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Chapter 791 - Chapter 791: Urgent

Chapter 791: Urgent

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation   Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Grandpa, do you remember the day his birthmark was shown?”Xue Yan asked. It would be even better if there were a specific date to prove it.

Jiang Yue thought so too.

The old man said, “I actually do. It was the day that the child was born. Didn’t his mother die giving birth to him? Later on, Master Wei found a chain birthmark on the soles of his feet and suspected that he was a soul-seeking ghost who would take the lives of the entire family. He quickly hired some people to expel the child. Among them was a fortune-teller. The fortune-teller said that he had only taken his mother’s life. His fate was broken thereafter and Master Wei was told not to worry.”

“Besides, it was Master Qin’s birthday that day. He lived opposite us, which was where the rich lived. The biggest mansion belonged to him.

“He held a grand banquet every year on his birthday, which was the eighteenth of March. Everyone in our area knew about it.

“No one would expect a death to occur on that very day.

“Even if Master Wei was afraid of spending too much money, he liked Wei Zizhan’s mother very much. Once the fortune-teller and the others left, he immediately set up the mourning hall for Wei Zizhan’s mother and even got someone to play the funeral music.

“He wanted to bury Wei Zizhan’s mother before dark that day. However, the funeral music was especially loud, so much so that everyone in town could hear it.

“Master Qin was one of the few that couldn’t take it any longer. Master Qin felt unlucky and was so angry that he attracted the attention of people to come over. He cursed why Master Wei wasn’t taken away by death instead.

“Anyway, he quarreled with Master Wei. At that time, the people in our area were still watching the commotion for a while. I remember this matter very clearly.”

With so many people knowing, Wei Zizhan could not deny it even if he wanted to.

Moreover, on the 18th of March that year…

At that time, the Crown Prince had not even been born yet.

The Crown Prince was born on the 28th of March. Wei Zizhan was born ten days earlier than the Crown Prince. In other words, before the Crown Prince was born, Wei Zizhan was already born. Moreover, the people in this place already knew that there was a chain birthmark on the sole of Wei Zizhan’s foot.

Even if they couldn’t find the two midwives, it would be fine.

Jiang Yue and Xue Yan looked at each other again.

However, with so many people knowing this information, there was no need to specially protect anyone. Whoever dared to kill everyone in this place was no different from ma.s.sacring a city. This matter was so big that it could not be suppressed secretly. It further proved that Wei Zizhan was not the Crown

Prince. Unless this secret person were anxious to let the current Emperor discover that Wei Zizhan was not the Crown Prince at all, nothing would happen for now.

Moreover, Qin Weisai knew the Empress Dowager was watching him because of the letter…

In short, the people in this place would be fine.

Xue Yan and Jiang Yue both knew that they would be safe.

“Then do you know where Wei Zizhan’s mother is buried?”Xue Yan asked again.

“She was buried in the back mountain. As for where her husband is buried… I’m not too sure.” The old man said.

“Thank you.” Xue Yan cupped his hands again.

“Thank you.” Jiang Yue also thanked him.

“You two little kids are really polite.”The old man was amused.

After leaving the old man’s place, Jiang Yue and Xue Yan asked around with the other families in this area. Some people were slightly younger, but they had a clearer story than the old man. They all accurately told them that the birthmark was on Wei Zizhan’s left foot, and more than one person said it was on the left foot..

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