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"Ye Xiaochen, your method was really effective, my Haworthia cooperi plant condition has improved"

Li Tingting sent the message.

Ye Xiaochen smiled when he looked at it, and sent a message to her," I helped you so much, how are you going to thank me?"

"How do you want me to thank you?"

Li Tingting sent a sly expression.

"Why don't you give me a present?"

Ye Xiaochen's eye revealed a strange color and quickly sent the message.

"Well, what kind of present do you want?"

Li Tingting fell into Ye Xiaochen's trap.

"Will you give me what I ask?"

"Sure, as long as I can afford it."

"What about the pendant around your neck?"

Ye Xiaochen saw Li Tingting took the bait and immediately sent the message.

After waiting for a while, Li Tinting still didn't reply.

Ye Xiaochen felt depressed, it seemed that Li Tingting was unwilling.

Just as he was about to send a message, suddenly, Li Tingitng replied.

"This one won't do."

Li Tingting sent the message with complete determination, showing the importance of pendant to her.

"Why? Is it very precious?"

Ye Xiaochen was a little disappointed.

"Well, it is the only thing my mother left for me."

After a while, Li Tingitng sent the message.

Ye Xiaochen felt a little sadness from this message.

He didn't know what to say.

This pendant was left by her mother, so naturally, it has special significance and was very precious.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know your mother pa.s.sed away."

Ye Xiaochen was silent for a moment and then sent an apology.

"What are you talking about? My mother is still alive."

Li Tingting sent an angry expression.

Ye Xiaochen was stunned. Didn't she just say that the pendant was the only thing her mother left for her?

"Sorry, I thought…"

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly replied.

"Never mind, I didn't explain properly. In fact, it doesn't matter, my mother has been living in a mental hospital for many years. After my father divorced my mother, and he found another woman, he also broke off the relationship with my grandfather. Since childhood, I have been living with my grandfather."

After a long time, Li Tinting sent a message.

However, the content was too much and Ye Xiaochen got surprised after reading it.

He didn't expect, Li Tingting, who looks very intellectual had such an unfortunate past.

It was hard to imagine that the mother was crazy, father found another woman and does not want the daughter and only depending on grandfather. This kind of tragic experience was really hard to imagine.

Suddenly, he felt pity for Li Tingting, don't know how she was able to bear it.

"Li Tingting, you are very strong."

Ye Xiaochen sighed and sent another message.

He doesn't know what to say, comforting, perhaps Li Tingting had already gone through this, and doesn't require it, on the contrary, it would seem a little artificial.

"Anyway, I am used to it. All right, let's not talk about these things. Why did you fancy the only pendant? Did you already had prior intentions on it?"

Li Tingtign soon sent another message.

Ye Xiaochen read it and directly felt embarra.s.sed.

When he asked for Li Tingting's WeChat, didn't he already had this plan?

"How can it be! Your pendant, from the first glance, could be said that this was not very valuable, I thought that since you were wearing it, there be some special significance attached to it. I wanted to see if you really would give me it as a present. "

How could Ye Xaichen admit it? On the spot, he made a reason and sent it.

Had it not been for Li t.i.tngting's tragic past, he might have spoken directly about it.

However, now, he doesn't want to hurt Li Tingting's heart.

Approaching someone for some purpose would make anyone uncomfortable.

"Okay, I believe you."

On the other side, in an apartment building in Shashi.

Li Tingting was lying on the bed with the mobile phone in her hands. Li Tingting saw the message of Ye Xiaochen and pushed her black-rimmed gla.s.ses back from the bridge of her nose.

In fact, when ye Xiaochen had mentioned about the pendant, she remembered when she first met with Ye Xiaochen.

Could it be Ye Xiaochen was interested in her pendant and that's why he stared at her neck?

If it was the reason, then she would surely be depressed, but after seeing Ye Xiaochen's reply, her heart was relieved.

She felt that she was thinking too much. After all, the pendant was very ordinary, when she went to Mt.Heng in Nanyue with her mother, her mother had bought it for her as a protective talisman.

"Hey, I am really kind."

Ye Xiaochen chatted with Li Tingitng for few more minutes before closing the Wechat and sighed.

Anyways, the pendant wouldn't run away from Li Tingting, there was always an opportunity.

Three days pa.s.sed.

The experts' group after staying for nearly a week in Jing County, they were finally ready to leave.

Mainly the Mid-Autumn festival was approaching soon, The foreign experts and specifically the domestic experts attach great importance to the Mid-Autumn festival, as it was a family reunion festival, it was natural that they had to return home to reunite with their families.

On this day, many major officials of Jing county came to see them off.

Ye Xiaochen also sent them off.

They would be directly going to the Shahsi city, as for Yang city, they would not be going there. The leaders of Yang city were very disappointed.

Originally planned to make the experts' group stay for few more days, but didn't expect all would be squandered by Jing county.

Nevertheless, Yang city was still happy, after all, now Yang city had produced Ye Xiaochen, a top botanist, it should be known that the experts' group had been in Jing county for so long, but they were engaged in academic exchanges with Ye Xiaochen.

As for the working group of other cities who have been waiting in Yang city for a long time, they were even more depressed.

On the second day after the experts' group left Yang city, a deputy director of Yang city Agricultural bureau personally delivered a stainless steel medal and related audit doc.u.ment in which it was written," Yang city Provincial Level Special grade farm."

Although it was just a provincial level farm, it was still very rare. In the whole southern province, only a few farms could get this brand, the number doesn't exceed more than two hands, mainly due to the high threshold.

Moreover, such farms were all large-scale farms and have a strong background.

It was definitely the first time for a small farm like Ye Xiaochen's farm to get it.

For Ye Xiaochen, such trademark still had great use.

Ye Xiaochen received Deputy director at his home.

The Deputy Director was also very polite to Ye Xiaochen and didn't put any official airs.

When he was leaving, Ye Xiaochen gave him several bags of pickled vegetables.

After Deputy Director tasted the pickled vegetables he was very fascinated by its deliciousness, so he was naturally happy.

"Son, is this trademark a good thing?"

Mother curiously looked at the medal in the hall.

"Of course, as long as any ordinary farm has this trademark it would immediately soar in value."

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

"I see, then that's really good."

Mother also smiled.

She was happy as long as it could make the farm better.

"Unfortunately, it was only the provincial level. If it was a national level, it would have been so much better."

Ye Xiaochen sighed.

For him to get this provincial level t.i.tle was already good.

The national level has a much higher threshold and he wouldn't get it just because he was a top botanist.

As for this provincial level, it was estimated that the Yang city had spent a lot of money to get it for him.

Currently, Ye Xiaochen was the symbol of Yang city in agriculture and botany.

Now, when it comes to experts group everyone would first thing of Ye Xiaochen.

Even top experts like Academician Yang must visit, the Yang city feels there could not be anymore increased in honor than this.

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