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Chapter 1537 - 1537 Mo Xiao: I'm Very Rich

1537 Mo Xiao: I’m Very Rich

Although Song Ji had lived for more than 10,000 years, he really didn’t have much money. He was busy picking up trash and cultivating every day, so he didn’t have the spare time or energy to earn money. He didn’t even have a personal bank account. All these years, he had been able to survive thanks to his disciple, Prime Emperor Taixu.

In terms of who was the poorest in the cultivation world, Song Ji was unrivaled.

He was famous for being poor.

Song Ji said, “I need a courtyard that can store trash. Do you have one at your home?”

As the most powerful Divine Beast Clan on the Demon Beast Continent, the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan had a.s.sets all over the ten super Great Worlds. They naturally had their own a.s.sets on the Divination Continent as well.


After knowing that Mo Xiao was coming to the Divination Continent, his clansmen had long arranged a place for him to stay in District 39. The houses in District 39 were famous for being extravagant and lavish. Ordinary rich people couldn’t afford them. Mo Xiao’s clansmen were afraid that if Mo Xiao’s residence was too ordinary, they would embarra.s.s the Patriarch.

Mo Xiao had seen that villa before. The courtyard covered a very wide area. Not only was there a rockery and flowing water, but there was also a racecourse.

As for the place where the trash was piled…

Mo Xiao said without blinking, “What a coincidence. My house has an abandoned courtyard that’s suitable for storing junk.”

“Alright, let’s go.”

Mo Xiao was overjoyed and personally drove Song Ji back to his home. While Song Ji turned his head to look at the scenery outside the window, Mo Xiao hurriedly turned on the AI and sent the butler a message: “Turn the racecourse into a junkyard in half an hour.”

After receiving the Patriarch’s notice, although the butler was confused, he still decided to do as he was told. He immediately gathered all the servants to move all the horses raised in the racecourse and removed the hurdles on the racecourse. Soon, the racecourse was turned into a wide wasteland.

This land was more than a thousand times larger than the courtyard in front of Song Ji’s small shabby house in the inner academy.

Song Ji could pile as much trash as he wanted.

When Song Ji arrived at Mo Xiao’s house and entered his room, he pushed open the window and saw a wide gra.s.sland at the back of the house. There were still traces of the horse farm’s fence at the edge of the gra.s.sland, so he knew that Mo Xiao had gotten someone to push down the horse farm at the last minute and modified it into an empty s.p.a.ce.

He glanced at Mo Xiao, who was beside him, and suddenly rubbed his nose as he said, “You’re quite efficient.”

Mo Xiao immediately smiled. “As long as you need anything, I will do my best to fulfill your request.”

“Hmph.” Due to Mo Xiao’s efficiency, Song Ji stayed at his house with peace of mind.

After he moved into Mo Xiao’s house, Song Ji still went out early and returned late. He went out empty-handed every morning, but would come back with a bag every few days.

In less than two months, the racecourse of District 39’s most expensive villa was filled with broken metal.

As for the most respected Patriarch of the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan, he wore loungewear, had his long hair tied up, and wore a sunhat as he sat on the horse farm and personally washed the pile of broken metal.

There were a few n.o.ble big shots living in the surrounding villas. They were either super Beast Tamer big shots or prophets. They all knew that the handsome man who had just moved in next door was the legendary demon fox Mo Xiao. When they saw that Mo Xiao had come to the Divination Continent, they were shocked that he sat in his backyard cleaning trash all day long.

Song Ji returned to the Mo family’s house and carried the sack to the racecourse. When he saw Mo Xiao, who was sitting under the moonlight and washing broken metal patiently with a serious look, he pursed his lips.

“Mentor, you’re back?” Mo Xiao, who sat on the stool, looked up at Song Ji with a smile and said, “I didn’t know you would be back tonight, but the kitchen would leave food for you every night. Do you want to eat first?”

Song Ji put down the sack on his shoulder and said, “I’ll go later.” After he looked up at the equipment in the distance that had been sorted by Mo Xiao and neatly piled in different areas, he suddenly sighed and asked Mo Xiao, “What are you after?”

The majestic patriarch of the nine-tailed fox clan guarded beside the trash pile all day. What was his purpose? Even if Mo Xiao was putting on an act to please him, it was impressive that his act actually lasted for half a year.

Mo Xiao said, “I just want to help you.”

Prime Emperor Divine Miracle’s job was to collect broken divine artifacts and wash them before thinking of a way to successfully repair them. Mo Xiao only wanted to help Song Ji do something within his power.

Song Ji shook his head and lamented, “Why are you so clingy?” He had only imparted some superficial divination skills to him, but Mo Xiao couldn’t forget this insignificant kindness.

Who said that foxes were heartless?

After Song Ji placed his hands behind his back and glanced at the starry night sky, he suddenly said, “Tomorrow is a sunny day. It’s suitable for you to become my disciple.”

Upon hearing this, Mo Xiao suddenly raised his head and looked at Song Ji with joy. “Mentor… you… you’re finally willing to take me in as your disciple?” All of Mo Xiao’s divination skills were taught by Song Ji, so he believed that he was Song Ji’s disciple, but Song Ji refused to acknowledge him as his disciple.

This was a regret that Mo Xiao couldn’t let go of.

Mo Xiao was overjoyed to finally see Song Ji agree to take him in as his disciple.

Nodding his head, Song Ji said proudly, “Your Eldest Senior Brother looks average, and his cultivation and talent are not outstanding. However, he is pure-hearted and benevolent. He has treated me with respect for thousands of years. As the dean of the inner academy, he has never been criticized. I’m very satisfied with him. Your Second Senior Sister…”

At the mention of Yu Huang, Song Ji suddenly fell silent.

Mo Xiao’s expression became interesting.

After Song Ji glanced at Mo Xiao, he suddenly asked him, “You and Yu Huang are adoptive father and daughter. Now that you’re my third disciple, Yu Huang is your second senior sister. How should you address each other in the future?”

This was really a difficult problem to solve.

Mo Xiao was also stumped by this question and was momentarily unable to come up with a solution.

“Forget it, the two of you should interact according to your previous relationship. I don’t care about those rules.” With a wave of his hand, Song Ji said, “Yu Huang is talented and is the most outstanding disciple among the three of you. As for you…”

When his gaze landed on Mo Xiao’s well-proportioned figure and handsome face, Song Ji said with a complicated expression, “You’re quite good-looking.”

Mo Xiao wasn’t happy at all.

He added softly, “My cultivation level isn’t bad either. I… I’m also very rich.”

Song Ji laughed and said, “That’s true. The three of you have your own strengths and weaknesses. Taixu is benevolent and pure, and he has the best reputation in the sect. Yu Huang is talented, and she’s the sect’s most capable person. You’re rich and handsome. From now on, you’ll be the sect’s sect’s sect head and treasury.”

When Mo Xiao heard this, he didn’t retort. Instead, he held back his laughter and said, “Then I will definitely earn more money. I will be filial to you and take care of Eldest Senior Brother and Yu Huang.”

“It’s good that you have such self-awareness.” Song Ji continued, “By the way, I don’t like to drink alcohol. I like fruit tea.”

After understanding what Song Ji meant, Mo Xiao hurriedly said, “Tomorrow, I will prepare the best fruit wine for you to try.”


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