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"Well, the consciousness of the Fusang tree has been re-aggregated."

Through his spiritual talent, Ye Xiaochen was able to keenly capture Fusang tree's state of consciousness.

Though it was still weak, it was not like before; a candle in a windstorm, messy and loose, having the risk get extinguished at any moment.

It was obvious that his approach had worked.

He used edible oil with the strong primary root cultivating liquid and fire to stabilize the source vitality and reunited the consciousness of the Fusang tree.

Actually, the principle was very simple.

The Fusang tree was far inferior to real Fusang tree, but it was still comparable to yellow grade spirit plant.

Its essence belongs to fire spirit wood, the fire would not damage it, and would absorb it.

The fire contained the  strong primary root cultivating liquid, which was absorbed by the Fusang tree along with fire

Originally, the Fusang tree had lost its vitality and its consciousness was scattered, so there was no way it could actively absorb the liquid.

Ye Xiaochen could only think of this method.

Now, it seems that the effect was very good.

Currently, its vitality was stable and its consciousness was regathered, which was equivalent to letting Fusang tree regain its life.

The Fusang tree was alive.

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. He poured the 100 ml of liquid from the gla.s.s bottle into the basin.

"Mr.Ye, let me help you."

Jiang Ping rushed towards him to help.

There was not much change in the Fusang tree, it did not die from the fire, perhaps Fusang tree really has a chance to come back to life.

After he spoke, he took the oil bottle and was going to pour it into the basin.

"You don't have to pour oil, just bring some water."

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly stopped him.

"Okay. "

Jiang Ping soon bought a large bucket of pure water.

Ye Xiaochen poured some pure water into the basin and diluted it with strong primary root cultivating liquid solution, and then slowly poured along the Fusang tree trunk.

Fusang tree has regained its life and has restored the ability to absorb, so, there was no need to burn it again.

After all, burning strong primary root cultivating liquid would cause some impact.

After finishing it, Ye Xiaochen clapped his hand and said to Jiang Ping, "Director Jiang, every day, you need to use 100 ml of this medicine with water and pour it on the Fusang tree."

"Mr. YE, is that all?"

Asked Jiang Ping.

"There's no more problem. It's just a matter of time before the Fusang tree will recover fully."

Ye Xiaochen said.

Everyone in the room was dumbfounded, that's all?

No way, right?

There were many people who couldn't believe it, they immediately began to test Fusang tree with some advanced types of equipment.

"Oh my G.o.d! Instead of Fusang tree vitality decreasing, it has more than doubled, and it’s slowly increasing. "

After some careful testing, someone exclaimed.

It was amazing.

The dying Fusang tree was saved by Ye Xiaochen using some incredible means.

Li Yang, Academician Yang and others looked at Ye Xiaochen with eyes containing respect.

His method was really amazing.

All the people present on the scene were capable people, and when they meet someone with stronger abilities, they would naturally admire them.

Li Tingting hands were over her mouth, her beautiful eyes were watching Ye Xiaochen, in her heart, there was inexplicable respect.

"Well, well, Mr. Ye Xiaochen, thank you so much. Thank you for saving the rare and precious tree for the country."

Li Yang excitedly said.

He felt that the decision he made was the most sensible decision of his life.

"Mr.Ye, may I ask, what kind of principle did you use to cure this Fusang tree?"

Academician Yang asked with great curiosity.

As an expert who has spent most of his life in the field of botany, he saw today a very different approach.

Others people also were curious about it.

Ye Xiaochen was very respectful towards the elders like Academician Yang.

Just now, if he and Director li wouldn't have agreed, he would not have any hope to save the tree.

"Actually, to speak it is quite complex but also simple…"

Ye Xiaochen was willing to answer Academician Yang's question and immediately said the principle of treatment.

"I had not imagined that there can be such divine tree that innately likes the fire and will not be burned by fire, it can even absorb the fire. It is really amazing."

Academician Yang suddenly had a realization.

No wonder, they could not cure the tree. First of all, they did not even fully understand the characteristics of the tree, so how cold they cure it.

Academician Yang continued,

"In fact, even if we know the characteristics of the tree, it would be difficult to treat without that liquid of Mr.Ye Xiaochen"

Ye Xiaochen used the oil with strong primary root cultivating liquid.

It was this strong primary root cultivating liquid that stabilized the source vitality of the Fusang tree.

"It is true, if there was no strong primary root cultivating liquid for the stability of the vitality, there would have been no hope for the treatment of the Fusang tree."

Ye Xiaochen said.

The material that might have needed to make this liquid should be precious and naturally, we will not let Mr. Ye spend money."

President Jiang Ping quickly said from the side.

Ye Xiaochen was pleased with President Jiang Ping's words, he has worked hard, he couldn’t return empty handed, right?

Academician Yang and other plant experts present here were mostly concerned about the preparation method of the liquid.

However, this magical potion was definitely priceless. Their hearts were itching to ask, but they didn’t act rashly.

Their minds were concentrating on the big bottle of strong primary root cultivating liquid.

If they could get some liquid to study, maybe they could solve the mystery of the drug.

Now, the science was very advanced, as long as they could find out the composition, would they be still afraid that research won't come out?

Ye Xiaochen was aware of the thoughts in their mind, but he did not say anything. Anyway, even if they get the medicine, it will be very difficult to prepare it.

Ye Xiaochen had one more thing to do.

"President Jiang Ping, I want to take a small branch of this Fusang tree, I don't know if it is possible?"

Ye Xiaochen finally said the biggest purpose of his trip.

If he doesn’t get the money, it doesn't matter, but this Fusang tree branch, he must get it.

President Jiang Ping was hesitating, this was not his property but was of the nation.

"Haha, Mr. Ye, you saved this Fusang tree, so as long as you don't hurt it, it's ok to take a branch."

Director Li Yang directly said.

"Yes, this Fusang tree's treatment entirely depended on the Mr.Ye. This request is nothing"

Academician Yang also nodded.

Even Academician and Li Yang agreed. So, what could more Jian Ping say? He also agreed immediately.

Other presents on the scene also were showing interest. If they could get a branch of Fusang tree, they could do research on it.

"Thank You."

Ye Xiaochen's faced showed a smile, he thought he would need to speak more, but didn't expect Li Yang to help him.

Immediately, he climbed the ladder and carefully looked at the branches.

There were so many branches of Fusang tree.

However, this branches couldn’t be taken carelessly.

According to the characteristic of the Fusang tree, once the branch was broken, the branch's vitality would dissipate and it would turn into ash.

Such things must be stored in a special container.

Ye Xiaochen was not a monk, nor does he have any special container.

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