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"You're all… standing in line?" After Su Tianji stood to the side with a couple of disciples, she realized that An Huwei and the others were waiting as well.

Only then did she glance around the shop; she realized that many people were waiting in line!
Her gaze landed on Nalan Hongwu, but she had no idea what he was doing in his seat.

Could those with higher status wait while sitting down?

"Daoist Yinlong, Daoist Su, Daoist w.a.n.g…" An Huwei said as he watched Nalan Hongwu play the Legend of the Sword and Fairy, "It's still early, so I think we might have to wait a while. Would you like to have some Haagen-Dazs while waiting?"

Upon noticing that they were all staring at Nalan Hongwu, he added, "Duke Nalan is busy right now; he doesn't have time to talk."

Fang Qi repeatedly warned Nalan Hongwu about shouting in the shop, so he turned off his outside communication function just in case he accidentally yelled out during the game. He was a wise old man and knew that everyone, including himself, would go crazy if the owner got mad and closed the shop.

"Haagen-Dazs?" Yinlong Elder suddenly thought of something and said, "Castellan An, didn't you say last time that Haagen-Dazs tastes better than the Liuyun Daoist Palace's spiritual fruits? Let us try it!"

An Huwei laughed loudly, "Perfect! Allow me, the castellan, to treat everyone to Haagen-Dazs! This is considered a specialty of Jiuhua City! Trust me, you won't be able to taste it anywhere else!"

He leaned against Nalan Hongwu's chair as he said this. It was weird that the Castellan of Jiuhua didn't even have a seat. Su Tianji wondered if this was really Castellan An.

"Xiaoyue!" An Huwei had gotten to know this little girl. "Get us three Haagen-Dazs ice-creams!"

Soon, a loli in white handed them each a delicate little box. The box felt cold to the touch as if there was ice inside.

They exclaimed, "What's in here? Ice?"

"Try it and you'll see," An Huwei explained.

"Aren't you going to have any, Castellan An?" Yinlong Elder became more curious than ever. If it were so good, why wasn't An Huwei eating any?

An Huwei looked awkward as he responded, "This is an amazing shop, but there are a lot of rules. For example, each person can only have one container of Haagen-Dazs every day."

"Seriously?" Yinlong Elder was the oldest in the group, and he had seen all walks of life. Yet, he was intrigued. "This rule sounds unreasonable; I'd like to taste it and see how good this snack really is."

"Me too. I would like to know if Haagen-Dazs is really as good as Castellan An says. I'm surprised that you said it tastes better than Liuyun Daoist Palace's spiritual fruits." Although Su Tianji had to admit that the sword techniques in this shop were ingenious, she didn't think that the Liuyun Daoist Palace would lose to a little shop in every category.

As soon as she finished speaking, she scooped up some ice-cream with the wooden spoon and gave it a taste. Then, her eyes opened wide in surprise as if she just sensed something incredible!

The ice-cream melted as soon as it touched her tongue. It was the middle of summer, so the cold ice-cream felt amazing. Most importantly, as it melted, a rich vanilla fragrance wrapped around her taste buds. This aromatic sweetness made her feel like all the sweetness and happiness in the world had surrounded her.

This was such a lingering feeling! It even improved her slightly-down mood.

"This is the most delicious snack I've ever tasted!" Yinlong Elder and w.a.n.g Kuan enjoyed the Haagen-Dazs as they shouted out praises.

"But I can only have one per day, so I'd better eat slowly!" Su Tianji froze upon muttering this to herself. Did I just seriously say that?

Just then, she saw An Huwei who was still staring at Nalan Hongwu's screen saying, "Your progress is really fast! You're almost at the Liu Estate, right?"

"What's the Liu Estate?" The three of them glanced over upon hearing this. They noticed that there were different animations and characters on every customer's screen, but they didn't look at them in detail before.

After they realized that An Huwei was staring at Nalan Hongwu's screen, they began doing the same thing.

In the center of the screen was a palm-sized young man jumping up and down using the lightfoot technique. He didn't stop unless he needed to talk to someone.

What confused them was that they could see the young man's name above his head!

"Hm? What is that!" This made these people curious. They originally thought that the young man was using a spiritual artifact that could project images, but it didn't seem right. Why would an image display a person's name?

Of course, Nalan Hongwu could've turned off the name-displaying function. However, as an experienced gamer, it was more convenient for him to leave it on. Most of the experienced gamers did that; only new players would turn off this function so that the world would feel more real to them.

"This is the Legend of the Sword and Fairy," An Huwei responded, "Aren't you here to play this game?"

"This is the Legend of the Sword and Fairy?" The three of them were flabbergasted; none of them have been out in a while. Could it be that we have gotten derailed from current society?

"What about the Liquor Sword Immortal?" Dumbstruck, they stared at the screen and thought, Do we use this to communicate with the Liquor Sword Immortal?

"You can say that," An Huwei didn't know how to explain what computers were to cultivators who had been in seclusion for a long period of time. Coincidentally, the gamer beside Nalan Hongwu reached his daily limit.

An Huwei was the castellan, and these three beside him were guests. He didn't think it was a good idea to let them wait around while he played, so he said shamelessly, "Who wants to play first? I'll teach you. This game is also a specialty of Jiuhua City!"

The three glanced at each other and thought, The method of meeting the Liquor Sword Immortal is really weird.

After some back and forth, they decided that the Yinlong Elder, the oldest of the three, should try the game first.

The Yinlong Elder sat down on the computer chair and began the game with help from An Huwei.

When the new story began, the Yinlong Elder felt like he had entered another world!

Su Tianji stared intently at the screen, wanting to see what happens once a person uses this spiritual artifact.

The Legend of the Sword and Fairy quickly began.

Soon, they saw the young man in the screen suddenly jumping off a cliff and landing on a flying sword!

"Is this the sword control technique? Did I just learn the sword control technique?" The Yinlong Elder exclaimed in shock as he instinctively began to control Li Xiaoyao!

"I can go anywhere with a sword in my hand! I'm ten times better than Faction Master Ye!"

"You learned it already?" The other two were flabbergasted. "Ten times better?"

How is that possible? Ye Songtao had been learning sword control technique for a while, so how can the Yinlong Elder be ten times better already?

The sword control technique that the Yinlong Elder was currently using in 'his dream' was the one that Li Xiaoyao had mastered at the end of the game. Its power was mightier than a beginner who was just exposed to the technique!

The man and the sword soared through the heavens and earth! The Yinlong Elder looked down, and he saw the clouds below him, the wind howling beside him, and thunder cracking above him!

At that moment, he suddenly felt like he could go anywhere in this world with this sword! That rush of excitement shot into his brain like a cannonball!

This powerful sword technique could really allow him to go into the heavens and even the netherworld!

He never thought that he could experience the sword control technique this way; this encounter left him in shock and awe!

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