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Chapter 478: Transformation of the Life Divine Talisman


Translator: Henyee Translations , Editor: Henyee Translations

If not for the Beast Spirit geniuses who studied strange beasts, any other cultivator would only think that this was an ordinary beast-shaped talisman. However, Shen Ping knew that the power of this beast scripture talisman far exceeded the previous Talisman Beast Diagram.

Simply put, for example, he had used 200 complete beast-form Talisman Beast Diagrams to kill the Black Tiger King.

However, if he used the Beast Scripture Talisman Diagram, he only needed to fuse about 20 of them. Similarly, if he used 200 Beast Scripture Talisman Diagrams, it would be easy for him to kill 10 black tiger devils.

Although the power of the Beast Scripture Talisman Diagram alone was also very strong, it was only slightly stronger than the power of those Beast Spirit geniuses who used strange beast techniques.

Once they fused, the power of a true strange beast would undergo a qualitative change, causing extremely powerful power.

However, it was very tiring to make such a beast scripture talisman diagram. Shen Ping was now fully focused and could only make one in half a month. Moreover, he could not be disturbed.

If he really made it in a year, he estimated that there would be at most ten talismans. After all, concentrating on the production consumed a lot of divine sense and spirit. This was only a talisman with a trace of the true concept of a strange beast. If it was 30% or even large success, then not to mention whether Shen Ping could make it, just the energy consumed was not something ordinary Beast Spirit geniuses could withstand.

He put away his emotions. After walking out of the talisman room, Shen Ping came to the pavilion in the lake to relax.

w.a.n.g Yun and Jing Huilan were still eating spiritual fruits and chatting. Today was the day Bai Yuying rotated over. She stood at the railing of the pavilion and sprinkled bait.

“Husband.” After seeing Shen Ping, the three women bowed one after another. Then, Bai Yuying hugged Shen Ping’s arm. “Husband, did you gain anything after staying in the talisman room for half a month?”

“Of course.”

“Hehe, that’s good. In a few days, it will be the Holy Spirit Festival in Gray Stone City. It’s said that human cultivators will celebrate it. Sister Yu Yan and the others will also come. At that time, you can’t be absent.”

The Holy Spirit Festival was a festival where humans celebrated the extermination of demons. After the Myriad Spirit Ranking appeared, there was no more celebration. Only some sects and cultivation families celebrated it.

Currently, Gray Stone City and Black Fiend Valley were vaguely dominated by the humans of the True Treasure Pavilion. Therefore, many guest elders and members wanted to hold the Holy Spirit Festival this time.

Shen Ping smiled and nodded. “No problem.” He sat in the pavilion. He held w.a.n.g Yun and Jing Huilan’s soft palms. “What are you talking about?” His wife said gently, “I was just chatting with Sister Huilan about the recent batch of outstanding members nurtured in the pavilion.”

Jing Huilan continued, “In the past, I didn’t know that there were actually many cultivators with Heavenly Spiritual Roots in Gray Stone City and the Black Fiend Valley. There were also some with outstanding magical techniques and talent. However, our Treasure Pavilion only chooses ten Golden Core cultivators every three years to focus on nurturing, so I didn’t know how to choose for the time being.”

Shen Ping was enlightened. He did know about this. The opportunity for focus nurturing was very precious to those itinerant cultivators, families, and sect cultivators. After all, just the resources nurtured inside were not something the sect could casually take out.

It could be said that once he was nurtured, there was almost a 70% chance of breaking through to the Nascent Soul realm. Therefore, this was an opportunity for many itinerant cultivators to jump through the dragon gate. “Since there are outstanding people, we should increase the number of spots appropriately.”

In terms of ordinary resources, he was not lacking at all. He did not even lack the strange stones, natural treasures, and so on that the Beast Spirit geniuses needed. He also had a huge pile of Beast Spirit Treasures that he could not use.

They chatted for a while more.

Shen Ping looked at his three beautiful wife and concubines, and his palms became dishonest. He first admired the outline of the horses’ hooves, then stood on the fertile gra.s.sland, and finally plucked the flower buds.

He was in a good mood. He opened the virtual interface and scanned it. After ten years of hard work, his main skills in the Dao of Talismans and Puppets had already been raised to the sixth level. Currently, he could create sixth-level offensive talismans that could easily severely injure late-stage Divine Transformation cultivators and sixth-level puppets with powerful defense.

The array formation was upgraded to Level 5. If he were to set up a sect’s grand array formation, he would be able to easily withstand the attacks of Early Void Refinement Realm cultivators.

