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Chapter 519: Listen to Daddy (Part One)

"Could it be that these three newborns think that Angela and Elena are their moms?" Fei felt like he understood something.

It was heard that many creatures would treat the first things they see as their parents. Fei recalled that such things happened on Earth where a puppy thought a pig was its mom and a cat thought a hen was its mom…… It wasn't something fake.

Perhaps these three little monsters saw Angela and Elena right away after they broke through the eggs, and they thought that they were their parents.

Ever since Fei got these three eggs, Angela had been taking care of them. She especially designed the nursery-like magic boxes for them to keep them warm.

If these three monsters were able to sense what was happening, they might have believed that Angela was their mom before they broke out of the sh.e.l.ls, and that was why they were protecting the two girls right now.

What a surprise!

Fei slowly calmed himself down and tried to be relaxed. He wanted to be seen as harmless to these three monsters, and he slowly approached the stone bed. The most urgent matter right now was to quickly get these two girls into safety and wake them up using the [Worldstone]. Any delay might increase the danger.

"Hiss!……" the red monster let out a deep roar.

As vicious lights appeared in its eyes, the blue pupil turned red. The sharp and organized teeth in its mouth looked terrifying, and its snake-like split tongue made a series of hissing noises like a lizard.

"Don't be nervous…… Cutie, I'm your mom's boyfriend…… Yeah, don't worry, I'm here to save your mom. I'm going to heal here…… Right, don't be nervous…… Listen…… Eh, don't spit fire! Stop! I'm your dad!"

Fei's plan failed miserably.

He was carefully approaching the monsters and trying to comfort the red monster.

However, who knew that this red monster didn't buy it. When Fei got within two meters from it, it opened its mouth and spat out a mouthful of red flames. The temperature of the surroundings instantly increased a lot, and the smell of sulfur became dense. Fei was taken by surprise, and he immediately sensed that burning sensation on his face. He inhaled the nose-piercing air, and he almost suffocated. Fortunately, he had a fast reaction, and his silver light sphere instantly appeared and blocked the high heat.

"d.a.m.n it! The power of this fire…… It is terrifying! It is on the level of fire-elemental Warrior Energy of Moon-Cla.s.s Elites!" Fei got so mad that he pointed at the red monster and shouted, "d.a.m.n it! Why don't you recognize your dad?"

At this moment, the warriors of Chambord all laughed after seeing this, and the atmosphere got a lot less tense.

However, the Undead Bone Dragon observed this with shock in its eyes. It felt like Arthur thought of something but couldn't be entirely sure.

After the red monster turned Fei's face black, it shouted proudly and shook its head. It was showing off to the blue and the green monsters, and it looked a little cute despite its vicious appearance.

"Looks like I have to use my ultimate technique," Fei thought about it and switched to Druid Mode.

The Druid Character was far weaker than then Barbarian Character, and Fei would be severely injured if he got spit on again. After he backed off to a safe distance, he tried to communicate with the three monsters.

Using the power of the Druid, Fei clearly sensed the mood of these three creatures.

They were curious about the new surroundings, but they were also a bit careful. Perhaps it was due to Tony's [Fire Explosions], the energy around them was a little chaotic, and they were hostile toward everyone around them. Like hedgehogs that raised the spikes on their bodies, they were trying to defend themselves. Also, he could tell that the three creatures were very intimate toward Angela and Elena. Especially Angela, the bond between them was stronger than that of a mother and children.

Using the power of the Druid, Fei easily communicated to these three monsters by bypa.s.sing the language barrier.

Soon, something unbelievable happened.

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Chapter 519: Listen to Daddy (Part Two)

Fei was still trying to think of a way to convince these three creatures who were highly anxious and hostile towards the people around them, but the red monster seemed like it discovered a new continent. It tilted its head and re-observed Fei. Then, it out a series of joyous cheers and rushed toward him using all four of its legs and its small wings on its back like a puppy that saw its owner.

Fei was surprised at first.

However, he quickly calmed down since he discovered no murderous spirit on it. Instead, it felt like this red monster knew him for a long time and was looking at him intimately.

Fei opened up his arms, and the red monster jumped onto him. Fei got pushed onto the ground unexpectedly, and it was still making a series of happy noises. Its red tongue licked Fei's face, like an overexcited puppy. After a moment of pause, the blue and the green beast reacted and rushed toward Fei as well. Just like the red monster, they licked Fei's face and neck and made a series of intimate cries.

"Oh, ok, ok. As long as you recognize me. Haha, oh, stop licking me. Let me get up……" Fei finally got off of the ground.

The Druid Character wasn't great in terms of strength. Although the three creatures were only in their infancy stage, their strengths were already very powerful. Therefore, Fei was barely able to get up and get out of the three creatures hugs.

The red monster was obviously a fire-elemental Demon Beast. When it licked Fei's face, Fei sensed a burning sensation on his cheek as if he was sprayed by pepper water. On the other hand, the blue monster was an ice-elemental Demon Beast, and Fei felt like he was being licked by ice. The green monster was more normal. Fei didn't discover its elemental energy yet, but he just felt like its tongue was extremely tough like a rough piece of metal.

The three monsters let out a series of cheerful cries, and they lied around Fei intimately as if they were puppies that were waiting for their master to feed them.

This scene shocked everyone there!

They were surprised by how the King easily tamed the three terrifying monsters, but they were actually shocked by how intelligent these three monsters were. These monsters had the intelligence of nine-years-old kids.

"Ok, can I now go and check up on your mom now?" Fei tried to communicate with the three monsters.

As he expected, they didn't stop him anymore.

These three little creatures were actually able to stand up straight and walk on their two back legs, and they pulled on Fei's shirt and tried to pull him to the stone bed. As they pointed at the two girls who were on the bed with their claws, anxiousness appeared in their bright eyes as they spoke a series of gibberish. Then, they turned to the warriors of Chambord and roared.

"Hahaha. It is fine! They are on our side! Guys, let them over," Fei smiled and said to the three creatures.

Then, he waved at the warriors of Chambord and ordered them to start cleaning this place.

Afterward, he found a magic carriage and place both Angela and Elena in there carefully. The three curious creatures, who pulled on Fei's shirt and tried to ask him what everything was around them, followed behind the carriage and entered a new safe courtyard with them.

Fei reorganized the set up in this building. This time, it was loose on the outside but tight on the inside. Nothing looked strange from the outside, but there were multiple watchtowers on the inside. In addition, Fei placed a ton of magic traps in the yard and the buildings. After scolding Arthur, he also placed the Undead Bone Dragon in this building for redemption. Therefore, safety shouldn't be an issue now.

TL NOTE: Good monsters~

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