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Chapter 225

225: Elite Orc Swordsman

“Please take good care of me. Hazakuda, an elite orc swordsman of the Blood Dagger Clan. ”


If this wasn’t the boss, I wondered what the h.e.l.l the guys who fought before that were, until I couldn’t get a sense of how strong the monster they called the chief was.

“I don’t blame you. ”

In the meantime, the monster who introduced himself as Hazaku, an elite orc swordsman of the Blood Dagger Clan, continued to mutter. He looked straight in the eyes and opened his mouth as if he knew in advance that we were listening to him.

“Compa.s.sion that is not shy on the battlefield only invites anger. It would have been a good study for the young greenskins of our tribe. But your ways are wrong. Taking advantage of young guys who can’t yet fight properly is something even the humans on our continent don’t do. ”

‘d.a.m.n it…’

“Personally, I want to thank you guys for giving the young warriors of my tribe a good experience. ”

He opened his mouth that it was obviously a different continent. Only then did I realize where these monsters had come from. There are not only elves and j.a.panese in this world. Besides, young greenskins, I couldn’t help but salivate at the thought that the guys I just fought with were young guys who hadn’t even grown up yet.

Come to think of it, I’m definitely young. Young people with red tattoos all over their bodies are not the only ones who are young. The monsters were also slightly smaller than the one in front. It was to the extent that anyone could feel that they were children and adults. It’s no wonder that I feel very stupid for not noticing it.

But I can’t sit still and die.

Kimura quickly began to check his men. There aren’t that many people who can fight under the pressure. Its useful elves, knights, archers, wizards, and not a bad composition, but it didn’t seem to work against this monster.

I thought that when the sword still in the scabbard was pulled out, at least half would be incapacitated. There was only one way to find the opponent’s gap as much as possible with spirit-type magic and attack it. It’s a spirit that seems solid, but there’s no way there’s no gap.

All intelligent beings have inferiority complexes or weaknesses, and the same goes for the monster in front of them. The green monster opened its mouth, baring its fangs.

“Is that the only thing you know how to do? won’t you come ”

The voice caught my attention.

“I… prepare for battle. ”

“That…But, Prince. ”

“If we continue like this, we will all die. All that can be done must be done. ”

Even the most trusted subordinate was trying to avoid a fight. Why would you not want to avoid a fight just because you are yourself?


The moment I saw his face, I realized that neither running away nor persuading him was impossible. That guy will never let the humans here live.

” great. I would like to salute you for your courage. ”

The green monster is reaching for its sword with bursting muscles.

‘Foot art’

To be precise, the term foot swordsmanship would be appropriate. The momentum of the monster staring at them silently with one hand on its waist made even the knights with shields cringe.

‘d.a.m.n…what kind of foot swordsmanship. ’

In the first place, the swordsmanship is a bluff. It’s a technique that only comes out of cartoons. I don’t know if it was giving them time or if they wanted a plausible fight, but for now, the enemy wasn’t rushing at them.

“The enemy…the enemy is one! Ball…Attack! ”

The knights holding the voice shields burst out as if desperate, and the priests constantly pour in their holy power. The wizards began to cast spells and the archers drew their strings. I was terrified, but because of that, I was running even more desperately.


Push shush shush

The head of the first knight who approached him was cut off, and blood fountains continued to pour from his neck. The shouts died down and everyone was looking at the absurd sight.

‘I didn’t see it. ’

I didn’t even see him draw his sword.

If this is the case, you will be unconditionally punished. Kimura began invading the minds of his subordinates. Frightened warriors recoil. I have no choice but to give the order to somehow catch him and kill him.

“Aaaaaaaaaa! ”

“Aaaaaaaaagh! ”

He screams, but of course, he doesn’t care. The subordinates who have lost their reason will only act according to their orders.


The sound of the beast coming out of the human mouth, everyone’s face turned red, and strange noises came out of their mouths.

“Come on! ”

“Kuwoaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ”

The important thing is distance, the basis for entering into the other person’s mind is contacting the body. As the guys who would make the gap rushed toward the monster all at once, the guy’s momentum also started to change a little.

“Kuwoaaaa! ”


Still, the boy is not afraid. The act of bringing his right hand to the sword with a low-down gaze continued. The subordinate’s arm is blown off, and his leg is blown off. There were times when the body was bisected vertically and other times horizontally.

There were cases where they cut them down with their shields or halved two people at the same time. Still, the gap is visible. He looks relaxed, but unless he is a G.o.d, there is no way he will not show a gap against an army of this size.

