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Chapter 295: I Look Forward to Battling You (Part One)

In comparison, [One Sword] was really average.

He was just standing there without any warrior energy surges or energy flames.

He didn't even look at the opponent who was charging at him; rather, he was focused on the two figures who were under the cover of two black cloaks. It seemed like [One Sword] was thinking about something else that was irrelevant to this battle.

"Idiot! Getting distracted during battle? Underestimating me? DIE!"

Planic roared as he dashed forward even faster. He instantly got over the 20-meter distance and struck his huge mountain-like sword at [One Sword].

In the split second, it seemed like the tip of the sword was about to pierce into [One Sword]'s forehead. The wind created by this powerful strike already blew on [One Sword]'s hair, and the hair that was tied together by a rough rope fluttered.

It was a really lethal attack.

Fei could tell that this was a powerful combat technique. It allowed Planic to instantly get close to the opponent and unleash all of his force in one strike.

As [One Sword] was about to get his head penetrated, he lightly raised his right arm. The movement looked extremely slow, but it created a series of afterimages in the air.

In the next second, [One Sword]'s right hand touched the handle of the half-rusted sword on his back.


As soon as the hand touched the handle, a sword-shaped energy dashed out.

All of the red warrior energy flames that came with Planic's attack suddenly froze in mid-air.

The tip of Planic's sword was only about one inch away from killing [One Sword]. With all of his power, Planic was so close to killing this famous warrior and becoming the new number one warrior among all affiliated kingdoms.

However, this one-inch distance looked like it was going to take an eternity to get through.

"You…… This…… No……" A stream of blood slid down Planic's lips, and the red color contrasted with the pale face. The life energy was leaking out of his body in an uncontrollable manner.


Blood exploded out of Planic's chest, and he got turned into a blood man. He shouted as his body started to shake: "I wore…… Treasury Battle Armor…… no weapon could penetrate it…… You didn't …… you didn't even pull your sword, you……" He stuttered as he couldn't believe what had happened.

"You are not worthy enough."

After [One Sword] said that, he turned around and walked down the stage as if nothing had happened.

The man only touched his sword and didn't even pull out the sword…… that alone was enough to destroy his opponent who carefully prepared for this for a while. This kind of power was unheard of.


After [One Sword] took his fourth step, a cloud of blood mist appeared on the stage.

The former number one warrior of the Lodi Kingdom, Planic, died. His body exploded, and his blood and flesh spilled everywhere. The heavy sword that belonged to Planic fell to the ground, and the sword itself got split in half from the tip to the handle cleanly as a metal-colliding noise sounded; it almost sounded like the sword was crying.

Actually, the sword energy from [One Sword] cut the heavy sword in half from the beginning. But because it was so fast, the body of the heavy sword still held together. It only broke in half when it landed on the ground.

Fei closed his eyes and replayed that strike from [One Sword] again and again in his head.

There was only one feeling - Fast!

It was unbelievably fast!

Among everyone in the crowd, Fei was the only person who saw what went down.

[One Sword] touched his sword and pulled it out half-way. A dash of sword energy that wasn't eye-catching shot out from the half-rusted sword and cut through everything. It first cut through the heavy sword made from purified iron that was forged over a hundred times, and it then cut into Planic's body. Although this former number one warrior of Lodi was wearing a Treasury Battle Armor that was made from gold strings and was supposed to block damage from ultrsharp weapons and warrior energies, it wasn't able to block [One Sword]'s sword energy.

That dash of sword energy looked really ordinary.

Just like [One Sword] and his rusty sword, it wasn't surprising nor special in terms of its appearance; it looked like a dash of candlelight at best. However, it was capable of cutting through everything.

Such a terrifying person,

Such a terrifying sword.

Such a terrifying sword energy.

Chapter 295: I Look Forward to Battling You (Part Two)

Fei gasped sub-consciously and felt like he had underestimated the geniuses on this continent.

"I look forward to battling you!" [One Sword] who was in the spotlight suddenly stopped as he said that. He looked at one person in the audience and shook his shoulder. A dash of sword energy that didn't contain any murderous spirit shot at the person.


A hand grasped the sword energy.

When the sword energy and the hand met each other, a metal-colliding noise sounded. In the next second, the hand squeezed the energy forcefully and broke it. Fei lifted the part of the cloak that was covering his face, and he responded: "Want to challenge me? Get to the kingdom ranking matches first!"

"AH? He is…… [Sky Covering Fist] - the king of Chambord?" Some people in the crowd gasped.

Many people were wondering why [One Sword] who didn't see anyone as an opponent would actively challenge someone, and many people were shocked after seeing a hand breaking [One Sword]'s sword energy.

But after people heard the gasps, they all understood what was going on.

They realized that the man in the black cloak beside them was the king of Chambord who was rumored to be the new number one warrior among all affiliated kingdoms.

No wonder the king's nickname was [Sky Covering Fist].

Everyone knew that the king's strength was on another level after he broke [One Sword]'s sword energy with one hand.

Many people knew that there would be a fight between the king of Chambord and [One Sword] …… it was the destiny of warriors.

But from the look of it, the battle that everyone was thinking about was going to arrive soon.

After his ident.i.ty was revealed by [One Sword], it didn't make much sense for Fei to stay here and be looked at like a rare animal. After all, he already saw the magnificence of [One Sword]'s techniques. Therefore, he held onto Angela's hands and walked away. The people in front of them all moved aside and made a path for them as the people stared at Fei in fear, respect, and curiosity.

The two of them were walking really slow, but they suddenly disappeared after they walked out of the crowd. Everyone opened their eyes wide, and they couldn't spot them anymore.

[One Sword] was silent as he watched Fei and Angela walk away. He then turned around and looked at the resting area of Lodi, and no Lodi warrior dared to look back at him.

This simple look destroyed the morale and momentum of the Lodi Kingdom.

In the next two individual matches, the Maze Kingdom turned them around and won both matches.

In the team matches, [One Sword] who rarely showed himself took on the role of the general and partic.i.p.ated in the matches. With the presence of [One Sword], the 49 soldiers of Maze were overjoyed, and they easily won the four team matches.

After this, the Maze Kingdom became one of the top 12 kingdoms in the western battle region.

[One Sword] and [Sky Covering Fist] were going to meet each other soon.

When Fei and Angela left the western battle region, it was still early; it wasn't even lunchtime yet. Since this was the first time that Fei and Angela spent time alone, they were having a great time. They didn't rush back to Chambord's campsite; they wandered around in the camp area. Angela liked noisy and busy areas where there were a ton of merchants selling different stuff, and she dragged Fei around to try to see everything.

After some time, Angela dragged Fei towards the eastern battle region where a lot of intense battles were taking place; she knew that Fei's purpose today wasn't just to chill.

"Hahahaha, you ant-like low-life, how dare you challenge me……" An ear-piercing and arrogant voice sounded from a Sword-Testing Stage close by. Fei and Angela both looked that way, and they saw a man in a fancy silver armor standing on the stage with both of his hands on his waist. In front of him, a hulky warrior was on the ground facing up; the warrior's throat was sliced.

"Listen, I can easily kill the king of Chambord and [One Sword]. Anyone who challenges me would die! My goal is to become the number one warrior of the empire!" The young man didn't hide his arrogance at all as he made that announcement to the crowd.

"Easily kill the king of Chambord and [One Sword]? Are you high? Where are you when they made their names heard?" Someone sneered in the crowd.

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