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"Dorin was a killer, he was Vlad's right hand, his only ally in a world of traitors. Dorin was in love with him and when Vlad took his young bride Dorin did the unthinkable and killed her, yes...he was the one who told her that Vlad had perished in the war before Vlad could return. It was because of Dorin that Ilona died!... of course he hid this from Vlad, he would never tell him, but when Vlad renounced G.o.d he became a vampire, the FIRST of us and Dorin begged him to change him so he could be with him forever. After quite a few years Dorin finally revealed his love to Vlad and Vlad laughed at him, mocking him for being gay, Dorin killed him out of jealousy and his curse was to be a h.e.l.lhound, call it a twist of fate by G.o.d himself, he forced Dorin to protect and live on forever with the knowledge of Vlad being gone. Of course I visited Dorin on his death bed, as he starved himself to death and refused to feed. I made him bite me and give me this gift! Of course I know what it means to me, I know what I am and how humans are simply toys to fed upon, Dorin, on the other hand, has been poisoned with this n.o.ble sense of loyalty to dogs."

I stood there and tried to absorb all of it. I could not believe that Dorin was a killer once or that he allowed himself to fall prey to such an evil thing as Vlad had become. I guess, if I really took the time to understand it all, I would have to say that Dorin and I were very similar in that way. I had always wanted love and I could never receive it. He had suffered the same fate and ended up just where I had. I mean if Dorin was cursed then I almost saw it as a blessing. I know him, I know his heart is good and that he truly can feel.

"Dorin is nothing like you, you are an abomination and deserve to become dust. Dorin has saved and protected so many."

"You are a foolish little girl."

I raised my blades and tilted my head at her.

"I am no girl, I am a h.e.l.lhound."

I then lunged at her, jumping into the air and coming down to slam both of my blades into the asphalt of the street, it splintered the road and I jerked them both upward as small chunks of it flew out to each side of me. Amelia had simply darted to the side and out of my way, she was inspecting her nails when I turned to face her again.

"You really should save your strength." She said as she glanced behind me and suddenly the two vampires who had been in the alley before, lunged at me. I screamed as one wrapped his arms around me and the other bit into my neck, cutting flesh and burning my blood like it was fire coursing through me.

"f.u.c.k!" I screamed as the vampire backed up and grinned at me, my blood dripping from his lips. I struggled and broke free of the vampire behind me and spun to kick him but I missed as my leg suddenly felt heavier and my head was light. I stumbled and turned to see Amelia walking towards me.

"Feeling strange Halo? You must know that a vampire's bite is venomous, even to a dog like yourself. In fact we are built to kill anything. It is a simple little fail safe that we have."

I swung my blades at her as she leaned back and laughed at me.

"Even now? I have to say you do impress me. You truly do. But..." She stepped forward and took both of my blades, turning one and then shoving it into my stomach. I coughed and stared blankly as the burning sensation consumed me. Blood started to seep from my lips as she leaned into my ear.

"You should be more careful, now I need to give my brother what he deserves."

She let go of me and pulled the blade out. She licked the length of it and then dropped it at my feet as I looked down and I saw two of them, my vision becoming worse by the second. The vampire venom was ruining me from the inside out and the blade to my stomach was killing me. I was sure of it. I turned and held my stomach as black blood started to turn to red. I took a breath and tried to walk, my feet heavy and my heart slowing in my chest. Amelia stopped and snapped her fingers; the two vampires jerked Dorin to his feet as I continued to walk towards them. He then looked into my eyes as Amelia took my other blade and stepped up to Dorin, I could not see all of him, but I did see the look on his face as she stabbed him with it. He looked as if the world was fading from him and he started to slump, the two vampires let him drop at Amelia's feet and I fell to my side, my head hitting the asphalt with a loud crack as I watched feet fly past me and the two vampires were decapitated quickly. Amelia screamed and it sounded like an echo, but she faded as did Dorin into fire. I blinked a few times as I then saw him, almost as I had when I first died.

Gunner walked up to me and picked me up, holding me close to his chest. I could hear his heartbeat against my ear, strong and steady as my own slowed and with it I lost consciousness and everything faded to black.