Kimura moved quickly. The order has already been memorized. The preparations for invading the other person’s mind have already been completed. The subordinates are dying, but that one guy is more useful than useless subordinates. If you take that guy and escape the city, you can get beautiful elves and power in the wide continent.

If there really is another continent, I might be able to escape and live on another continent without them.

‘ do. ’

Extend your feet to close the distance. As if he had noticed that he was approaching, he could feel the eyes looking this way, but the subordinate he was controlling blocked the way. The subordinate’s head was blown off and collapsed, but Kimura was able to get a little closer to the orc.

I just tried to get a little closer, but in an instant, 5, no 10 knights lost their lives. But it’s very close. not to attack All you have to do is reach it no matter what.

As he quickly reached out, the drawn sword came out to meet him, but the subordinate under the control of his mind threw his body to block the sword. In the meantime, as I stretched out my hand, I could see my fingers, which had been keeping a close distance, finally touching the guy’s forearm.

‘ done. ’


It is very familiar to intrude into the other person’s mind. But something is different. It is fundamentally different from the mentality of the guys who have allowed the invasion so far.

I can see the memories, but I feel like I’m being crushed by too much pressure. Of course, you can see what happened in the castle. A demon with large horns can be seen extending a sword. I felt a strength that was incomparable to this monster. Monsters that use twin swords, fairies, and plants were all full of guys with ridiculous abilities.

‘For the Blood Dagger! ’

My head is full of battles and honor and respect. There is no room for digging.

‘Dog f.u.c.k…’

Kimura muttered involuntarily. The deeper you go, the more things you see, but the things that can be called gaps are not visible.

The closer I got, the more I noticed what was holding the monster up.

‘ Victory ‘

‘ Victory! ’

The only thing filled with a solid spirit is the will to win. Ahh, in an instant, it started to bounce out of my mind. What you see is the face of a monster looking at you, and the surrounding area is already covered with corpses and blood.


Of course, the words didn’t come out well. After seeing the years of struggle he lived through, I couldn’t think of anything.

There was no chance of winning from the beginning. They were just boredom. As I involuntarily turned and tried to run back, I felt a great pain in my feet. I reflexively looked down and saw that one leg was far away.

it had already been cut. Perhaps because of the law of inertia, the body naturally curled forward.

His face was slammed into the ground, and his face was naturally covered with the blood that had fallen on the floor. It is only natural that he would vomit without knowing himself at the blood of his men who had entered his mouth. I reached out to crawl somehow, but blood fountains gushed out of my hands as well.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ”

“Aaaaaaagh! ”

He tried to move his other arm, but seeing that arm fly away, Kimura struggled. Of course, voices were heard.

“It is embarra.s.sing. you are not a warrior I was mistaken. ”

“What a dog…a dog sound…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”

“In this place, humans are not worth killing directly. Especially your guy. I’d like to kill you on the spot so that the chief doesn’t dirty his hands… but the chief told me to bring you. If you say anything arrogant or useless in front of the glorious Blood Dagger, I will kill you as painfully as possible. ”


I couldn’t hear what he was saying because he was talking with the sword stuck in the other leg. One thing is certain, he will have to meet the devil with long horns. Naturally, my mouth trembled. It would be a more comfortable death to die here. The person he saw in Hazaku’s memories was a monster without blood or tears.

When I remembered that the translation magic was still being maintained, I looked up and saw the elf princess groaning as she was pinned against the wall. All means to help oneself are gone.

“d.a.m.n…d.a.m.n…d.a.m.n!! ”

There is no way out. The green monster began to move slowly with the sword stuck in its foot, and only then could Kimu see various forms.

Humans are dying at the hands of giant monsters and monsters with long fangs and weird hair. Kurai, a female ninja reputed to be strong, was also pinned to the ground with one shoulder completely smashed, and all the 10 samurai in the kingdom were all in poor shape with twisted limbs.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaa! ”

“Save me… save me! ”

There was no chance of winning in the first place. Just before the young monsters are attacked, a mysterious veil surrounds them. Only then did he realize why the monsters from earlier were still alive.

The memories I vaguely read in the memories of the monster in front of me, Hazaku, were all true. This place is just a playground. Before the children can be harmed, the tribal wizards reach out and free them. The eliminated young monsters return to the castle again, and those who pa.s.s continue the game.

Of course, it’s not a lie that this guy is just an elite swordsman. There are monsters around him that seem to be on a similar level to him. The closer they got to the castle, the stronger-looking guys began to appear in their field of vision.

‘ Nonsense… ‘

‘ Words… can’t even be said…’

I kept muttering in my heart, but no voice came out. G.o.d has abandoned us. I couldn’t help but think that way.

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