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After they kissed enough, Cheng Yu was finally able to take some time to accompany Han Xue for an afternoon. After all, in some sense, Cheng Yu felt that he truly let down Han Xue. No matter what, she was the first person he had to take responsibility for. Yet, he had not called her once and taken the time to accompany her.

For this whole afternoon, Cheng Yu accompanied Han Xue even though he was truly tired and tried his best to keep her happy.

After sending Han Xue home, Cheng Yu drove straight to Xinguang Nightclub.

"Young Master Yu…"

"Young Master Yu…" When Cheng Yu entered the nightclub, the bouncer always greeted him respectfully.

"Boss! Young Master Yu…" Immediately, Fatty ran over with a cup of beer in his hand. Behind him were Dao Jiu and his men.

"Why are you here?"

"Hehe! Didn't boss gave me a VIP card? In the past, I would never dare to come to this sort of place. But now that there is boss backing me up, how could I not come here to play once in a while? Besides, Brother Dao has been treating me very well."

"Alright. All of you follow me upstairs."

Inside the conference room. Cheng Yu sat at the front and looked at Qin Canghai and his men.

"Today, I am here to talk to you people about cultivation. You must definitely try to achieve some progress in the cultivation method I pa.s.sed to all of you. I will also be giving all of you some Body Tempering Pills today. All of you will need about three days before you are able to fully absorb all of the medical properties in the pill. This pill is used to strengthen your body's overall strength. In the future, I will get Wu Chang to distribute this pill to everyone. After you have tempered your body successfully, your strength will rise by a huge margin and it is not something an ordinary person can compare to. However, this should not be your goal as I hope that all of you will be able to become like me, and use Qi to injure others. In the future, you will be able to become my a.s.sistants. So, all of you must seize this moment and try to sense the Qi in the surroundings. When the time comes, not only will I be giving you monetary awards, I will also be teaching you an even stronger cultivation method."

After that, Cheng Yu picked a few people who had better apt.i.tudes and prepared to use some Qi Gathering Pills to a.s.sist them. He hoped that it would be able to help them in sensing Qi faster.

In this secular world, spiritual Qi is very thin. As most of them had long pa.s.sed the prime age for cultivation, if Cheng Yu did not use Qi Gathering Pills to help them create a great amount of spiritual Qi around them while they were cultivating, he was afraid that they would never be able to sense the existence of Qi for their whole life just by relying on themselves. This might seem like a waste of effort, but in order to increase his strength, Cheng Yu had no other choice.

If possible, Cheng Yu wished he had the Washing Marrow Pill as no matter how lousy their apt.i.tude was, they would still be able to sense the existence of Qi very quickly. But to breakthrough to Foundation Establishment Realm, they would depend on their own opportunities. Unless Cheng Yu was able to provide them an Advancement Pill. However, this kind of pill was impossible to make as he could not even find the herbs needed for the Washing Marrow Pill, much less the Advancement Pill, which was a high grade pill.

After Cheng Yu returned home, he once again started refining huge batches of pills. Fortunately, his pill refinement skill was top-notch. Otherwise, to provide pills for 500 people, it would have definitely cost him a fortune. Otherwise, he would not pick only certain people to use the Qi Gathering Pill on.

The next morning, Cheng Yu looked at the pile of Body Tempering Pills and Qi Gathering Pills. Cheng Yu shook his head. There were only 10 days left before his national exam, but he did not even have someone who possessed some ability next to him. If he was to leave the secular world to go to the cultivation world, he truly had no idea how he was going to protect Lan Ya.

"Cheng Yu!" Cheng Yu took a bite of his Chinese doughnut while walking towards the school gate as he heard Yao Na calling him out.

"Haha! Teacher Yao! It's so early, yet you are already waiting for me here. Is it to…" Cheng Yu swayed forward and said evilly while drinking his soy milk.

"What are you talking about? Didn't I say before? You are not allowed to speak to me in such a manner when we are outside!" When Yao Na saw students who pa.s.sed by them looked at them in a weird manner, she spoke unnaturally. It was as if they were caught having an illicit student-teacher relationship.

"Haha! Alright. Why are you looking for me?"

"Didn't I tell you yesterday? Qiang Zi and his father's illness have fully recovered. These days, they have started working again and wish to thank you properly for your services. But you said you didn't have time, so they asked me to bring some things to you as a form of grat.i.tude. Although it's just some stuff that is of little value and not comparable to the value of your pill, this is their kind intentions. They hope that when you are free, you can follow me back to their home. They wish to thank you in-person."

"Alright, I will accept these things. But forget about thanking me in-person," Cheng Yu threw the soy milk into the trash can and wiped his hands before he replied.

"The items are at my place. After school, follow me home to take them," Yao Na left after she finished. She was not able to tolerate those pa.s.sionate gazes by students when she was standing together with Cheng Yu.

