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Chapter 22.2

Translator: Polarbearadise

Editor: FirstPersonNarrator

Xiao Yi: “……”

“Eighty percent.” Luzhou said.

Xiao Yi was sweating, Luzhou went upstairs, Xiao Yi went to was the bathtub, and asked: “Then are you going to jump ship? Brother Zhou?”

“Do you think I’ll tell you if I want to jump ship?” Luzhou said, “these kinds of matters inside Dumei herself knows it well, she are smarter than I am.”

Xiao Yi didn’t say anything more.

The days were gradually getting warm, in this period of time Luzhou went to film several commercials, Xiao Yi just needed to follow after and run back and forth, when he didn’t need to join the crew, his life was pretty laid-back, occasionally there would be sunny day in Beijing, but Luzhou couldn’t go anywhere, he could only walk on his own lawn, or read books at home, in the evening he would spend the nightlife with his celebrity friends, going drinking, and sing karaoke.

Xiao Yi could see, Luzhou originally didn’t want to go, every time he got back from drinking he was always in a bad mood, he would rather stay at home and watch movies, but the relationship is needed to maintain, he kept the frequency of going out every two days, and everyday still he had to deal with interacting with people.

Whenever Luzhou went out to socialize, Xiao Yi had to make appointments with the makeup artist, hair stylist and clothing consultant for Luzhou, he was leaving at 9 o’clock in the evening, but at 4 o’clock in the afternoon he was already busy getting ready.

“So tired, f****.” Luzhou said, “Hurry up and film, everyday doing social interactions is too troublesome.”

Spring was always full of all kinds of dreariness that couldn’t be vent, Luzhou was also a bit irritable, luckily the shooting time almost arrived, Xiao Yi was prepared this time, he had bought a big pile of things in order to deal with Luzhou’s needs at any time.

“You want to move house?” Luzhou’s face twitched, and said: “Chief Xiao, would it be better if we invite the whole crew over to our house, how is this idea?”

Xiao Yi hehehe and said: “It’s always good to prepare more.”

“Prepare your younger brother!” Luzhou could no longer bear it and said, “The set is in Beijing! All the scenes will be in Beijing, do you like to go to Hengdian to feed the mosquitoes?!”

(T/N: I feel like you guys might not understand Luzhou’s sarcasm haha, if you guys remembered, LZ and XY went to Hengdian before to film. It was XY first time going there as an a.s.sistant so he didn’t what to prepare + Hengdian doesn’t have much stuff like in Beijing. Taken his last experience into account XY decide to fully prepare this time, but then Beijing isn’t like Hengdian, there is almost everything they needed in Beijing so XY didn’t really need to prepare that big pile of stuff)

Xiao Yi: “……”

The next day, when Xiao Yi didn’t know what to do, Du Mei’s call came, she wanted him to hurry and call Luzhou up, then come to the company.

“What do you want again——” Luzhou helplessly said, “give me a break——”

Xiao Yi said: “Brother Zhou, you should hurry up and change your underwear.”

Luzhou instantly awoke, he touched below, his whole face blushed red, it had been a long time he hadn’t released, It would come out automatically in ten days or half a month, Xiao Yi went to find a new pair of underwear for him, and said: “I’ll go……wash it for you, you take a shower first.”

Xiao Yi took his underwear downstairs to wash, the amount Luzhou released is a lot, Xiao Yi blushed red, while he washed Luzhou’s underwear in his own room, Luzhou with his bare naked bottom dodged his way into the bathroom and began taking a shower.

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