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Chapter 8: Eagle Lead Hunters (2)

“Not bad.” (Feng) [Puttty: wordpress people said so]

Nanshan seeing Feng’s energized face, praised “Feng is a natural born hunter, we didn’t expect such a capable hunter to join us, our gains this year will not be few.”

“If those that rejected Feng knew how powerful he actually is, they would be crying now, haha.” (DaShan)

“We’ll first send a portion of it back, we’re pretty close to the castle, it’ll only take half a day, hohoho, with Feng here, we can get enough food for the whole winter.” (DaShan)

Uncle Ke nodded “We’ll stay and keep watch, the other two will be enough to bring it back.”

After marinating and getting rid of the moisture, it had already lost much weight, but without the bones and just the pure meat itself, it will only take a while. Actually, the most valuable part of the bull is still it’s horns, they could trade these 4 horns for grains and meat in large amounts.

“I’ll go with Shi, DaShan you and Feng keep watch here.”

The people here had great strength, carrying 200-300 pounds was the normal for them. They each had a rattan woven basket that could carry 300 pounds and two horns, with the first trip consisting of Nanshan and Shi, then DaShan and Feng, they could send it back within a short amount of time.

They started to place the meat into the basket and prepare to leave.

When they reached the bottom of the tree, Feng spoke in a low voice “Something is heading our way!”

Immediately, everyone tensed up and one by on they equipped their weapons, Feng reached for his bow and arrows, they stared at their surroundings. With a bird’s cry, a silhouette moved, followed by two other with weapons in their hands, after seeing Feng and the others, their facial expressions changed.

Dashan paled “Motherf.u.c.ker! It’s the Lead eagle people!”

At that moment, Nanshan and shi’s faces changed too, followed by Feng, after living in tiger cliff castle so long, he knew that Lead eagles were their enemies, the meeting of these two teams are always b.l.o.o.d.y, this had already gone for a few hundred years.

Many Tiger hunters die at the hands of Lead Eagle hunters, every team wished to never meet a lead eagle team, as when they met only one team can survive, there is no other option, which is why they are all very tense.

But when DaShan sees Lead eagle hunters, he will say it without hesitation “KILL!”

Feng was the quickest to react after Dashan’s battle cry, he already shot out an arrow.

That arrow was too quick, and the power of it’s force had reached a horrifying level, even before the bowstring made a metal sound, the arrow has already buried itself in a person’s head and pa.s.sed through it and into the trunk of a nearby tree, even though it’s strength had been reduced by a human skull, it still went about 1/3 inside the tree.

Before the enemy could react, the second arrow flew out, in not even a second, Feng had already killed 2 men. DaShan could only look in confusion, it was too fast, the 3 of them had not even registered what had happened.

This was Feng’s first time killing a human, but surprisingly, he did not feel disgusted or any other emotions, it was just like…killing an ant. Actually after practicing Lunli, his personality had already changed.

DaShan was shocked, he did not expect Feng to be able to kill a human with such decisiveness, with such a clean kill, it seemed as though a expert hunter had did it.

Suddenly, a few arrows shot out, Shi immediately blocked it with his shield, and during that moment, Feng shot out three arrows, and threw his bow away (Putty: WHY YOU THROW IT AWAY YOU…YOU…..*steals bow*) (Puttty: *hits putty*) and took out the dagger from his leg and went into the forest.

DaShan shouted “Charge!” The three men charged into the forest.

Feng clearly felt the activity in the forest with his Lunli, there were about 7-8 people.

Within seconds, a enemy appeared in front of Feng, (putty: *plays pokemon music*) he was hiding behind a tree, seeing Feng bolt out suddenly almost made him p.i.s.s his pants, he randomly swung his sword in fear hoping to injure Feng.

This was Feng’s first time seriously battling another human, but the man he was in his previous life was no brave solider, seeing the blade, he was shocked to the point that he unconsciously activated his Lunli and blocked the blade “Piang!” With a few clashes of the blade, the men stood motionless.

The dagger had already slashed through the man’s throat, even after his death, he never understood how he could not move.