In contrast, Cheng Yu was unconcerned about the gazes as he went to his cla.s.sroom in an unconcerned manner.

Cheng Yu, who had already learned almost everything he needed to, no longer had any reason to attend cla.s.ses. Basically, his daily routine in school would be to chat idly with Fatty and occasionally tease Lin Yuhan.

After school, Cheng Yu went to the teacher's office to look for Yao Na.

When he was outside of the teacher's office, two of the female teachers walked out. Cheng Yu greeted them and was about to enter.

It just so happened that Cheng Yu saw He Jian standing beside Yao Na. He was speaking non-stop, "Teacher Yao, my feelings are genuine. Can't you just promise to have a meal together?"

"I'm sorry, Leader He. I know that you are a good person, but currently, I don't want to be in a relationship. Please excuse me, I have some matters to attend to."

"Teacher Yao…"

"Teacher Yao, can we go now?" Before He Jian got to finish his sentence, Cheng Yu spoke as he leaned against the door and smiled.

"En. Let's go," Yao Na picked up her handbag and left the office. Cheng Yu gave He Jian a smile before walking off.

"Bam!" He Jian saw Cheng Yu's arrogant expression, and he couldn't help smacking the table. His anger had reached its limit.

Previously, Yao Na would always use the excuse of having to tutor Cheng Yu to reject him. This time, Cheng Yu had gotten first place in the school. Although he wasn't happy about it, when he thought of how Yao Na would no longer need to tutor Cheng Yu, he immediately cheered up. He finally had a chance to ask her out.

Unexpectedly, for the past few days, Yao Na never once agreed to go out on a date with him. Today, Cheng Yu no longer needed her tutoring, but they were still together! Could it be that they had become a pair already?!

"Hmph! Student flirting with his teacher. Sl*t! Since you aren't tactful, don't blame me." He Jian took out his phone and dialed a number.

"Here! This is all the stuff Grandpa Fu asked me to pa.s.s you. All these are the more expensive herb that Qiang Zi plucked. Originally, they were meant for Grandpa Fu to supplement his body. But now that his body has recovered, there is no longer a need for these. So, they asked me to give it to you. Perhaps, it might not worth a lot of money, but this is the most expensive thing they can offer you."

"Got it. You already said it numerous times. Do I look like someone who is so greedy?" Cheng Yu received the bag from Yao Na. He scooped up the medical herbs inside. It was really a lot! He took a look and saw that the majority of the herbs were ginseng and lingzhi.

All these were genuine wild medical herbs. Compared to those planted by people and sold on the market, these wild herbs were a lot better. Some of the herbs were even close to a hundred years.

Actually, with Cheng Yu's pill refinement skills, if he were to sell all these medical herbs and buy the ingredients needed to refine the Reversal Pill, the amount of pills he would be able to refine would not be less than 10. Cheng Yu did not wish to swindle honest people in this world, as the Reversal Pill might be a priceless treasure to them, but Cheng Yu had never once thought of the Reversal Pill as valuable.

His pills were meant to save people. As long as it was used to save people who were meant to be saved, then it was already worth using the pill. However, if all these herbs were to be given to poor people and they were to sell it, it could actually be converted to a huge amount of money for them. It would also allow them to live a better life.

Cheng Yu picked a 50-year-old ginseng and a 70-year-old lingzhi. He intended to return everything back to the Fu family as he picked up the medical herbs on the floor and stuffed them back in the bag.

"Huh?" Cheng Yu looked at one of the ginseng on the floor and felt that it was a bit strange. It looked like ginseng, but it wasn't actually ginseng.

Cheng Yu picked up this strange-looking ginseng. The more he looked at it, the more he was alarmed. The longer he looked, the more delighted he became. Finally, he started laughing unexpectedly.

"Are you crazy? If the neighbors hear you, it would not be good!" When Yao Na saw Cheng Yu holding up the tiny ginseng and laughing heartily, she was extremely puzzled. She quickly tried to put a stop to him as she was afraid that others would know that she had brought a man back to her home.

Cheng Yu embraced Yao Na and gave her a kiss on the face, "Nana, you are really my lucky star. I was just worrying about this, yet you actually delivered such a treasure to me!"

"What are you doing? So dishonest! Always thinking of weird ways to take advantage of me!" Yao Na pushed Cheng Yu away as she blushed.

"Nana! This time, I was not intentionally trying to take advantage of you. I really picked up a treasure! Do you know what is this?" Cheng Yu put forward the tiny ginseng in front of Yao Na and said happily.

"Isn't this just an undernourished ginseng? What is there to make a fuss about?" Yao Na asked as she was confused.

"Of course not! This is Tianyuan Gra.s.s!"

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