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Chapter 458: Preparation (1)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The so-called graceful lady was a good match for a gentleman.

Looking at Yin Ting’s cold and beautiful face that was as red as peach blossoms, even though Shen Ping was already familiar with the shape of the white feathers, the blood of the strange beast in his body was boiling.

If not for the special environment of the underground palace, he could definitely fight for dozens of days.

As the array disappeared, the purplish-green soft armor covered her fair curves again. Yin Ting bit a strand of black hair at the corner of her lips and frowned slightly. She glared at Shen Ping and complained, “Your physique doesn’t look like a human at all.”

The corners of Shen Ping’s mouth twitched. Wasn’t this saying that he wasn’t human? However, seeing that he was refreshed, he didn’t fuss over it. Instead, he chuckled. “Impressive, right?”

Yin Ting rolled her eyes and simply tied her hair up.

Shen Ping asked again, “Is my secret buried deep?”

Hmph. She flicked her jet-black hair like a waterfall and quickly left the cave with small steps.

Tsk. She was quite arrogant when she could not even walk steadily. Ten minutes later, she had just recovered to her original state when she came back to her senses and threw a storage ring to Shen Ping. “The materials you want.”

Shen Ping walked forward and scanned it with his divine sense. His face immediately revealed obvious surprise.

The resources in the spirit ring were more than he had expected. Just the immortal spirit stones alone were 500. There were more than 20 types of Level 7 spiritual treasures, more than 50 types of Level 6 spiritual treasures, and about ten portions of each. There were even more Level 5 spiritual treasures, reaching more than a hundred types. In addition, there were also the most important strange beast materials.

According to the previous trading conditions, there were ten times as many.

“I don’t have so many Talisman Beast Diagrams on me anymore.” He said helplessly.

Yin Ting smiled and shook her head. “There’s no hurry. It won’t be too late to give it in the future. Moreover, you can give it according to the previous conditions.”

Shen Ping could not help but say in surprise, “Looks like Fellow Daoist Yin’s status in the clan has indeed increased a lot.”

Although Beast Spirit geniuses were cultivation geniuses that the various races valued and nurtured, that was only relative to ordinary cultivators. On the other hand, although Yin Ting was a second-grade Beast Spirit genius and could be bestowed with an Immortal Artifact, she was still far inferior to a true genius.

If it was only a Level 6 or 7 spiritual treasure, it might not be much to Yin Ting. However, strange beast materials were different. In the past, there were only two to three sets of such materials every transaction. Sometimes, there was only one set. Clearly, it was not easy to obtain them.

This time, there were more than seven portions! Not to mention other resources, it could be said that even a Mahayana Realm cultivator would be envious of the things in this spirit ring.

“Fellow Daoist Shen, the method to conceal the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit is far more important than you think.” Yin Ting said very seriously, “Although the number of Beast Pattern Golden Fruits that appear in the underground palace is very small, they still appear every few thousand years. This is the opportunity for those top experts of the Immortal Dao to enter the Strange Beast Gate.”

Shen Ping was a little suspicious when he heard that. “It’s very difficult for our human race to give birth to a Beast Spirit genius, but the various races are different. Those top experts of the Immortal Dao should also sense the power of strange beasts. No, if other races have top experts of the Immortal Dao who have the power of strange beasts, then our human race…”

Yin Ting smiled and said, “Your guess is right. Be it the Spirit Clan, the Devil Clan, or powerful clans like our Winged Clan, no top Immortal Dao experts have been able to enter the Strange Beast Gate. Currently, the most people born are cultivators below the Immortal Realm. It’s not that there are no Immortal Realm experts, but there are very few.

“It’s precisely because of this that the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit is precious. If we can obtain the method to conceal the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit, it is practically equivalent to having an eighty percent chance of s.n.a.t.c.hing it when it appears. Faced with such temptation, how could the various races not take it seriously?” At this point, she looked at Shen Ping deeply. “In a way, this method is even more important than a prodigy.”

Shen Ping was speechless. He felt that he had overreached himself. He clearly wanted an immortal-level Beast Spirit genius to appear in the human race so that he could divert the attention of the other races, but now, he was even more noticed by the various races.

She seemed to have guessed Shen Ping’s thoughts, so Yin Ting comforted him, “Don’t worry. At least at this stage, the various races won’t be so anxious. After all, there’s still a long time before the next appearance of the Beast Pattern Golden Fruit. Moreover, now that an Immortal Rank Beast Spirit genius has appeared in your human race, the upper echelons of the various races will definitely think of a way to deal with this Beast Spirit genius first.”

Shen Ping shrugged helplessly. “You really know how to comfort people.”

He did not feel too pressured. After all, he was different from before. With the talent of a strange beast, he could advance or retreat. Thinking of the strange beast talent, he could not help but open the virtual frame and take a look.


Eye of Sea Beast.


The Eye of Sea Beast was the one that had improved the fastest at the moment. It was already the first enhancement and transformation of the strange beast talent. Enhancement and teleportation were only at the first level. However, with the enhancement talent, he had experienced the transformation of the Eye of Sea Beast and teleportation in advance. Although the burden on his body was greater, the effect was surprisingly strong.

Therefore, if these three talents could be improved again, his trump cards would undoubtedly be greatly enhanced.

“Yin Ting is a Beast Spirit genius of the Winged Race. She doesn’t spend much time in the Strange Beast Gate every time. Moreover, the underground palace can’t be as frequent as outside. Fortunately, as long as Master temporarily grasps the authority of the Nine Continents Tower, she can let my wife, concubines, and Dao companions come out.. With them, my various attributes will definitely increase rapidly!”

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