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Chapter 180

Chapter 180: Fei: “I’m just pa.s.sing by… Don’t mind me…” (Part one)

“That’s strange, not many people know about this lake, how are there so many people here?” Seeing that most of the area by the lake had already been occupied, old Zolasc was a little dumbfounded. Since the camping ground he recommended to the king was previously occupied, he felt like he didn’t do a good job as a guide.

“No problem, we will go check it out first.” Fei saw the torch light in the distance and smiled, “I see that there are still some places by the lake. Although it might be a bit crowded, it should be enough for us to settle down.”

But, just at this moment-


A white arrow plumed with fresh blood suddenly shot out from the dark distance, and inserted right into the ground before their feet. Half of the arrow was already in the ground, with its shaft was still trembling. The blood beads scattered everywhere, and along with the arrow came an overbearing shout from a tree in the distant, “The Blood-Edge Mercenary Group is settling and taking care of some affairs here. Leave if you don’t want to die!”

The blood-dripping white feather arrow signified that taking one step forward will be met with death.

Such a warning was very popular in the land of Azeroth, and the Chambord Expedition army once used it in the Black Stone Kingdom’s territory. Although the words spoken were a little rude, it was still reasonable. If there is really a mercenary group that was taking care of some private business in the distance, it was indeed reckless and impolite for Fei’s group to just pa.s.s through them.

But, after hearing the guy giving his name, Fei’s face immediately changed.

Not just Fei, the old Zolasc and young Modric by Fei’s side also started shaking uncontrollably.

They held their fists tightly, and a fierce flame burned in their eyes.

Blood-Edge Mercenary Group!

It’s actually the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group!

These 4 simple words, to the countless mining slaves from Chambord, actually represented a terrifying nightmare.

Because 80-90% of the Chambord mining slaves were all captured and sold to the scorching mineral mines inside the Black Stone Kingdom by all kinds of methods used by this mercenary group either under broad daylight or in the dark. Blood-Edge was a tier-5 mercenary group, and it was quite reputable in the Zenit Empire. There were quite a few elite fighters in the group, their infamous name was spread very far away, and they would accept any mercenary missions to make money. Capturing slaves was one of the main ways for this mercenary group to gather money, and many tier-5 or 6 subsidiary countries in the empire were often bullied by this group. However, since these experienced rascals in the group acted very sly and cautious, and they had a strict organization and was secretly supported by some imperial aristocracy. They never left behind any survivors or evidence when they executed missions. That’s why even if an issue got to the imperial court, the Imperial Knight’s Palace’s law enforcement team wouldn’t be able to do too much about them.

It was worth mentioning that, in Azeroth, mercenaries are a peculiar force.

They don’t belong to any kingdom, but yet they penetrated every part of the continent, accepting all kinds of commissions from different forces or parties, including joining wars. Their shadows would even appear in some wars between different empires. In terms of strength, some powerful mercenary groups, although not having any set territory or t.i.tle, still were equipped comparably to empires.

And the Blood-Edge Mercenary group was one of the three top tie

r mercenary groups within the Zenit Empire.

Fei jumped down from the big black dog and petted it on the head. This thing understood Fei right away and carried the sleepy Angela to the center of the army. Fei glanced at a hundred-year-old giant tree in the distance. His eyes were like lightning and he instantly saw a cold-looking skinny mercenary with a crossbow standing on the branch. He was dressed in dark black cloth, and there was a blood red machete symbol embroidered on the sleeve and collar of his cloth, and he was grinning and chuckling provocatively towards Fei’s direction.

Fei smiled at him, revealing his white teeth.

Then he raised his arm with the blood-dripping white arrow in his hand and snapped it in half.

This move meant-

Go f*ck yourself. He was seeking revenge, never going to stop until death.

The short skinny mercenary’s face suddenly changed, and he became even more shocked after seeing the big army behind Fei. He reached his hand to his back, pull out a horn-like thing, placed it beside his mouth and was about to sound it to warn his group…



A sharp arrow silently pierced the night sky, into the mouth of his that just opened…


The short and skinny mercenary didn’t even get to scream, and he fell off the tree.

Pew Pew Pew Pew!

At the same time, a string of arrows was shot from the young blonde Fernando Torres’s bowstring. The sharp arrows’ speed was incredibly fast, but it didn’t make any shocking sound. Yet, blood began blooming, just like the death G.o.d’s cold touch. The arrows easily shot dead the other Blood Edge scouts on several other trees.

One arrow takes one soul, and all the arrows were merciless.

Fei smiled at the blond teen beside him and gave him a look of appreciation. It was indeed a good call to cultivate him towards the Sagittarius Saint Seiya direction. Torres’s talent in archery was indeed rare.


Fei made a gesture, then Warden Oleg, Torres, Cech all led 10 Saint Seiya and quickly started closing in from three directions. Fei just brought old Zolasc and Modric, and they casually walked towards the distant firelight at ease.

Chapter 180: Fei: “I’m just pa.s.sing by… Don’t mind me…” (Part Two)

By the lake side, the night gradually deepened.

