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Chapter 707: A doctor’s heart

Bai Zhi generously handed the porcelain bottle to Imperial Doctor Xu.

Imperial Doctor Xu took it with both hands and in a solemn expression. He didn’t rush to open the porcelain bottle. Instead, he paid respect to Bai Zhi and said: “What the Miss said is right. All the doctors are fellow workers. Doctors should be discussing the disease. Only by doing so, we can find the most appropriate treatment method.”

Imperial Doctor Xu sighed in his heart. He had been practicing medicine for decades. He didn’t know when it started that he forgets his original purpose of studying medicine. Didn’t he learn medicine to lessen the people suffering in this world?

He doesn’t know when he began to be selfish and greedy like those people in the secular world.

At this time, when he woke up, he suddenly felt ashamed. He has no face to show to this little girl.

Seeing him like this, Bai Zhi said with a smile: “Imperial Doctor Xu, it’s never too late to practice medicine to do good things. After all, studying medicine takes a lifetime. I’m still young, so in the future, I may encounter a lot of things that I don’t understand. I hope Imperial Doctor Xu will not dislike it when I disturbed him.”

Bai Zhi also paid him respect. A clear voice slowly entered Imperial Doctor Xu’s ears.

The first time he saw her medical skills, it was when she was giving acupuncture treatment. It was both bold and delicate. He knew it was not something that can be achieved by one to two days. So, his initial contempt for this little girl had long disappeared. Later on, when he saw the emperor and the prince treat her kindly, he knew that she must be extraordinary.

That’s why when she spoke, he didn’t expect that when the girl spoke, she would be so modest. Her words and deeds were mostly beyond his expectation. After being stunned for a moment, he said: “What the miss said is reasonable. This old man will teach you!”


Bai Zhi’s eyebrow slightly twitched as she swept her eyes to Imperial Doctor Xu. However, she didn’t say a word, she only raised her hand, indicating that he could open the cork to see the medicine.

Imperial Doctor Xu knew that he said something wrong, but it can be seen that the little girl was not displeased to him. So he didn’t mention it. He has such a stupid mouth, so it’s better not to say more.

Imperial Doctor Xu unplugged the bottle, put the mouth of the bottle under his nose, and smelled it. A refreshing scent of medicine entered his nose, which smelled pure and rich.

Some medicinal pill quality can be judged by their scent alone. So after smelling the medicine in front of him, he knew it was a top-grade quality.

There was a prescription for refining this pill is in his hands. Looking at it, he will know what exactly medicinal materials were used in it, but he won’t be able to make the quality of these pills.

Even knowing the shape, the materials used inside, or the prescription, it’s impossible to refine the same quality.

Imperial Doctor Xu looked at it for a long time, but in the end, he closed the porcelain bottle and handed it back to Bai Zhi.

Bai Zhi took it and asked with a smile, “What does Imperial Doctor Xu think?”

Imperial Doctor Xu looked depressed, he sighed and shook his head: “I used to claim that I am quite talented in alchemy. I have many colleagues practicing alchemy, whenever I pa.s.sed by and see it, I can guess guarantee that I can make the same quality by 70-80%. However, with Miss Bai’s medicine, even if I have the prescription, I can’t guarantee that I can refine it.”

Bai Zhi’s expression has always been the same. But when she heard what Imperial Doctor Xu said, and his expression was quite sincere, her dissatisfaction with him disappeared. She smiled and said: “Imperial Doctor Xu, you can guess the pills made by your colleagues and refine them because you are very familiar with those prescriptions and methods. However, you’ve only seen my medicine for the first time, that’s why you feel like you can’t copy them.”

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