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Even though there was formidable Qi protecting his body, Cheng Yu still received quite a grave injury this time. He vomited a large amount of blood. Without any hesitation, he took out a large amount of Soul Strengthening Pills and consumed them.

Although the healing abilities of the Soul Strengthening Pill was very strong, it was still unable to allow Cheng Yu to recover in a short span of time. But it was still able to allow him to feel a bit better.

However, the attacks from Kunlun did not stop. When they saw that Cheng Yu had been injured, they felt delighted. All of them started to brandish sword Qi towards the falling Cheng Yu. Six strains of sword Qi from different places flew along the gra.s.sland as it rushed at him.

Cheng Yu clenched his teeth and released all of his Qi. He shouted, "Nine Heavens Imperial Dragon!" A white dragon was formed as it revolved around Cheng Yu's body. In an instant, it smashed the incoming sword Qi into pieces.

"Roar!" The dragon howled! It flew up into sky and in an instant, it split into six different phantoms as it charged towards the six people.

They were startled. They had never once expected that even after receiving such a grave injury, Cheng Yu would still be able to display such formidable might. Such strength was definitely not possible for an ordinary Foundation Establishment Realm late stage expert. The six of them immediately retreated, hoping to evade it. However, it was not that easy to be able to evade this move from Cheng Yu.

The six dragon phantoms seemed as if they were able to identify them clearly as it continued to follow them. They knew that they were no longer able to evade this, so they all immediately took out their flying swords and intend to receive the attack head on.

"Bam! Bam!" The six dragon phantoms acted as if they weren't scared of dying as they did not hesitate to collide with the six flying swords in front of them. Six loud explosions resounded. The six people from Kunlun were all sent flying 10 meters.

Sect Master Xuan and the Great Elder were still somewhat fine. After all, they were in the late stage of Foundation Establishment Realm and had an immense amount of Qi. Even though Cheng Yu's move was a little too shocking and had caused them to receive some light internal injuries, they were still able to continue fighting.

The other four Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage elders had it worse. Originally, their cultivation was already lower than Cheng Yu by a stage. In addition to Cheng Yu staking everything he had, this move was no small matter, causing them to vomit large amounts of blood. Even if they did not die, in the future, they might not be able to continue cultivating.

When Sect Master Xuan saw that the elders he had brought along with him had been crippled by Cheng Yu, his anger rose, "Kid, you must die!"

He no longer cared about the grave injury on his body as he forcefully circulated the bare amount of Qi in his body. He lifted up his sword and stabbed towards Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu had long ago consumed another pile of Spiritual Qi Pills after he had used the "Nine Heavens Imperial Dragon." He intended to recover a bit of his strength so that he at least had some remaining power to continue fighting.

With just a somersault, Cheng Yu evaded the stab from Sect Master Xuan. Soon after, he turned around and pushed towards Sect Master Xuan's chest. Sect Master Xuan knew that the current Cheng Yu's Qi should have already been emptied and he was just forcing himself. Sect Master Xuan chose not to dodge as he welcomed the punch with his palm strike.

Even though Sect Master Xuan had been gravely injured by Cheng Yu, his Qi did not deplete as fast as Cheng Yu. The fist and palm collided with each other. It was obvious that Cheng Yu was not able to win this engagement as he was sent flying by the palm. Cheng Yu b.u.mped into the wall of his villa as he vomited another large amount of blood. As for Sect Master Xuan, his situation was a lot better as he had only retreated a few steps with a little flow of blood from the corner of his lips.

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