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The two daughters-in-law no longer dared to argue. Although their heart was still full of contempt, the old lady’s plan this time was really wonderful. As a member of the Bai Family, if the food will really be divided per head, then the lucky person will naturally be her, the first daughter-in-law.

When Doctor Lu found the wooden cabin, where Zhao Lan and Bai Zhi lived. He saw the mother and daughter snuggling on the haystack. He couldn’t help but deeply sighed in this scene, then said to Bai Zhi: “Oh, you mother and child’s life are really poor. Of all the family, why you must fall into that Bai family?”

Bai Zhi smiled and said: “This will never happen again in the future. I will protect my mother. n.o.body can bully her again.”

Doctor Lu looked at the little girl in front of him, who was faintly smiling. But, her squinted eyes were radiating with light.

He didn’t looked at her carefully before, that’s why he didn’t know that she had such good looking eyes. Eyes that revealed great wisdom and spirit. So, this time, he couldn’t help but trust her words.

“Good, you have to keep these words. Oh, with these things, your niang’s wounds will definitely heal much faster.” Doctor Lu was happy, and so, he handed the pack of medicines to Bai Zhi’s hands. Then said: “Zhi’er, earlier, I deliberately said that your niang was heavily wounded to frighten those people. But, you don’t really have to worry about her. Your niang don’t have any internal injuries. Aside from her fractured hand, the rest was only skin injuries. She will get better soon.”

“Then, these medicines are?” Bai Zhi naturally knew that her mother only has some skin injuries. So, she was very curious what the medicines are for. Skin injuries don’t need oral medicines. She only needs to apply some ointment.

Doctor Lu laughed and said: “I brought these medicines for you to nourished back your health. You and your niang can drink this if you want. The Bai Family treat you bad, that’s why you are so thin like this. You must take care of your body. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to find a husband in the future.”

When Zhao Lan heard these words, her tears fell down: “Why won’t she be like this? Other young girls in the village eat an egg every day. But, my daughter doesn’t even know the taste of an egg. This can only be blamed on me. I am so useless.”

Doctor Lu hurriedly persuade Zhao Lan to stop crying: “How can you say that? In Huangtuo Village, who doesn’t know that you work so hard for Zhi’er? If it weren’t for your daughter, why would you stay with those evil people?” When Zhao Lan’s husband pa.s.sed away, she was still young. It was still very easy for her to remarry. However, in order to stay with her daughter, she chooses to work like a horse in the Bai Family.

Although Bai Zhi was only picked up by her and her husband, her last name was Bai. So, if Zhao Lan remarries, she wouldn’t be able to take her daughter with her. Moreover, Old Lady Bai was so eager to sell her daughter to have some money.

Bai Zhi remembered her previous life. Their living condition was not as worst as this. But, no one wanted her. At the age of 4, she was left alone in the street. She didn’t know that her parents don’t want her at that time. So, she sat on the side of the road and waited for them, until a police officer took her and brought her to the police station. The police officer asked her parents name and contact information. She remembered her mother’s contact number, but when the police called her mother. She heard her mother said she didn’t know her and she had no children at all.

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