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Chapter 307: Three Reasons (Part One)

The scale of victory was obviously tilting in one direction, and Fei's expression was still very calm.

However, Pierce, Drogba, and Oleg who were standing beside Fei were all anxious. They were master warriors, and they could clearly understand the situation. The disciple of Fei used all of his skills, and he wasn't able to defeat his opponent. In fact, he was injured a little. If nothing spectacular happened, Inzagi would lose within ten strikes.

"Who the fu*k is that guy? He is able to pressure Philip to this degree? After the match is over, I will fu*king smash his t.e.s.t.i.c.l.es……" Pierce was very mad; he pointed at Inzagi's opponent and swore.

"After this match is over, let's go talk to that b.a.s.t.a.r.d." Drogba rubbed his chin; he looked like he was going to kill someone.

Except these two, the other warriors of Chambord also looked vicious.

A few people surrounding them wanted to mock them a little after hearing their words, but they shut their mouths after seeing the vicious faces and sensing the dangerous presence. They murmured among themselves as they pointed at Chambord warriors. They weren't saying nice things.

"Wait, they are [White Haired Fast Sword], [Black Haired Vicious Fist], [Desperation Creator] …… and [Sky Covering Fist] King of Chambord!" Someone recognized the Chambordians who were saying some vicious things.

This surprised shout almost made the people who were saying bad stuff about the warriors of Chambord pee their pants. Their faces paled as they all closed their mouths.

Fei glanced back at Pierce and Drogba, and the two of them quickly lowered their heads and closed their mouths as well.

No one knew what the king was thinking about.

Under the wings of the powerful king, Chambord hadn't experienced defeat in a very long time. Even when Fei left Chambord for this compet.i.tion, Chambord that was in a disadvantages situation against the master warriors of Imperial Knight Palace and united forces of several affiliated kingdoms was able to turn things around. The people of Chambord were able to unite, concentrate, and give it all to defeat the powerful enemies. From that moment on, victory flowed in the blood of the Chambordians; any kind of defeat was unacceptable to them.

That was why none of the warriors of Chambord was able to accept such a defeat while numerous people from other kingdoms were watching.

One of the people who had the same thoughts was Inzagi who was still fighting on the stage.


Heavy breathing.

The hand that was holding onto the dagger named [Touch of Grim Reaper] was shaking. It felt like the dagger was going to fall out of this hand at any moment. However, Inzagi knew that he won't let go of this dagger even if he died.

On the night that Blood-Edge Mercenary Group got wiped out, the person who he admired the most told him that: "As an a.s.sa.s.sin, one should never let go of his weapon. As an a.s.sa.s.sin, one should never hesitate; if the strike missed, he should instantly dash away……"



Inzagi lifted his hand and wiped off the blood that was dripping down from his forehead; the blood was blurring his vision. The intense pain made it hard to breathe, but Inzagi knew that he had to stay clear-headed.

Blood also flowed out of the 11 wounds on his legs like water in a fountain; the wounds were so deep that his bones were almost chopped in halves. The image of Uncle York and little Tina lying in blood appeared in his head, and he knew that the other four survived orphans were also watching this match in the crowd…… There was too much hope on his shoulders; he couldn't afford to collapse on the stage.

"Can't collapse on the stage."

Unlimited fatigue started to hit his body like waves in the ocean. He took a deep breath and moved his legs. In the next moment, his body turned transparent and disappeared.

This was his natural stealth technique.

This natural talent was terrifying because he was almost invincible when he was in stealth. As if he was in another dimension, the blood that was dripping onto the ground even disappeared.

However, Inzagi knew that his body was only able to go into stealth this last time; his body had too many wounds.

This time, he had to succeed.

On the other side, Inzagi's opponent was very calm. His squinted eyes had dashes of lights flashing in them. Although his body wasn't moving, an invincible energy rippled in the area with a ten-meter radius around him

These ripples were dashes of swirling wind.

Chapter 307: Three Reasons (Part Two)

Each of the swirling winds was under this man's control. As soon as something entered these winds, he would be able to sense it.

By using this invisible technique, he was able to detect where Inzagi was and counterattack effectively.

"This a.s.sa.s.sin from Chambord is just too good. With this stealth technique, even warriors four to five levels above him won't be able to detect where he is. Too bad that his opponent is me, and too bad that he is a little dumb. He failed to hit me many times yet he is still trying. Doesn't he know that since I can spot him one, I could spot him twice?"