Gunner stood at the elevators entrance and stared at it as I lay on the floor behind him. Finna was holding my head and Ari had his hand on his shoulder. My eyes fluttered and then opened as I saw Gunner hug Ari and they said a few words to each other, but it sounded m.u.f.fled to me. I then tried to sit up and he glanced behind him only for a second but not lingering on me too long. I fought to stand up as Finna spoke to me, her words echoing at first but then I started to hear her clearly.

"You should rest Halo."

"I...what is happening?"

Gunner then walked back to me and placed his hands on my face, he leaned in and kissed me. It was the same kiss he had given to me in the elevator, filled with compa.s.sion. I looked at him as his lips left mine and studied my face closely.


"I love you more than salvation." He said to me and with that he walked away as my legs remained weak beneath me.

The gears started making noise as the elevator came to a stop and the door opened up. Then I saw him, Lucifer, standing there all calm. He had a smug look on his face and I started to walk towards it as Gunner stepped in and turned to stand beside him. My feet still felt heavy, but I tried so hard to reach them. The doors started to close. I sped up, but reached it just as Gunners face disappeared from my sight and the doors closed. I fingered at the metal as Finna ran up behind me and tried to hold me up. I started to cry as I turned to her and shook my head.

"What is happening, tell me!" I yelled.

"Gunner did what he felt he should do, you are a h.e.l.lhound and his loyalty lies with us and us alone."

"He did what?!"

"He made a deal Halo, Lucifer saved your life and Gunner would come to h.e.l.l to sit at his side."

"What? Why?! Why would he do that?"

"Love." She whispered to me as I collapsed in her arms and sobbed. The pain of death a distant second to the pain of losing him...

Sneak a peek at BOOK #2 After weeks of waiting and a few breakdowns. Well, to be fair it was actually more like a million breaks downs. I finally did the unthinkable as I sat in my room and fingered at the silk sheets on my bed. I missed him, more than anything in this world and my heart ached like I would literally die from it. I stood up and looked around the room and then I sighed.

"Lucifer?" I said as my voice sounded small. I then adjusted my footing and grew some b.a.l.l.s.

"Lucifer? It is Halo, I need you."

I felt the room drop in temperature and then as the flame in my fireplace shot up in a dramatic fashion he suddenly appeared from the shadows and looked me over.

"Booty call?"

I swallowed hard and decided to not be a s.h.i.t about it. He had all the power here and I knew it was true, just as Gunner had remained in h.e.l.l. I raised an eyebrow and stepped out in front of my bed, holding onto the bedframe. I stopped and looked up at him like a schoolgirl would to get off from detention.

"Now you have my interest."

"Good." I said softly as he stepped towards me. I stood up straight and looked him over.

"Have you been working out? You look tone."

"I have been eating souls, it takes quite a bit of effort on my part."

"Oh." I said as he grinned at me.

"They taste like chicken, I know that sounds strange, but everything seems to."


He stopped walking and narrowed his eyes.

"Why are you not yelling at me?"

"I don't feel like it."

"You must be joking. I mean I have your man in h.e.l.l."

I let it flow through me, if I had any chance of getting through to the prince of fire I would have to try my best to not be a b.i.t.c.h about it.

"Yeah, about that."

"Oh here we go." He said as he raised his arms up and let them drop. I have to admit that for being what he is he does make me laugh.

"I thought maybe, I could come and visit."

"Oh...in h.e.l.l? No Halo, you will not be coming to h.e.l.l."

"Why? I said as I walked towards him slowly. I stopped just as he stopped moving and looked up and down my body. I had been careful to wear what I knew he enjoyed the most. Barely anything at all, in shiny vinyl.

"Do you think I am a f.u.c.king fool? I am the master of manipulation."

"Really? I thought p.u.s.s.y was." I said as I walked up to him and whispered it close to his lips. He hissed as I then walked past him and he turned to watch my a.s.s very closely. I stopped by the fireplace and fingered at the mantle above it as he watched fire play off of the vinyl of my dress. It hugged my hips and barely covered my crotch. I knew I was looking a bit whorish, but the need to make this happen was very important to me. With that being said, what I had to do to get it has to be subjective...


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