w.a.n.g couldn’t believe what he was hearing and exclaimed in disbelief. As a senior sorcerer and a kind-hearted person, he couldn’t help but curse.

If w.a.n.g had known that the Eye of Agamotto was also stored in the library, he wouldn’t have been so casual about guarding it. He knew exactly what the Eye of Agamotto was and the potential consequences if it fell into the wrong hands. Compared to the attacks by rogue sorcerers, if the Eye of Agamotto were stolen, the impending crisis would be no smaller than Dormammu’s invasion.


Immediately after his outburst, w.a.n.g waved his hand and began to conjure a magical spatial portal. He needed to return to the library promptly, not only to safeguard the magic spells but also to keep an eye on the Eye of Agamotto.


Although the magical spatial portal appeared, w.a.n.g didn’t move because the Ancient One intervened and stopped him.

“Hold on for a moment. I’ve hidden the Eye of Agamotto, which is why you hadn’t noticed it until now. I just wanted to inform you that if he’s curious, you can introduce it to him.” The Ancient One restrained w.a.n.g, looking at his puzzled and anxious expression, and reminded him with a smile.

“What? Do you want me to introduce it to him? Are you planning something behind the scenes? Ancient One, is there any relationship between you and this kid?” Upon hearing the Ancient One’s reminder, w.a.n.g didn’t even address the Ancient One as a “sorcerer” anymore and directly asked with confusion.

Upon seeing Wong’s anxious and irritated state, the Ancient One didn’t mind much. After all, among sorcerers, there wasn’t a particularly strict hierarchy, and Wong himself was a highly experienced and powerful sorcerer.

“I can only tell you that this time, when the traitor summons Dormammu, the sorcerers will face great danger, and the one you currently disregard, Strange, will be a very important person.”

“Well, I trust you. I’m just worried that he might cause trouble. With his cleverness, I’m afraid he’ll disrupt things before Dormammu arrives,” Wong asked seriously, considering the Ancient One’s explanation and his sincere demeanor.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on him.”

“Alright then. I’ll go back and keep watch. I hope that guy won’t disappoint you.”

“Very well,” the Ancient One nodded and stepped aside.

Wong took a deep breath and entered the magical portal, leaving the Ancient One’s residence and returning to the Sanctum Sanctorum. As he reentered the Sanctum, Wong noticed that in a previously empty corner of the library, there was now a stone pedestal. On the pedestal sat a rustic shelf with a simple stone stand in the middle, holding the Eye of Agamotto. It was an incredibly captivating object.

“Well… I hope that guy really is as important as the Ancient One said. Otherwise, if things get messed up in s.p.a.ce, it’s manageable, but if time gets disrupted, it will be difficult to handle,” Wong sighed with resignation as he gazed at the Eye of Agamotto, contemplating the potential consequences.

Next, Wong positioned his desk nearby and reinforced the defensive magical wards within the library to ensure its safety. After Strange’s recent incident, he wouldn’t be returning to the library anytime soon. So, apart from Wong, it was the other talented young sorcerers who first noticed the appearance of the stone pedestal with the Eye of Agamotto.

At first, when those geniuses pa.s.sed by and saw Wong sitting there, they found it strange. Especially because the pedestal wasn’t there before, its sudden appearance in the library was quite noticeable. Moreover, there was something on the pedestal, and Wong seemed to be guarding it with a serious expression. However, upon seeing the normally calm Headmaster Wong looking stern, these talented sorcerers chose to ignore it.

“Hmm? Why hasn’t anyone come to ask?” Wong wondered, puzzled by the lack of inquiries. However, he was unaware of the current expression on his face, which would deter most people from approaching.

Clatter, clatter, clatter…

Just as Wong was questioning the absence of inquisitive individuals, the sound of footsteps gradually approached. It was the young sorcerer who had already pa.s.sed by a few times, unable to resist the curiosity in his heart, preparing to come and ask.

“Ahem,” Wong straightened up on his chair and coughed a couple of times, clearing his throat.

Wong didn’t realize that his series of preparatory gestures almost scared off the sorcerer who had determinedly walked over. However, in the end, that sorcerer still approached.


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