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Erowlin City Town Hall. Mayor Othoriman is pacing back and forth, being very anxious yet excited.

“Lord Mayor, Mr. Da Fei is already brought here.”

Othoriman is elated: “Mr. Da Fei, you finally appeared! It’s really good that you came!”

Da Fei giggles: “If Lord Mayor has anything, just say it.”

Othoriman nods and says with a solemn expression: “There’s changes! Our purification operation this time alerted a certain mysterious recluse, and that recluse sold a subterranean world’s map marked with the location of Abyss Blood Pool at the black market and then went missing.”

Da Fei is stunned: “What is the Abyss Blood Pool?”

Othoriman says seriously: “Blood-type Devil lifeforms’ Brood, legend has it that it’s a sea of blood sealed in an alternate dimension below the abyss, and ebbs and flows with the Devil’s Moon. When the sea of blood’s tide rises, countless Devil’s eggs will be washed up the sh.o.r.e of the sea of blood, and then young Blood-type Devils will break out of its sh.e.l.ls under the moonlight. These little devils will kill and devour each other to strengthen itself. And after they grow up, they will grow wings and fly out of the abyss and walk towards Devil Realm. This is the pool of life for Blood-type Devils, so the Devil G.o.d placed strong barrier there, and strong creatures cannot enter, but——”

Othoriman all of a sudden says with an excited expression: “But Sir just so happens to be able to enter! That Blood Pool is not that far from the Pool of Radiance, it is estimated to be the reason for the Pool of Radiance to be polluted and destroyed by Devils! It’s reachable just by using a couple of teleportation. Looking at the map, Sir’s ship can first reach this location of the Pool of Radiance——”

Pointing at the edge of a large patch of white color sea while talking: “As long as you reached this location, you’ll be able to use teleportation to transfer the entire ship to here, and then Sir drive your ship to here to transfer to here, and then——”

Looking at his hand flying around the map he does not quite understand, Da Fei is totally clueless, where do Bro get the teleportation from? High tech provided by you all, is it? The key is——

Da Fei coughs to interrupt: “Ehm, Lord Mayor, why do I have to go there?”

Othoriman laughs loudly: “Mr. Da Fei, you’re the elite we have chosen out of the tens of thousands of young heroes. Once you’ve entered this blood sea dimension, kill as much Devil Broods in the sea of blood as possible. That’s ravaging the flowers of the Devil race, nipping off Devil race’s future, and decreasing the population of the Devil race. That’ll be peerless contribution made towards the World Tree, the Elf Kingdom and the entire Hero Continent’s peace and justice! Your achievements will be recorded into the annals, and the rewards and status you will obtain will be beyond imaginations! Can Sir not be tempted?”

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