His divine sense did not improve much. It was only at the Mid Void Refinement Realm. Other than that, his other spells and divine powers had also been significantly enhanced. However, what Shen Ping valued the most was the strange beast talent.

Only Qiu Ying and Yin Ting, who had the ten special physiques, could provide him with the talent of a strange beast. Therefore, his growth was relatively slow. However, with the foundation Yin Ting had laid previously, he was just a step away from improving and transforming.

He was looking forward to it.

This was because under the enhancement of the strange beast talent, he had enjoyed the huge benefits of the other two strange beast talents in advance. Once it transformed and strengthened again, he could obtain the next level of talent ability.

Shen Ping entered the Strange Beast Gate after the Holy Spirit Festival. The environment was still so dark and oppressive on the third floor of the underground palace.

A few days later, Yin Ting, who was wearing purple and green soft armor with white wings on her back, appeared, accompanied by the fragrance. In some ways, she and Pei Huoyu looked at each other.

“Eh, Fellow Daoist Yin seems to be a little different!” He looked at Yin Ting. Shen Ping’s eyes flickered with surprise. His special beast talent, the Eye of Sea Beast, could acutely sense the aura of every cultivator.

Yin Ting’s cold face revealed a faint smile. “My strange beast bloodline has increased by 5%. Naturally, it’s different from before.” “Congratulations, Fellow Daoist Yin!” Shen Ping was stunned for a moment before he understood and cupped his hands to congratulate her.

The purity of the strange beast bloodline in the bodies of the Beast Spirit geniuses of various races was very important because it determined the degree of their comprehension of strange beasts. For example, the concentration of the strange beast bloodline in the bodies of those Beast Spirit prodigies could reach 50%. They might even possess some characteristics of strange beasts. It was precisely because of this that they could quickly comprehend the Great Accomplishment of the strange beast concept and the might of strange beasts. Therefore, Yin Ting’s Strange Beast Bloodline had increased by 5%- As long as she comprehended it, she would definitely be able to advance to a first-grade Beast Spirit genius.

“Speaking of which, I have to thank Fellow Daoist Shen for your help. The auxiliary pills refined from the rare treasures you gave me in the underground palace helped me transform.” The white wings on her back spread out, and waves of strange energy were released. In the blink of an eye, they formed an array around her. “Fellow Daoist Shen, please admire the white feathers carefully.”

This was the first time Yin Ting had taken the initiative. Shen Ping immediately became excited. Dozens of days later, the two of them changed many locations and left traces in each location before ending the artistic appreciation.

Of course, it was mainly because Yin Ting could not withstand it.

During the break, the two of them started chatting.

“Fellow Daoist Shen, you have to focus on comprehending the concept and might of a strange beast recently. I heard from Master that there has been a huge change on the top floor of the Heavenly Palace. This change will affect the layout of the entire Strange Beast Gate’s Heavenly Palace and the underground palace.” Yin Ting’s tone suddenly became solemn.

Shen Ping was stunned. “Top floor?”

“I’m not sure about the details, but this should spread among the races soon.” Indeed, not long after they had talked about this, his master’s gentle voice sounded from the resplendent crystal. The general idea was for Shen Ping to focus on comprehending the Beast Scripture.

“Master, what happened at the top of the Heavenly Palace?” Shen Ping asked. Lian Xuejin hesitated for a moment before saying, “You should know that an Immortal Venerable of my clan entered the Strange Beast Gate with the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit you s.n.a.t.c.hed. The Spirit Clan, Devil Clan, Flame Clan, and other clans joined forces to kill this senior of my clan. They overestimated their strength and eventually caused both sides to suffer. However, they accidentally broke some balance and caused a change to the top level.

“I’m not sure about the details, including that Immortal Venerable. I only know that there will be changes in the Heavenly Palace and Underground Palace in the future, but the overall situation should be related to the comprehension of the Beast Scripture. According to the changes in the Strange Beast Gate in the past, it will cause the situation of the various factions every time. Therefore, you have to try your best to seize the opportunity!” Shen Ping came to a realization. “Master, I will definitely do my best!” Now, he had already comprehended a trace of the true concept of the Beast Scripture. Moreover, with the third Life Divine Talisman, it was very easy for him to completely comprehend the Beast Form with the Talisman Beast Scripture. After all, he had the foundation in this aspect.

He ended his communication with his master. Next, he communicated with Yin Ting frequently on the third floor of the underground palace. With such efforts, the talent of the strange beast had finally transformed..

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