On the side of the stone forest beside the lake, the torches were burning loudly with bursting sparks, and two groups of people were in a confrontation.

One side seemed to be a caravan group, about 40 people, all in light armor. They were all neatly dressed and were tightly surrounded in the middle. All of them had a nervous expression, and some even began sweating. The leader was an elder with a red nose and was in a black robe, and on his left and right sides stood a swordsman in white and a charming woman in a red skirt. All three of their expressions were uneasy, and they guarded the three carriages behind them.

Surrounded them were over 200 people, all wearing a dark red outfit with the b.l.o.o.d.y machete symbol embroidered on their cloth. They were not only superior in numbers, their weapons were also of a higher tier, and they also had 10 strong crossbow users aiming at the center. Those cold crossbow arrows could definitely penetrate a heavy-armor knight’s armor, just like the grim reaper of death, freely harvesting life. And standing at the front were four leader-like people in dark red light-armor. There was one giant muscular one-eyed guy wearing a black eye patch, a seemingly humble and nice middle-aged person, a white skinny young man that kept on glancing at the young woman in red on the opposite side, as well as a beautiful girl about 18 years old.

The atmosphere between the two sides was obviously unfriendly.

It’s probably because 20 or so people died already at the scene. Most of them were killed by crossbow, and they clearly belong to the disadvantaged side.

“The Blood-Edge mercenary group?” The Red-nosed black-robed old man holding a magic wand roared in a deep voice, “Is your group crazy? A little tier-5 mercenary group actually dares to lay hands on the Soros Caravan group. You are not afraid that President Soros will unleash his wrath after finding out and level your Blood-Edge group to the ground?”

“Haha, you are indeed right, the Reverend Manager Redknapp. The Soros Group is indeed loaded, and if it was any other time, even 10 Blood-Edge Mercenary Groups wouldn’t dare to f*ck around. However, this time you guys thought you were smart enough to take the short cut through the scorched mountains and was accidentally noticed by my brothers. Haha, isn’t this G.o.d’s will? After killing you all, President Soros won’t know a thing about it, and how would he lay his hands on our Blood-Edge mercenary group?”

The One-Eyed muscular leader of this Blood-Edge team smiled and was completely unmoved by Elder Redknapped’s words.

“How did you guys really find out about this?” The elder in black robe held tight to his wand and asked, as he was a little unwilling to accept fate.

“About this matter, you can go ask Death yourself!” The bald muscular guy was afraid of any other accidents, he was unwilling to say more, and was about to command his crossbow archers to shoot. However, his face suddenly changed as if he heard something, and then he immediately turned around to look into the distance.

This move suddenly made everyone a little dumbfounded, and then they followed the bald muscular man’s vision and looked, and they noticed that there was actually a young teen in black light-armor casually strolling down as if he was taking a walk. His expression was extremely relaxed, and behind him followed an elder and a kid. The elder had a head full of white hair, and the kid was skinny like a bamboo stick as if he didn’t get enough nutrition. It was as if both would be blown away if there was some mountain wind.

By the time they got closer, everyone could take a closer look.

The young man in black had waterfall-like black hair, and he was pretty handsome, with a faint smile on his face. His eye kept glancing past the people of the Blood-Edge mercenary group as if looking at a group of pigs waiting to be slaughtered. Behind him, the elder and the kid were a little nervous, but the way the two looked at the people from Blood-Edge were like four sharp knives as if they were anxious to carve the enemies’ heart out.

“Who are you?”

Something was definitely wrong. Unknowingly, those three got into hundred meter range, but the hidden scouts on the periphery areas didn’t give out any warning. Something clearly had happened to them. Thinking about that, the bald muscular man’s pupil slightly shrunk, and he became vigilant.

“Just pa.s.sing by…”

Fei casually replied.

Then, he almost immediately burst into laughter, just realizing that he might’ve played it too cool, and then he tried for awhile to hold back his laugh, and finally solemnly said, “I suddenly met a few acquaintances, so I decided that it would be convenient to come and collect some debt… Umm, collect some interest first!”

There was not the slightest energy fluctuation on Fei’s body, nor were there any magic elements surging, and he just appeared to be a vulnerable young man without the slightest power to fight back. Behind him, Zolasc and Modric’s footsteps were even more unstable, and one look was enough to tell that they were not pros.

However, it was those three’s appearance of being vulnerable people that made the bald muscular guy a little nervous.

Out of caution, the one-eyed bald-headed giant didn’t immediately react, but he quietly hinted the three a.s.sistants around him to command other mercenaries to tightly surround the Soros caravan to prevent anyone from escaping, and then he faintly asked, “Oh? Collecting debt? What kind of debt?”

“Life debt!” Fei stroked his chin and said with a smile.

“To whom?” The bald-headed muscular man’s face changed and a thought already popped into his mind.

“Blood-Edge Mercenary Group! !” Fei said it word by word, and at this time, his face had turned completely cold. His eyes were like blades, landing on the one-eyed bald man’s face. Fei let his energy surge, and that instant surge in energy and change in the atmosphere actually gave this elite of the Blood-Edge mercenaries a subconscious instinct of not daring to stare into the other person’s eye.

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