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There was a slight sound, a black light shot out from the immortal beehive.

Too fast!

If Ye Xiaochen's five senses weren't much stronger than before, then he wouldn't even be able to see the black light.

Inside the beehive, only the skin of the dark golden pupa had shed was left behind.

Ye Xiaochen's spirit had a very strange feeling, there was a kind of intimate consciousness was flying around his body.


A ray of black light suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, he was finally able to see the appearance of the black light, it was a bee about the size of little thumb's head.

The figure was slender, black and had a cold metallic l.u.s.ter.

This bee looked similar to a wasp.

Ye Xiaochen's heart was excited, it goes without saying that this was a breeding pollination bee.

He finally succeeded.

He repressed his excitement and gently stretched out his hand. The black pollination bee landed in the middle of his palm.

A kind of blood connection arises spontaneously.

He communicated with the pollination bee's consciousness, there was no hindrance and was much clearer than the immortal plants, he could feel many things about the pollination Bee.

After all, it was bred with his blood sacrifice, now Ye Xiaochen was the pollination bee breeder.


Ye Xiaochen gave a command to the pollination bee through his thought.

Sure enough, the pollination bee flew.

He was surprised to find that even if the pollination bee left him and was flying around the connection didn't break. He tried to remotely command the pollination bee and found that it was still somewhat effective.

After repeated testing, he found that once pollination bee goes more than a meter away from him, the connection completely breaks off.

"It seems that this connection cannot be used for long-distance. This is not good, it's better to figure out a way to control remotely."

Ye Xiaochen was pondering.

He closely studied the pollination bee. Though it was small, it was extraordinary, it's thin wings were not fragile, but was sharp as a knife, it's mouth was extremely developed, Ye Xiaochen felt that if it bites even stones can be easily shattered, slender legs were extremely sharp and covered with tiny hairs. The tail has a poisonous needle.

There was no test target, so Ye Xiaochen temporarily cannot determine the power of this poisonous needle.

According to the introduction, the pollination bee's tail has different characteristics.

Some have an anesthetic effect, some produce hallucinations, hemolytic and so on.

Generally, a pollination bee has only one characteristic.

"The tail of the pollination bee is more effective than a wasp or hornet, even it affects the pract.i.tioners. If an ordinary creature is stabbed with it, then it would be very harmful. Even if my pollination bee was bred with ordinary blood and no superior food, it certainly won't be too weak."

Ye Xiaochen was wondering where he could find a target.

He quickly used some immortal spring water and honey powder to concoct honey, and directly put it into the immortal beehive, then he commanded pollination bee to enter into it.

This pollination bee has just become a bee, so it urgently requires food.

The pollination bee's requirement of food was not small.

Ye Xiaochen pondered and made some more honey.

For several days, Ye Xiaochen trained the pollination bee.

The pollination bee was very smart, only need to repeat instructions a few times, it could completely understand Ye Xiaochen's control commands.

Ye Xiaochen's control command was simple, it was just whistle.

He learned from the Shennong system introduction guide.

It was mainly controlling sound frequency.

It seemed simple but was difficult to master.

However, it was not difficult for Ye Xiaochen, he quickly mastered and started to use very flexible.

In complex terrain, as long as the pollination bee was not a kilometer away from him, it could receive his control signal.

In the open flat terrain, it could receive the signal even several kilometers away.

The pollination bee has strong hearing, especially for certain sound waves.

In this way, Ye Xiaochen could even control the pollination bee remotely.

Using whistle for remote control was far less convenient than the consciousness communication and could only be used for simple control commands.

Even then it was extremely powerful.

Having gained the ability to control the pollination bee remotely, Ye Xiaochen began to experiment with the toxic characteristic of its tail.

He stared at the chickens.

Well, the chickens in his family were little pitiful, last time Ye Xiaochen fed immortal spring vegetables for his experiment.

This time it will be the target for a more dangerous experiment, testing the toxic characteristic of the pollination bee.

He looked at the scattered chickens in the distance, with a thought the immortal beehive appeared in his hand, he opened the hole and using his connection Ye Xiaochen directly gave the command to the pollination bee.

Suddenly, a black light shot out.

In the blink of an eye, the pollination bee came back, but a nearby large chicken without any movement fell on the ground.


Ye Xiaochen's face changed little, this toxicity was not ordinary.

Although it was a chicken, how big was the pollination Bee?

If a person gets stung by it, then it was afraid that he won't last long.

He hurried over and picked up the fallen chicken.

It was fat and strong.

It should be at least 3 or 4 kg.

"The crest is still bright red, the body temperature is normal and the heart is beating, it hasn't died?"

Ye Xiaochen quickly checked and also used his spirit talent to communicate with the consciousness of the big chicken.

Sure enough, the consciousness of the chicken was intact, just it was in a drowsy and confused state.

"This looks like anesthetic characteristic !"

Ye Xiachen couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

If it was fatal, then the danger would be too high.

Suddenly, mother came out of the house and saw Ye Xiaochen holding a big chicken, "Xiaochen, why are you holding the chicken?"

"Oh, how did this big chicken die?"

Ye Xiaochen tried to cover up, however, mother was surprised and quickly strode over and took the big chicken.

"Mother, I also don't know, I suddenly saw the chicken lying on the ground."

Ye Xiaochen quickly said.

Strange did some put pesticides in our field?

Mother frowned.

She walked into the house carrying the big hen.

"Mother, what are you doing?"

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly asked.

"It just died, so after throwing the internal organs, it should still be edible."

Mother said.

"Mother, I don't think it is dead, but has just fainted."

Ye Xiaochen couldn't let the mother kill his experimental chicken.

He wanted to know how long would it take the chicken to wake up.

"Fainted? It cannot faint without no reason. It must be sick, then it cannot be raised let's kill and make stewed chicken soup today."

Mother said.

"Don't kill it, and if it's really sick, we cannot eat it."

Ye Xiaochen s.n.a.t.c.hed the chicken and said.

"Why can't we eat the sick chicken? Need to just throw away the internal organs. I have eaten one before and there was no problem."

Mother said.

"No matter what the sick chicken cannot be eaten, Mother I need to tell you, that from now on the sick chicken, duck absolutely shouldn't be eaten and leftover food, previous night food must be thrown away."

Ye Xiaochen seriously said.

Before the mother was reluctant to do it.

"I know, know, don't preach your old mother."

Mother with an unhappy glanced at Ye Xiaochen.

She, in the end, listened to Ye Xiaochen and let off the big chicken's small life. 

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