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Chapter 194: Self-Created Killing Technique - Sky Frost Fist (Part one)

After entering Zenit Empire's territories, both the Chambord's Expeditionary Force and Soros' merchant group were relieved.

In this imperial territory, no affiliated kingdom dared to attack the people of Chambord. Otherwise, even the king of level 1 affiliated kingdom would be arrested by the Executive Knights and be executed for committing crimes such as treason or conspiracies. There were no room for refute, and there won't be any hesitation or exceptions.

This was the power of the parent empire.

Fei who came to his parent empire for the first time was very curious.

He could clearly sense that the atmosphere in the parent empire's territories was completely different from other affiliated kingdoms. The surroundings seemed stricter. As soon as Chambord's force entered the territories, Fei saw numerous guard posts and security blockades that were hidden at different places. Other than that, there were more fully armed imperial cavaliers who were patrolling the area. They were formed into many teams, and their paths and time management were so strict that it seemed like they formed a huge net looking down from the sky. With tall watch towers, they could guarantee that no one could get into the area without being discovered.

The Expeditionary force from Chambord and Soros' merchant group only proceeded about a dozen kilometers forward into the territory, but they were stopped and questioned about ten times by the soldiers of Zenit. Their questions were so detailed that they made Fei feel like he was being treated like an enemy.

This phenomenon surprised Fei, but at the same time, Fei felt strange about it.

"The atmosphere seems strange, this is weird. Even if Zenit's military power is great, it shouldn't be this strict. This gave me the feel of preparing for a big war that is about to occur. Very interesting."

Fei carefully observed and wondered to himself.

"Maybe it's because of the Military Exercise that is about to occur. There would be elite soldiers from 250 affiliated kingdoms, so they have to be cautious about it." Fei could only think of this one explanation.

It had been a day since the battle at Dual-Tower Mountain.

Right now, Fei didn't relax. Because of his good habits, he was thinking about the gains that he made from the battle with Chris-Sutton. That battle stimulated Fei, and it brought him the pressure he once felt when he arrived at this world. He had the feeling that he was about to meet more powerful warriors and encounter more challenges. He had to try his best to improve his strength so he could handle the storm that was about to arrive.

For the past day, Fei made a lot of progress from thinking the battle through again.

To Fei, the biggest take away was the Barbarian's fighting technique.

There was one thing that was true on this broad and big Azeroth Continent that G.o.ds couldn't even avoid. Both warriors and mages had their own unique secret fighting styles. Since the creation and the improvements made by many generations of geniuses, these techniques contained a deep understanding of power and could deal unbelievable amounts of damage. Among them, warrior fighting techniques and mage chanting spells were the most powerful techniques.

The profession of mages had an unlimited need for money and resources due to its uniqueness. Therefore, there were less of them. Fei had only met a few mages since his arrival in this world, and most of them were not powerful. In fact, the most powerful mage he encountered was the former head minister of Chambord, Bazzer. Bazzer was actually only a four star mage. Since he didn't have a mage master, he was considered a gra.s.s root mage. He had very limited knowledge, so he was lucky that he advanced to a four star mage. After the advancement, he didn't get to learn any level 4 magic spell, so he didn't utilize his power. He was like a soldier without a weapon. He couldn't fight at 100% capacity. This sequences of events gave Fei an inaccurate impression about the power of mages.

Except mages, Fei had already met a ton of powerful master who utilized their warrior energies. The strongest among them were the white haired elder on Paris' side and [Zenit's G.o.d of War] Andrew-Arshavin. But the person who brought Fei the most shock was the young Golden Sun Knight Chris-Sutton when they fought on the Dual-Tower Mountains.

This executive knight's warrior combat technique Gold Lance Tsunami Strike surprised Fei.

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