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Chapter 673: Real Enemies (Part One)

Fei easily acquired a level 8 combat weapon! It was the dream of numerous warriors!

However, when the King of Chambord glanced around again, it forced many people to wake up from their greedy thoughts.

Soon, all the masters in the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] realized the situation that they were in.

Since Chambord now had King Alexander and Queen Elena here, they had the situation under complete control. If they want, they could instantly kill all the Moon-Cla.s.s Elites of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance].

If there weren't anything else that was going to happen, then Chambord would be the one who laughed until the end.

However, who knew that the King of Chambord suddenly looked in the direction of the seating area of the Holy Church. While standing on the high platform, Fei locked his eyes onto the representatives there.

After sensing Fei's stare, Priest Zola and Holy Knight Luciano who were extremely nervous and afraid quickly got off their chairs and kneeled onto the floor. They were shaking so violently that they couldn't even say a complete sentence.

Fei shook his head and ignored these two people; he was staring at the white-haired elderly priest who was sitting a bit behind them, and this old priest was very calm and relaxed.

Suddenly, a playful smile appeared on Fei's face, and he said something that no one expected.

"It is already at this point. Mr. Senxi, aren't you going to reveal yourself?"

As soon as Fei said that, this white-haired elderly priest suddenly opened his eyes wide and locked them onto Fei. His stare was as vicious as a man-eating beast, and he no longer looked calm and collected. The temperature in the area dropped by several degrees, and all guests felt like they couldn't breathe properly.

After a while, this elder finally calmed down again. He suddenly opened his mouth and said, "King of Chambord, I sure have underestimated you. You knew my ident.i.ty from the beginning?"

"Mr. Senxi, you are the bishop of one of the five most powerful shrines in the Northern Regional Church, the Red-Sand Shrine. Since you suddenly showed up in my kingdom, how could I ignore you? I don't dare to do such a thing. I had to prepare well and treat you nicely!"

Fei's voice sounded clearly in everyone's ears.

Suddenly, everyone looked at this white-haired, elderly priest differently, and they couldn't hide away their shocked expressions.

Many people paid attention to the guests of the Holy Church. People like Priest Zola and Holy Knight Luciano were directly ignored, and this white-haired elder, who had a black stick in his hand and didn't have any warrior energy or magic energy fluctuations, was also deemed a weak person by the masters. The only people who caught their attention were the five holy knights who were sitting behind them. Their auras were much more powerful, and it was clear that they were mighty masters.

However, no one expected that this white-haired elder whom many people thought was weak and useless was the bishop of the Red-Sand Shrine!

His ident.i.ty was far more superior compared with the emperors of level 1 and level 2 empires.

The Moon-Cla.s.s Elites of the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] were all pleasantly surprised. After seeing the burned-like short stick in Senxi's hands and recalling what happened yesterday in that secret room, they finally understood something and calmed down their hearts that were stirred up by the power Chambord showcased so far.

"Since you know my ident.i.ty, I'm sure you also know why I'm here, right?"

After being identified, Senxi's temperament changed drastically. He no longer looked like an old and ordinary priest but a majestic and pressing overlord.

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Chapter 673: Real Enemies (Part Two)

This aura of something that was formed after Senxi became the bishop of the Red-Sand Shrine for a long time; it wasn't pretentious at all compared with Brando who tried to act.

In the face of this powerful aura, the invincible image that Fei created with his power instantly melted like an ice block on a hot summer day as soon as Senxi got to the middle of the square.

Behind Bishop Senxi of the Red-Sand Shrine, the five holy knights who were at the Moon-Cla.s.s Realm carefully surrounded him. One of them was burly and had a red face. He was that mysterious master who sneak-attacked Lampard during nature's challenge, and his name was Disov.

These five holy knights looked hostile, and their expressions were arrogant. Not only did they looked down at Fei and the Chambordians, but they also looked at the other masters in the [Dragon Hunt Alliance] with disdain. It was clear that they weren't satisfied with their performances so far.

"Mr. Senxi, your status is really supreme; how could I, the king of a little kingdom, know what your intention is? Why don't you say it out loud and let me hear it?" Fei said as he got down from the high platform. Then, he lightly waved his hand, and the warriors of Chambord moved to two sides, making a path for their king.

Fei slowly walked through that path and got in front of Bishop Senxi of the Red-Sand Shrine.

Everyone was focusing on these two gurus.

After hearing what Fei said, Bishop Senxi nodded with a strange smile on his face.

"Oh, so there are things that even King Alexander Your Majesty don't know about. Ok, let me be honest with you. I'm here for Queen Angela. According to the report of a priest from the Shiye Shrine named Balesi, Queen Angela has the purest soul in the world, and she has the potential of communicating with the G.o.ds! She is the perfect candidate for being the saintess of the Holy Church. Bishop Platini of the Northern Regional Church had ordered me to come here and meet up with Queen Angela. I'm going to take Her Highness back to the headquarters of the North Regional Church and let her be canonized by Bishop Platini so that she can become the supreme saintess of the Northern Regional Church," he said.

As soon as he said that, a series of gasps sounded on the square.

Everyone looked at that beautiful girl who was standing on the high platform, and her fancy long white dress fluttered in the wind. After looking at her again, people felt like Queen Angela had a uniquely pure and holy aura around her. She looked like a G.o.ddess.

Then, all the guests turned around and looked at Fei with pity.

Even though Bishop Senxi of Red-Sand worded it politely, the underlying meaning was cruel and clear. He was asking the King of Chambord to give up his beautiful queen and hand her over to the Holy Church. To the aggressive and invincible King of Chambord, this was no different to a hard slap on the face.

On his wedding night, he had to hand over one of his beloved queens! If this got out, the destruction of his fame would be irreparable.

Now, some people even started to sympathize with the King of Chambord.

What could he really do to the mammoth on the continent, Holy Church? Even the emperors of those powerful empires had to get along with the Holy Church carefully.

Even though the Chambord Kingdom had surprising strength, it was still far from having the ability to arm-whistle with the Holy Church.

Now, everyone was focused back on the King of Chambord.

Guests like Prince Simon of the Ma.r.s.e Empire and Prince Sark of the Maze Empire who feared Fei and also hated him were gloating at this moment. They couldn't wait for the King of Chambord to show the painful and defeated expression.

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