This opponent thought proudly as he suddenly struck at a location three-feet above his head.


A strike that was as fast as the wind was executed and two pieces of black clothing were turned into four.

The warrior with the wind-elemental warrior energy was shocked. He missed! The scene where his blade got deep into the flesh and blood spilled didn't occur; his blade only struck the two pieces of clothing that were thrown out.

The warrior reacted fast. After the initial surprise, his blade changed direction and cut downward. Another white dash of light appeared as the blade struck onto something.

It was another piece of clothing. He missed again.

At this moment, the real a.s.sa.s.sination took place. A black dagger slowly appeared in the air right in front of him. Like a poisonous thorn, it was so dangerous that this man sensed a chill. This strike was so calculated that it seemed like the dagger dodged all the swirling winds in the air.

The handle of the dagger was tightly held in the hands of Inzagi.

At this critical moment, this warrior with the wind-elemental warrior energy couldn't do much. He didn't have too much time to react since his blade was moving downward with momentum. This warrior suddenly bent his knees, and it looked like he was moving his head towards the dagger.


The few long hairs that touched the dagger were cut into halves.

It was a deadly trap.

No one expected this to happen. When Inzagi was about to lose, it seemed like a light bulb lit up in his head and he used his clothing to distract his opponent. This carefully calculated trap was the only thing that could turn the situation around.

However, the difference in strength couldn't be altered by this kind of trap. Inzagi was on the verge of pa.s.sing out.

The opponent barely dodged Inzagi's strike, and his blades that were striking downward hit the ground. The shaking of the ground affected Inzagi as blood spurted out of all the wounds on his body. This split-second pause of Inzagi's body gave the opponent the opportunity. By using the repulsive force the ground gave off, he struck upward using the back of his blade.



The back of the blades smashed onto Inzagi's arm, and bone-cracking sounds resonated on the stage.

The young man's forearm was bent to 90 degrees and looked terrifying. It was obvious that Inzagi's arm was fractured completely.

But even in this situation, the hand that was holding onto [Touch of Grim Reaper] didn't let go.

As if he couldn't feel the pain, Inzagi tilt his body forward and stabbed the dagger into the left shoulder of his opponent.

This was the first time that Inzagi injured his opponent.

Too bad that his opponent didn't lose combat ability because of it. The opponent lightly rotated his body to minimize the damage that the dagger would do to him. By using the momentum, he turned around and his blades went at the back of Inzagi's head.

"Be careful!"



A few surprised and angry shouts sounded around the stage. Torres, Cech, Pierce, and Drogba all shouted furiously. The bow already appeared in Torres's hand, and the arrows on it with impressive energy were about to be shot out.

At this moment, Fei waved his hand and stopped it all.

The blade of the opponent stopped one centimeter away from Inzagi's head. Inzagi who was too injured and lost too much blood already fainted. What was shocking was that this young man was still standing on the stage like a statue despite the fact that he lost consciousness.

"A respectable opponent!"

The warrior with the wind-elemental warrior energy looked at Inzagi who was still standing there with the dagger tightly in his hand. The opponent's face changed color. He said loudly: "I won't kill him for three reasons. First, the warriors of Chambord never killed anyone in any matches so I won't kill him. Second, although this young man is weaker than me, he still fought me for an hour and injured me; he is a respectable opponent so I won't kill him. Third, an a.s.sa.s.sin should be hiding in the shadows and should not have appeared on a dueling stage so I won't kill him!"

It seemed like the man was saying that to the tens of thousands of people in the crowd and not to Inzagi.

As if everyone was shocked by the virtues of this warrior and the morale and mentality of Inzagi, thunder-like applauses sounded around No. 8 Sword-Testing Stage shortly after the man finished speaking.

"Result…… Chambord lost!"

As soon as the judge announced the result, a figure dashed out of the crowd. Dashes of blue water curtain-like magic energy appeared around the stage as the magic array detected danger. However, the magic array that could defend against the strikes of six-star warriors was as weak as paper in front of this figure. This figure lightly moved his arms and torn it apart.

"The king of Chambord!"

Fei appeared on the stage and held onto the young man who already fainted.

Everyone was silent.

"What is the king of Chambord going to do? Is he going to kill this warrior to avenge for his disciple?"

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