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Xu Yun Yao / Tang Yun Yao / Little Treasure – Our female Protagonist

Shi – used to mean a clan name or maiden name

w.a.n.g Shi – Tang Song Nian's mother

Tang Song Nian – Female protagonist's father / mortal enemy in past life

Ruan Shi- Female Protagonist's mother

Dàrén – used to call someone (male) you respect.

gēr – Brother

Chapter 6 : Choosing Name (3)

I am Xu Yun Yao, not Tang Yun Yao!

She turned away and sat on an embroidered pillow, glaring at Zhou'er. 

The brother and sister looked at each other for a while. Zhou'er felt bored and continued to play with the cloth tiger with his head down.

T/N: In China, cloth tiger is one of the most widely circulated toys. In a Chinese mind, a tiger can help drive off evil and avoid disasters, is an auspicious symbol of peace, and can also protect one's wealth.

Xu Yun Yao also turned her head and squatted on the sofa with her little b.u.t.t. She planned to practice her limbs so that she could learn how to walk as soon as possible and get rid of the state of “crawling stunt”.


Tang Song Nian, as a county magistrate officer, was naturally busy with his official duties. He left after only a moment of light-heartedness with his wife and children. Moreover, Ruan Shi also had many household ch.o.r.es to take care of and had little time to spend with her children. Therefore, the servant name Bi Wen took Xu Yun Yao to walk in the garden. The four-year-old Zhou'er also followed them.

In the garden, Xu Yun Yao walked with a pair of plump little short legs in a crooked line. Even if she occasionally fell down, she didn't cry, patting her b.u.m and getting back up to continue towards Bi Wen with pride instead.

In the end, though, Xu Yun Yao was just a child and felt tired after walking for a few minutes. As a result, she simply sat down on the ground. Only then did she notice Zhou'er was poking at the ant nest intently under the tree.  

Looking at the seriousness of her brother holding a twig and muttering some things in his mouth and a.s.sociating it with the extraordinary appearance of “Little master Tang”, she finally couldn't help laughing out loud.

Her crisp, soft, and waxy laughter drifted far away, making Bi Wen unconsciously give a smile.

“Tang Song Nian! Hey! Tang Song Nian, you must stop! You ungrateful man. If it weren't for our brother's sake, how could such a good opportunity fall on you!” All of a sudden, a fl.u.s.tered man's voice came from the other side of the garden, also letting Xu Yun Yao put on an instant smile.

“Big brother's kindness is surely appreciated. I don't know whether I can gather up the 5,000 taels of silver, though. Even if I can, I will never spend it in that kind of place!” Tang Song Nian stopped, sneering at him.

“What do you mean that kind of place? What's wrong with places like that? The crown prince is an apparent heir to the throne, and the world will be his in the future. As a courtier, it is your honor to sacrifice silver coins to his royal highness.” Tang Bai Nian answered, holding up his anger.


“His royal highness crown prince? Who told the Big brother that the silver must be dedicated to his royal highness, the crown prince? Such absurd remarks! Big brother actually wants me to believe such a thing?” Tang Song Nian hissed.

Tang Bai Nian glared at him, and his eyes flickered.

Not waiting for him to speak, Tang Song Nian sneered at him again. “I'm afraid that Prefect Wu has drawn a big cake for big brother and coaxed him to throw money into it. In the end, big brother lost the gamble but is still covered in a fishy smell. I offer my big brother a word of advice: it is better to be down-to-earth."

Tang Bai Nian was furious, “I've been so kind, but you are swearing everywhere. You have previously offended Prefect Wu, and you became so famous because of that. If you weren't so smart, your official career would've ended sooner!” 

“I don't need my big brother to fret about my career. Please go back if you have nothing else to do!” Tang Song Nian waved his sleeve to see him out directly.

“You are so ungrateful, not knowing how to please people. Alright, I'll see how far you will go!” Tang Bai Nian stared at him, gnashing his teeth and throwing some words, and then he walked away without looking back.

Shortly after Tang Bai Nian's departure, a strange, affable voice of a man suddenly sounded: "I am afraid that Big Master will not achieve anything.”

“What Mr. Shen said is also on my mind. Big brother thought that if he flattered Prefect Wu, he would be able to rise to the top of the officialdom. He didn't know that he was basically jumping into a tiger's mouth!” Tang Song Nian sighed.


“That Prefect Wu was also bold enough to take advantage of the crown prince.” Shen Ming shook his head.

Tang Song Nian snorted coldly. “Remote places where law and decrees are not strictly enforced (famous phrase)."

He did not say a word more. That is to say, some of the money received by Prefect Wu would actually flow into the pockets of the East Palace.

Shen Ming sighed and said. “This time, the lord rejected Prefect Wu, so I am afraid they will have to suffer some injustice in the future. Seeing that the term of office is about to expire, with the achievements of the adults, the opportunity has arisen. Now it seems…” Tang Song Nian's thin lips pursed while not saying any more.

End of Chapter


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