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Chapter 475: Uncle! Hug Me! Arthur Is Scared! (Part One)

Although this response wasn't loud, it was like a hammer that struck everyone at Dual-Flags City. After this man expressed his hostility, the warriors of Chambord who were guarding the Mayor's Mansion reacted first. Lampard who was the No.1 Master in Dual-Flags City right now jumped onto the roof of the Mayor's Mansion and got ready to protect Angela and Elena. These two girls were the most important people to Fei, and he had to guard them with his life.

The King of Black Sand sneered in mid-air and looked at the city that was now in chaos. He enjoyed the pleasure that came from dominating over other people. The only thing that worried him was that Emperor Ya.s.sin built this city; the anger of Emperor Ya.s.sin wasn't something that should be joked with. However, after he thought back to all the rumors that were pa.s.sed around, he calmed down.

"Emperor Ya.s.sin is about to die; he couldn't do anything to me," he thought.

"Hahaha! Struggle! Be desperate! If you want to blame someone, blame that idiot King Alexander of yours! If he didn't offend me like a dumb*ss, you guys might be able to survive like homeless dogs! Hahahaha!"

The King of Black Sand, who felt like he got the control of everything back, was experiencing a sick pleasure.

At this moment, a voice sounded, "Hey, Triangle Face! Is your act over? Is it fun to laugh like an idiot?"

This child-like voice sounded so sudden and so abrupt that the King of Black Sand didn't even react fast enough; he thought it was one of his henchmen.

"Haha! I have control over their lives! It is entertaining to see them kneel and beg for their lives!" he said.

Suddenly, he realized that something was off. When he turned around immediately, he saw a cute boy who had long blonde hair and was wearing a set of black armor and a strange cat-like mask. From the initial impression, he felt like this boy was as naïve was a kitten.

"It's you!" The King of Black Sand shivered at the sight of this boy.

He recognized this boy; this boy was one of the two people who stood by the King of Chambord! Since this boy was a lot smaller than other masters and had beautiful long blonde hair, it was hard to forget about him.

"This little guy is qualified to stand beside that King of Chambord, and he is now able to appear beside me quietly…… It is clear that he is powerful!" the King of Black Sand thought; he was experienced enough not to underestimate Arthur.

"Uncle, do you know me? I can't find my mom and dad; do you know where they are?" Arthur said as he dashed at the King of Black Sand with a big bright smile on his face. As he opened up his arms, he said with his sweet voice, "Uncle! Hug me! Arthur is scared!"

"d.a.m.n kid! Get away!" The King of Black Sand won't be fooled; anyone who could stand beside the King of Chambord won't be weak! However, since this cute and innocent-looking boy was dashing at him, he didn't strike out using full force subconsciously. After all, Arthur was way too sweet, and it definitely affected the King of Black Sand's judgment.

"No! Uncle, hug me," Arthur said as he continued to dash at the King of Black Sand.

"You want to die…… You…… Eh? Puff!"

Just in that split second, Arthur got close to the King of Black Sand. This man successfully struck Arthur's chest, but the scene where Arthur's chest exploded didn't occur. Instead, he felt like his palm hit an iron plate that was empowered by magic arrays, and his palm was hurting a little.

Then, he suddenly felt like his chest turned cold as if something left his body.

Out of shock, he looked down and saw that this boy's soft and pink hand had easily penetrated his chest that was strengthened by his Warrior Energy. When he turned his head around, he saw black bone claws extending out of his back with his heart in them. The three bone claws were reflecting a chilling light, and they were as sharp as a blade.

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Chapter 475: Uncle! Hug Me! Arthur Is Scared! (Part Two)

"Cough…… Huh…… You…… You are not human! You…… You are an Undead Creature! Undead Bone…… Undead Bone Dragon…… You…… The King of Chambord…… He dares to befriend Undead…… He……" the fear of death and the desire to live conquered this man's mind. As the shadow of death enveloped him, he begged as he looked at Arthur with a harmless smile, "No…… Please forgive me…… Please show some mercy……" Even though the Moon-Cla.s.s Elites had strong vitality, they would still die if their hearts got crushed.

