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The laziness of the Bai Family was well known throughout the whole village. Nothing can compete with them in this matter.

And not only that, because they were also known for being an ambitious and self-righteous fart. If it weren’t for Zhao Lan, their family has long been dead.

“You don’t understand the situation. Old Lady Bai was also clever. No one can compare with her calculation. Zhao Lan and Zhi’er were now injured. They can’t work. So, in order to lessen the consumption of their food, they let the mother and daughter lived in Hu Changlin’s house. Just wait and see ah, once the mother and daughter were healed, the old lady will not let them go the Hu Family.” 

“Oh, that is also possible, with the character of those people in the Bai Family, this kind of things can really be done.”

The two people continued to walk their way. As if they didn’t hear all those arguments.

After a long while, Hu Feng saw that Bai Zhi was getting physically weak, so he pointed his finger at the big tree, then said: “Rest.”

Bai Zhi quickly sat her b.u.t.t and grasp for breath.

Hu Feng then stepped forward and pointed his finger to the bamboo bag on her back: “What are you planning to do with that in Luoying Mountain?”

Bai Zhi looked up at him, under the radiance of the sun, Hu Feng stood tall and straight in front of her. She can’t see any emotion in his face. She can only see that his pair of eyes looked pure and introverted.

Bai Zhi raised an eyebrow: “Hu Bo, didn’t tell you?”

“He said you were going to pick wild vegetables.”

Bai Zhi nodded her head: “Yes, I am going to pick wild vegetables.”

Hu Feng shook his head: “Your lying, speak.”

Bai Zhi was a little annoyed, but she didn’t dare to offend him. She only scratched her scalp and said: “I wanted to go hunt, let’s try to catch two pheasants or hares. Our family has nothing to eat.”

Hu Feng shook his head again: “Lies, speak.”

Even if Bai Zhi’s temper was good, she shouldn’t try to hold it at this moment: “Hey! What is wrong with you? Everything I said was lies? Then, what do you want me to say?”

When Hu Feng saw Bai Zhi’s expression, he finds it a bit funny. Her rigid face has some hint of relaxed expression. And in her eyes, he didn’t see any change. He could see that she was acting sly each time she will give a reason.

Hu Feng shrugged his shoulders and said: “Tell me the truth.”

Bai Zhi opened her mouth and simply said: “I am going to the mountain to pick up some herbs. My Family is very poor. I wanted to sell them to get some money. So, do you believe that?”

Bai Zhi thought Hu Feng will shake his head like before.

But who would have thought, that he will actually nod his head: “Well, I believe you.”

“What? You believe that?” Bai Zhi’s eyes rolled: “You don’t think they were lies? I am this small, but you believed that I can recognize herbal medicine?”

Hu Feng looked at her from head to toe, then nodded: “Indeed, you are small.” He paused a bit, then added: “But, I still believed in you.”

Bai Zhi thought she was hallucinating: “Why?”

In Hu Feng's eyes, the scene in the riverside from yesterday played again. That little girl has died from drowning but survived with her emergency treatment.

“Because you know medicine, it’s not unusual for you to know herbs.” Hu Feng looked into her eyes while speaking.

Hu Feng stared at her for a long time. So, she had a chance to see his face. Indeed, his handsomeness was not a joke, especially if he was serious. Then suddenly, she remembered the scene yesterday: Right, the man who saved Yingzi was him!

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