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Apparently, I am booked until the end of the year, so apart from chapter 24 and chapter 9, there will be Heibon from me until January.

Well, maybe if I can sneak some time between No Fatigue and Isekai GM…
No promises.

Inside the military council room in the royal capital,

There were Rey and Tonic, also Arami as Rey’s personal aide, and Cryhart as the captain of the Frontline Vanguard Corps.

「How is it, Reyfaras?」

Cryhart glanced over his shoulder and called Rey out.

「The demon is alone and came here by riding a dragon. He seems to not have any intention to attack. Is he trying to look for something?」

Everyone’s complexion turned darker in response.

The time for the Demon Lord Subjugation Corps’ departure was close, but not even 10 minutes had pa.s.sed since the end of the final adjustment meeting, a demon appeared right in the royal capital.

As the report came in, the other big-shots of the country and the G.o.ddess glanced at each other and left the conference room like they had rehea.r.s.ed this before. The only one remaining was these 4 people, who decided to use Rey’s Farsight ability to observe the demon’s movement.

「Dragon dragon dragon… Well, since it came from the sky, the territory border was useless. Well, if it has no intention to attack, then wouldn’t it be fine if we don’t engage as well?」

He nonchalantly said it while yawning. Rey and Arami could only give a strained laugh as a response. Meanwhile, Tonic turned back in surprise.

「Cryhart-sama, but shouldn’t you be a little more motivated in this matter?」

「Haa? Then you tell me, Tonic. Our G.o.ddess-sama basically turned every single one of our war meeting into some sort of elegant tea party. Look at me and tell that it doesn’t shove away your motivation down the drain」

He spat out his rant.

All of the present members nodded in agreement.

「Well, I… can’t deny that」

「The enemy is all alone and doesn’t have any intention to attack in the first place. a.s.suming a fight really happen, it will be Imperial Garrison Corps’ and Royal Guardian Corps’ job to handle the guy. Even if their combat experience is still lacking, they should be able to drive away a single enemy. It would be a great combat experience. As a bonus, we don’t have to go out at all. Ain’t that just nice?」

Cryhart added even more fuel into his rant.

「The problem is that a demon is in the kingdom. Right in the royal capital at that. Even worse, he came here without being detected by the guys who guard the frontline」

「You have a point. Though the enemy is alone and has no intention to attack, this is stil-」

「Reyfaras? What’s wrong?」

Reyfaras suddenly stopped talking and looked outside the window. Cryhart called him out.

「Oi, Reyfaras?」

「………I’m going home」

Rey continued looking outside the window and ignored Cryhart. He murmured a bit before deciding to leave the room altogether.


Cryhart raised his voice in confusion, staring at the door where Rey exited from.

He quickly shot his glance towards Tonic and Arami and found that they were both dumbstruck as well.

「What? What the h.e.l.l…?」

, he grumbled. Suddenly, a small noise was approaching from outside the window. He put two and twos together and quietly moved his hand towards his sword handle.


「Yes sir」

Looking at Cryhart held his sword sideways to prepare for an attack, Tonic caught his signal and stood near the window.


Cryhart drew the sword almost at the same time as Tonic opened the window, but he baffled when he noticed that a little black creature plunged into the room.

「A crow?」

「No, sir. It’s a two-headed crow. A monster」

「Nigi? Why are you here……? Oh now I understand. So Rio had returned back home. That’s why Rey is going back as well」

The 3 of them watched the two-headed crow flapped its wings and flew around the ceiling.

Unlike the confused Cryhart and Arami, Tonic knew what was going on and sighed heavily.

「Tonic, do you know this crow?」

「Yeah, this little guy is Nigi. It’s one of Rio’s tamed monster」

「Who did what?」

「She tamed a monster?」

「That is correct. By the way, should we go as well? Nigi, we’re going home」

The 2-headed crow barked once before landing onto Tonic’s shoulder. Cryhart and Arami both baffled when looking at Tonic patted both of the crow’s head one by one.

「But… where are we going?」

「We’re going to Rio’s place. Rey probably went there. I’ll fill you with the details there」

Despite their confusion, the two of them decided to follow Tonic and go before the annoying people came back.

They first thought 『Isn’t it dangerous to bring a monster around the royal castle on your shoulder?』, but since the monster itself decided to land on Tonic’s shoulder right after barging in from the window, perhaps this monster was very smart.

Hearing the way Rey and Tonic casually mentioned Rio’s place as 『Going back home』, Cryhart silently made a retort.

『That place isn’t your house, though…』

Yeah, I haven’t read past chapter 24…
There are 27 chapters as of late, not 28.
I forgot about the existence of the extra chapter about the G.o.ddess and counted wrong.

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