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But now, the child was asking her to spend money to get a doctor? This thing was even more painful than cutting her own flesh.

However, when she thought her third daughter-in-law will die due to untimely treatment. Her heart began to feel nervous again. What should she do if this dead girl reported her crime and the officials came to arrest her?

Although money is important, it can only be spent when a person was still alive.

“Okay, I’ll find a doctor for her.” Old Lady Bai gritted her teeth and said. She will find a doctor once the villagers have scattered. And at that time, she will tell the doctor to only use the most affordable medicine to just ensure the person will not die.

But, who would have thought, an actual doctor joined in the crowd. Or maybe, he was already expecting this to happen, so he had a medicine box with him.

Doctor Lu squeezed out himself from the crowd and immediately approached the semi-unconscious Zhao Lan: “You don’t need to go. I happened to pa.s.s by in here. I will check her condition.”

When Doctor Lu checked Zhao Lan’s injuries, his frowned eyebrows relaxed a bit.

But, when he looked up to see the old lady, his face becomes ugly: “Old lady, I must say, you are really harsh. This person was only left with one breath. If you want her to survive, we had to feed her with ginseng soup. I will also give her acupuncture treatment to help her a bit more.”

Hearing the nonsense of the doctor, Bai Zhi wanted to laugh at him, but she dared not to do so.

Old Lady Bai has been a bully in their entire village. But, this old doctor has never been bullied by her before.

Old Lady Bai stared at Doctor Lu suspiciously, and said: “How can that be? She is my daughter-in-law, so why wouldn’t I know her? This woman’s skin and flesh were thick. So, how can a few hits of stick leave her with one breath? Are you trying to scare me?”

As soon as Bai Zhi heard this, her blood started to boil.

This dead little girl Bai and Zhao Lan had never lived a good day in this so-called home. All they do was nothing but work all day. However, once the member of the family gets angry, no matter who, they will bend their depressed mood unto their body. They will hit them, nonstop. The old lady sees it, but it seems like a natural event for her. 

Anger rage from her chest. There were so many people in the scene, so how could Bai Zhi let the old woman just go?

“Grandmother, niang is almost dying. Can’t you see it? Please, I beg you. Niang work all day like a horse for the sake of the family. So, please save my niang.”

Doctor Lu knitted his eyebrows and looked at the old lady: “If you want her to be cured you have to tell me your decisions right now. It will take some time to concoct a medicine and apply acupuncture treatment. If you delay further, she might even breathe her last breath.”

When Mrs. Liu heard this, she hurriedly pulled the sleeve of her mother-in-law. “Niang, let her get treatment. Don’t be disheartened, we can collect again the money from them. If she died, we will not only have nightmares, but we will also get into prison.”

This old woman was now in the old age, so it doesn’t matter if she gets into prison, but she was different. She was still young. She doesn’t want her life to be spent in prison, just because of a few pieces of money.

At this time, everyone’s eyes were staring at the old lady. Old Lady Bai knew she had no other choice, so she nodded her head: “Okay, cure her, but I don’t have a money right now. Let me owe you this one first.”

Doctor Lu frowned. “The consultation fee can be own. After all, we are all from the same village. But, the money for the medicine cannot.”

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