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Wu Mama went inside after speaking, the two maidservants behind her also followed closely.

“Presumably, this girl is Miss Bai.” Wu Mama went to see Boss Chen first before coming here. And there, she learned that Bai Zhi was 13-year-old, beautiful and very intelligent. The girl in front of her seemed like the girl from the description.

Bai Zhi looked at the old lady. Although her dress looked simple, the texture was not something ordinary people can afford. And two girls followed behind her. The two girls were wearing the same clothes. There was also a gold ornament on their head. It can be seen that they came from a big family.

It seems that the Meng Family has come.

“I am Bai Zhi, who are you?” Bai Zhi looked at the old lady in front of her lightly. Seeing her appearance, she can’t be Meng Nan’s mother. At most, she’s a nanny or high-rank maidservant.

Wu Mama smiled and said: “This old lady came from the capital, I wonder if you have heard the Meng Family from the capital?”

When Wu Mama mentioned ‘the Meng Family from the capital’, she had a proud look in the face, as if she said an amazing name.

Even after hearing her words, Bai Zhi stayed indifferent. She didn’t show any trace of surprise or flattery in her face after hearing a n.o.ble’s name that Wu Mama imagined.

Bai Zhi nodded her head and replied: “I heard, I also know the Meng Family’s son, but he returned to the capital. I’m afraid that we will not see each other again in this life.”

Wu Mama raised an eyebrow: “Will not see each other again in this life? Miss Bai, are you sure?”

Bai Zhi shrugged her shoulder: “Life is unpredictable, there is no permanent in this life. Right now, I can say this because he went back to the capital. This small mountain village is a thousand miles away from the capital. He won’t come back to this place, and I will not go to the capital, so I said we will not see each other again in this life.”

But as the saying goes, even if people set a line, who can predict the future.

Wu Mama smiled and said: “But as far as I know, gongzi sent a letter to you recently. Are you really not planning to go to the capital?”

Bai Zhi simply replied: “I know the purpose of your coming here, I can tell you responsibly that I already have a fiance. Even if I go to the capital in the future, I will go with my husband. Do you understand?”

Wu Mama had already learned about this from Boss Chen, but she still can’t rest a.s.sured. As long as she hasn’t seen it with her own eyes, how can she rest a.s.sured? Meng Nan was the only legitimate son of the Meng Family. How sad will their Madam be if this wild girl married in their family?

“I wonder where is your fiance now?” Wu Mama asked.

Bai Zhi smiled lightly: “Unfortunately, he left a while ago. He will be back in a few days. If you don’t believe me, I have our official engagement letter here. I can show it to you, so you can be at ease.” She then took out the letter on her purse and then handed it to Wu Mama.

Wu Mama didn’t try to be polite. She stretched out her arm, took the letter and looked at it very carefully. She didn’t forget to check a single letter, even the red stamp. Such a thing was impossible to falsify. After all, it was related to her reputation.

Wu Mama returned the letter to Bai Zhi and said: “Since this is the case, I’d better go back and report. Excuse me.”

Bai Zhi nodded her head and watched the old lady as she leaves. She was very upset, but she also knows very clear that this was just the beginning. In the future, she may face more challenges.

However, no matter what challenge it is, she doesn’t want to lose.

Zhou Xiaofeng has been standing beside Bai Zhi. He watched her calmly face the visitor from the capital. When she said that she had a fiance, he was shocked and didn’t believe it was true. He thought that she just made it up to fool that old lady.

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