"Sorry, I have no empathy for you," Arthur said with a bright smile on his face, but the King of Black Sand felt like he saw the smile of the Grim Reaper. As this Undead Bone Dragon crushed the King of Black Sand's heart with his claws, he shook his head and said, "You have said that it is interesting to see poor bugs beg for their lives in front of you. I think you are right! After seeing you beg, my mood got a lot better."


After Arthur shook his hand, the King of Black Sand's body exploded and turned into a cloud of blood mist before disappearing.

In the next moment, Arthur's claws turned back to the pink hand of a child. Since the branch of the Holy Church inside Dual-Flags City was directly below him, Arthur almost only used his sharp and G.o.d-tier Combat Weapon-like bones to kill the King of Black Sand; he didn't dare to use his Undead Energy.

After turning back to his child-like form, no one would believe that this boy, who even the Saintess would find cute, had just killed a Moon-Cla.s.s Elite.

Arthur licked his lips proudly, and he thought of something and announced, "I just killed this vicious intruder with the order from the King of Chambord! King Alexander His Majesty is protecting this city! Anyone who dares to challenge His Majesty would need to bear the consequences!"

His voice echoed in the sky, and everyone in Dual-Flags City heard it.

The residents who were so anxious before all cheered; they had witnessed the entire process themselves. Although they didn't know how that evil intruder got killed, they knew that the danger was gone.

"This boy is a subordinate of King Alexander His Majesty!" people thought.

After this incident, Fei's fame and influence in the city climbed to a peak.

"Hehehe, Alexander should be pleased this time. He might even give me a few bottles of wine as a reward! Hahaha……" as tens of thousands of people in the city chanted King Alexander's name, this Undead Bone Dragon who had the mind of a child disappeared in the sky as he dreamed of Fei's wines.

After entering the level 2 region of the Mythical Palace, Fei instantly sensed the increased pressure. He felt like the air was denser and the gravity was stronger. It was harder to walk in here, and every single movement would consume twice the usual effort.

It was good that the Barbarian Character had a ton of strength; the increased pressure didn't cause too much problem for Fei. After he got used to the environment, he moved faster and faster. There wasn't much time, and Fei had to find the Mythical Altar to cleanse the stained [Worldstone]. If he could found it, he would have time to explore this mysterious s.p.a.ce. However, if he couldn't find the Mythical Altar and lost Angela and Elena, he would never forgive himself.

The level 2 region was more dangerous; Fei would frequently hear loud explosions and shocking roars. It seemed like some masters encountered something terrifying as the energy surges that were coming from afar scared Fei a little.

After 30 minutes, Fei saw another colossal warrior statue in a cross street. This statue was holding a huge sword and a large shield, and it looked like a warrior who was waiting for the enemies to charge at him.

Just the presence of this statue brought Fei a lot more pressure.

"It will be the level 3 region after this?" Fei paused for a second and thought, "What technique does it contain?"

As he thought about that, he closed his eyes and used his Spirit Energy.

Fei opened his eyes after a minute.

"[Kowtow of the Reaper]? Such a strange name, but it is a good technique. Cancer Saint Oleg is missing a set of powerful technique, so I will give this to him," Fei smiled and thought. So far, he had gotten some good rewards. After Fei obtained the Miraculous Skill [Learn], his understandings of cultivation, battles, and techniques were on another level. He was able to skim through [Martial Statues] easily as if he was shopping with his eyes, and no time was wasted.

As soon as he got this technique, he entered the level 3 region.

Just like Fei had expected, there was more pressure and stronger gravity in the level 3 region. If an ordinary person appeared in there, his or her bones would be crushed, and the blood vessels in their bodies would pop open. Only powerful masters could survive in here.

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