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Chapter 1079: Petty Action

Upon hearing Lin Rui’s voice, Tony and Peter turned to look at him. Seeing that Lin Rui’s complexion was normal and his recovery was going well, they felt completely rea.s.sured.

“Alright, come and take a look. It’s been a while since you’ve been in this lab, right? I’ve added a lot of research projects recently. Although your personal strength is rapidly increasing, we can’t neglect the advancement of technology. It’s crucial for us,” Tony nodded slightly towards Lin Rui standing at the door, and said.

As the most renowned superhero, Iron Man Tony Stark was just an ordinary person himself. His physical abilities had only become slightly stronger through some basic training, which was nothing compared to Lin Rui and others who possessed various mutations and special abilities.

However, there’s a saying that goes, “Mutations are for the poor, technology is for the rich.” Tony, being a super-rich man, took the latter part of that saying to the extreme. His Iron Man suit had already gone through several generations of upgrades, and now he was incorporating lifeform technology.

In the near future, mature nanotechnology would also be applied to the Iron Man suit. By then, even though Tony himself remained a “regular” person in terms of physical abilities, he would be the most powerful superhero.

“Here I am.” Upon hearing Tony’s greeting, Lin Rui replied and walked over.

Over the next few hours, Lin Rui, following Tony’s instructions, worked closely with Peter to conduct in-depth experiments and calculations for some recent research.

It must be said that both Lin Rui and Peter could be considered geniuses, and with their a.s.sistance, Tony’s workload was significantly reduced, and progress on more challenging experiments accelerated.

However, although Lin Rui was wholeheartedly helping Tony with research and experiments, he was still thinking about the current situation of Earth’s sorcerers.

Of course, he couldn’t show it too explicitly, or else he wouldn’t have a chance to leave. Lin Rui’s goal now was to perform well and find an opportunity to convince Tony to let him go home.

Finally, after Lin Rui and Peter successfully completed a rather difficult experiment through collaboration, it was time for dinner. Taking a discreet glance at the situation with Tony, Lin Rui felt that this was a better chance to ask to go home.

“Um… Tony, I just returned home not long ago, so I’ll go home for dinner tonight,” Lin Rui said as he walked toward the laboratory’s exit.

Lin Rui structured his sentence in a way that didn’t allow Tony the opportunity to refuse unless Tony truly didn’t want him to leave. Otherwise, Lin Rui would be able to walk away in a few steps.

“Peter, why don’t you come over to my place for dinner tonight? It’s been a while since you last had dinner at my house, and my dad’s cooking has improved recently. You must give it a try!” While walking, Lin Rui didn’t forget to invite Peter.

“Oh… Mr. Stark, in that case, Jackson and I will head back first,” Peter responded absentmindedly, accepting Lin Rui’s invitation. He said a brief goodbye to Tony and followed Lin Rui, preparing to leave.

However, just as Lin Rui and Peter were walking toward the laboratory exit, Tony spoke up, “Ahem… I’ve already talked to your parents. We’ll have dinner at my place tonight, and Pepper has prepared some delicious food.”

Lin Rui and Peter paused in their steps. Peter didn’t react much since having dinner at Tony’s place was also good for him, and Pepper’s cooking was excellent. But Lin Rui’s expression didn’t look too good. Although he could still walk out of the laboratory directly, but he definitely couldn’t do so now.

“Oh, that’s great. It’s been a while since I had Pepper’s steak,” Lin Rui forced a smile and turned back to say.

“Do we have steak?!” Peter’s eyes lit up at the mention of steak.

Lin Rui: “…”

“Well, since you both seem so excited, let’s go upstairs then. It’s not good to stay in the lab for too long,” Tony said with a smile, observing Peter and Lin Rui’s reactions.

“En! Let’s go!” Upon hearing Tony’s words, Peter exclaimed joyfully.

Then, Tony led the excited Peter and the feigning Lin Rui out of the laboratory and took the elevator to the top floor of the Stark Industries building.

However, neither Lin Rui nor Tony noticed what happened after they left the laboratory. Venom, who had been sealed away in a corner, exhibited some abnormal behavior. Of course, all of this was faithfully recorded by JARVIS.

While Lin Rui regained consciousness and was confined to working on experiments at Stark Industries, the outside world remained relatively calm, and there were no major events that should cause Lin Rui to worry.

Many things were simply the result of Lin Rui’s excessive concern. The world would continue to turn even without him, and his current power was not yet at the level where he could single-handedly change the course of the entire world.

After Lin Rui’s alliance decided to no longer collaborate with Earth’s sorcerers, SHIELD, Tony, and the League of Defenders withdrew their teams and members. The X-Men, who were preparing to send their own team for support, skipped that step altogether.

By the time they were ready to dispatch their team, the situation had already resolved itself, and the collaboration had ceased, leaving the X-Men bewildered.

However, this turned out to be for the best. Without collaborating with Earth’s sorcerers, Tony and the others had more opportunities to upgrade their high-tech equipment, and the members of the League of Defenders had more time to improve their abilities.

As for SHIELD, they had been far from idle recently, quietly working on enhancing their strength.

As for the X-Men, although it seemed that the abilities of each member had already reached their peak, the upgrading of Iceman’s abilities alone had doubled their overall strength. If another event occurred that required Iceman’s intervention, he would undoubtedly astonish everyone.

Meanwhile, 24 hours after the attack on the New York Sanctum by the renegade sorcerers led by Kaecilius, the world remained remarkably calm. There was no news of attacks on the three major Sanctums or other hidden locations of the sorcerers.

It was as if the attack was just a probing move, and Kaecilius was biding his time for the next a.s.sault.

However, the Ancient One knew that this apparent calm was merely an illusion and greater dark forces were lurking in places they couldn’t see.

Perhaps the next move by the renegade sorcerers would not be as easily thwarted. Nevertheless, the Ancient One was not afraid, for in the face of absolute power, all small maneuvers would be deciphered.


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