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Chapter 776: The Nemesis of Humans (Part One)

"Cruel… This is… unforgivable! Die! Demons!"

Even Oscar who was gentle couldn't hold back his anger at this moment. His fury almost made him lose his speaking ability.

As he roared, he took out a long spear which was made from [Demon's Remains] and [Black Stone Essence].

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

As he shook his wrist, five black lights appeared as if they were the invitations from the Grim Reaper.

Like flashes of lightning, the spear pierced the throat of this snake warrior of the Sea Tribe, killing it instantly by nail it to the ground.

This was the first time that this young man attacked this fiercely!

"Kill!" Louise and Pato were enraged by what they saw as well. Before Fei could issue any commands, they took out their weapons from their storage rings and attacked the members of the Sea Tribe that were in front of them.

Instantly, this village that was turned into a living h.e.l.l became noisy again. A series of whines and screams sounded, but it came from the members of the Sea Tribe this time.

There were close to 4,000 members of the Sea Tribe that were still lingering around the village and hadn't returned to the ocean yet; this number couldn't be overlooked. However, most of them were low-level members, and they didn't look like humans that much. They mostly kept the distinct characteristics of the sea creatures, and they were battling using their violent instinct. Most of them weren't that powerful.

Also, since they were now fighting on land, they couldn't use their advantage of controlling water. The most powerful member of the Sea Tribe here was equivalent to a Three-Star Warrior.

Therefore, under the fierce attacks of the three university students, the low-level members of the Sea Tribe fell one after another as if they were crops under the sickles of farmers.

Even when a few high-level members of the Sea Tribe appeared, Fei pointed out his fingers and turned them into blood mist before they could even roar.

Then, the four of them started to search around the village, trying to see if they could find any survivors.

Unfortunately, there weren't any surprises. Broken limbs were everywhere, and so were the corpses that were half-eaten by the members of the Sea Tribe.

In this village that was like a paradise, it seemed like no one survived under the attacks of the low-level members of the Sea Tribes. Even the animals and pets of the villagers were killed without any mercy. In fact, everything that could make a sound was eliminated.

Gradually, the number of members of the Sea Tribe that were charging at Fei and the three university students reduced.

As time pa.s.sed, it seemed like a limit was reached. The members of the Sea Tribe that were vicious and violent sensed something, and frantic expressions appeared on their faces. They all turned around and ran toward the beach far away.

Most of them jumped into the water as they wished, but the ones who were injured weren't able to run that fast. Suddenly, they fell onto the beach, and their bodies started to twitch as if they were drowning. Then, their bodies stiffed and turned black as white foams flowed out of their mouths. They died on the beach right away.

"What is going on?" Louise and Pato widened their eyes in surprise.

[Theory Madman] Oscar ran to the beach and observed the members of the Sea Tribe that had died by squatting close to them. He soon discovered something and said, "They are out of the sea water for too long… It looks like the information on the ancient scrolls is correct. This is their natural deficiency. Once the Sea Tribe is out of the sea water for too long, they would instantly die. Hahahaha! This must be the punishment that the G.o.ds put on this evil race!"

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Chapter 776: The Nemesis of Humans (Part Two)

"Really? That is great! Hahaha! Condemnation from the G.o.ds!" Louise and Pato were both thrilled.

The scene that they saw in the village was horrifying, and it made them understand the relationship between humans and the Sea Tribe. It was the relationship between the hunters and the hunted.

There was no room for negotiation and cooperation between humans and these demons who were driven by greed and bloodthirst.

In this world, the laws of nature were set. Butchers wouldn't negotiate with pigs that were in the slaughterhouse, lions wouldn't talk to sheep that they caught, and eagles wouldn't speak to rabbits in their claws.

No one would be willing to negotiate with food that was in their control already, and they wouldn't accept any compromise.

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The Sea Tribe was a terrifying race, and they were driven by primitive instinct and desire for war. If they could leave the seawater for a long time and roam on land, it would be a catastrophe for the humans.

In the ancient legends, the Azeroth Continent was surrounded by vast oceans that were several times the size of the land. It meant that the population of the Sea Tribe was also several times the population of all races on land. They could wage war against the continent and sweep through the land with their sheer numbers advantage.

However, even though the G.o.ds gave this race the numbers advantage and the ability to reproduce quickly, they were hindered in other aspects.

They couldn't leave the seawater for a long time, and this deficiency meant that they could never threaten the races on land.

Therefore, humans could still enjoy the dominating position on land!

Oscar was talented. After he observed all the corpses for a bit longer, he came up with another conclusion.

The higher-level the member of the Sea Tribe, the longer it could stay on land.

For example, if a One-Star Warrior of the Sea Tribe could only survive for three hours on land, then a Six-Star Warrior of the Sea Tribe could live on land for more than ten days. Perhaps the Sun-Cla.s.s Lord of the Sea Tribe wouldn't be troubled by this innate restriction and could stay on land forever.

However, even though the oceans were vast, and there were many sea creatures, how many of them could reach the realm of Sun-Cla.s.s?

In terms of top-tier masters, humans which also excelled in compet.i.tion and destruction weren't in a real disadvantage.

"Ok, it is getting late. Let's go look through the village again and see if we can find any survivors. At least we need to figure out what kind of people were living here and why they were living here!" Fei looked at the beach that was being washed by the waves and said, "If we could have arrived here a bit earlier, perhaps we could have saved them. It looks like the Sea Tribe had just discovered this island, and they will come back again. We have to hurry back to the campsite just in case!"

The three university students nodded, put away their weapons, and started to search for potential survivors again.

Fei walked around the village and saw corpses everywhere. The smell of blood permeated the air, adding to the already horrific scene.

These defenseless villagers were killed in many cruel ways.

In a house, a young mother wanted to protect her child, but they were both cut in half by the waist, and their internal organs spilled onto the ground.

Under a tree, a white-haired senior got half of his head eaten, and only half of his face was still intact.

By a wooden wall, a warrior in metal armor got his lower body smashed into meat paste. The iron armor was deformed and crushed his internal organs, and his head was missing.

Even though Fei had seen all types of deaths in Diablo World, he was saddened by what he saw.

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