DaShan threw his spear, with a agonized cry, a person fell from a tree branch with a bow in his hand.

The lead eagle team had been obliterated in a moment, even though it was a team with about ten men, they could not match these four, with Shi blocking the attacks, DaShan throwing spears about a meter long each in a short range, with this duo, the lead eagle team tried to run.

These opponents were too strong, they could not even fight back, to keep their lives, they broke into a run.

In the forest, running away was very hard as concealing their tracks are almost impossible.

“There’s a live one here!” (Shi)

A battle of not even a minute, at the first contact, 6-7 men had already died, this team is gone forever now.

Shi dragged a lead eagle team hunter to the empty s.p.a.ce, stepping on his back, he coldly asked “Why did you f.u.c.ks come to our territory?” This land was known as the territory of the tiger castle as it is close to is, the lead eagle teams never would willingly come.

That man had a arrow in his knee which was the work of Feng, following his instinct, he blindly shot and pinned the man to the tree, these giving Shi a chance to catch him.

“Weird, why would they come here?” (DaShan)

That man thrashed around to his best ability, but after Shi placed some weight to his foot, he stopped with a “Un”

“Uncle Ke, we’ve killed so many of them, will there be trouble?”(Feng)

While killing them, Feng felt nothing but after killing them, he felt slight discomfort, even though he knew that they were mortal enemies, and that many of the tiger castle died at their hands.

There are 3 residential areas, Tiger Cliff Castle, Lead Eagle, Yibai Village. Lead eagle is to the north of Tiger Cliff castle, and hundred village is to the south. Tiger Castle is enemies to Lead eagle while Hundred Village is neutral. Yibai village had very strong martial arts that could suppress both Tiger cliff castle and Lead eagle, and they are the main force behind dealing with the cannibals, every single invasion of the cannibals are dealt with by the yibai village. (Puttty: the actual TL is one hundred village but it just sounds like there is one hundred of them >:o I can change back though, BTW think of them like, street names XD)

“Feng, it’s fine, if we didn’t retaliate, we would have been killed by them. Shi, flip him!”

Using his feet, he flipped the person and pointed his 3 edged spear at the man’s neck and said “Don’t act dead! Speak! Tell us why did you all come here?”

“You will all die! The people in tiger cliff castle will all die! Hahahaha!” (Men)

“This person is crazy!” (Nanshan)

“Everyone will die?” (Feng)

DaShan nodded, with his feet crushing the man’s shoulder he asked again “What conspiracy are the Lead Eagles planning?”

That man vigorously lifted his head and pierced himself with the spear and died immediately.

Shi shook his head “This is a true fighter!”

DaShan smiled bitterly “We can only all go back, Feng, the big parts of meat cannot be brought back anymore, let’s just leave it in the treehouse.”

Feng could only agree, staying would be too dangerous “Let’s just bring as much as we can.” They went up the tree to repack their bags and decided to bring only the hide and some parts of the meat, each carrying a pannier on their backs, they headed towards the castle.

The four men reached the castle in the afternoon, Feng whistled and the sharp should traveled far, and quickly, the people above sent down the basket.

DaShan placed his pannier on the basket and said “Feng, you go up first, one trip isn’t enough, I’m going to go back.”

With about 10 minutes, the 4 men and 4 big panniers reached the top of the cliff.

DaShan knew Feng’s family problems, and decided to give him all the meat to him, along with a piece of hide and a horn, and slept the rest between the 3 of them, after escorting Feng to his home, they said goodbye to each other as they had to inform the leader of the castle about what happened with the Lead Eagles.

XinFeng carried 2 panniers of meat and a big piece of bull hide into the wooden porch, the old man saw he entered and asked “You killed someone?”

“Yes, how did you know grandfather?” (Feng)

The old man smiled “Of course I know, not bad, after practicing Lunli, it is better to kill a human as early as possible.” (Putty: ITS A FAMILY OF MURDERERS WHERES THE POLICE! CALL THE POLICE!)

“Why?” (Feng)

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