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G.o.d of Thunder - Volume 11 Chapter 7 - What Happened To Yan Wu (I)

"Yan Wu!"

Lei Xingfeng couldn't believe that the person standing in front of him was Yan Wu. They were of similar age, and he'd heard that the senior master of Yan Wu was mighty. It had shocked Lei Xingfeng tremendously when he saw the current state of Yan Wu.

Tian Xiaonian said, "Senior, I think you've recognized the wrong person. My Master's name isn't Yan Wu."

Lei Xingfeng also found out that Yan Wu's practices were utterly lost. He asked, "I shouldn't have seen wrongly…You are Yan Wu."

The old man was indeed Yan Wu. Back then, he wasn't as lucky as Lei Xingfeng. He was knocked down in the Ancient Lun Pa.s.sage and fell from there. Although the fist of Si Donald didn't destroy the point of Pa.s.sage, it was enough to induce changes to the Ancient Lun Pa.s.sage. On the contrary, Lei Xingfeng had much better luck. After he was rescued, he recovered quite quickly.

However, Yan Wu was not as lucky, after he fell, he was in a coma. Also, he had been soaked in water for more than ten days before being rescued. He had completely missed the best time of being saved. Also, his Lunchang s.p.a.ce couldn't be opened, and he couldn't help himself at all.

Back then, Tian Xiaonan was an ordinary fisherman. After rescuing Yan Wu, he had been trying his best to take care of him. Luckily, Yan Wu had no life danger, yet all his previous practices were lost, and he couldn't practice anymore.

Since then, Yan Wu had become depressed, and he had no means to return to where he belonged. The Wansee Continent was vast, and he had become an ordinary person, how could he find his way back? He could only stay in Tianjia Town for now, and since Tian Xiaonan was qualified enough to practice, he was willing to stay there to help him and teach him. It took so many years for Tian Xiaonan to become a Wanlun Master. And if he wished to be upgraded to Milun Master, he needed to spend ten more years of effort.

Lei Xingfeng didn't expect to see Yan Wu here, he asked, "brother Wu, do you want me to notify your family?"

Surprisingly, Yan Wu shook his head and said, "there's no need, I have no face to see my family now. I want to wait for my life to end here. Sigh…I don't have the face to see them now."

Lei Xingfeng smiled helplessly, and he didn't expect the life of Yan Wu become so miserable.

Yan Wu asked, "how is your grandfather doing now?"

Lei Xingfeng shook his head, "I am not sure, as I'm looking for him now. Back then, we entered the Ancient Lun Pa.s.sage, and I fell in the middle of it. I was lucky to be rescued." : "What is your grandfather now?"

Lei Xingfeng shook his head and said: "I don't know, I am also looking for him. In the beginning, we pa.s.sed the Ancient Lun pa.s.sage together. I also fell halfway. Fortunately, I was rescued, and I was lucky to survive."

Yan Wu was full of sorrow, he said, "we all fell in the Ancient Lun Pa.s.sage. I am not sure what happened to others?"

Lei Xingfeng said, "I've been looking for them, but I don't have any news."

Yan Wu was already full of grey hair, and he looked very old. Lei Xingfeng reckoned he couldn't live for many years.

Lei Xingfeng said, "brother Wu, do you have the addresses of the others? If we can find Gulu, An Yadan and Tai Popo, then maybe we will find Lei Bao as well."

Yan Wu said, "I don't know. They are never people who stick to one place. The reason why your Grandpa could find them was that they had a special way of communication."

Lei Xingfeng said, "do you and Grandpa have a special way of communication?"

Yan Wu replied helplessly, "I used to. However, we didn't agree last time before I left. And therefore…"

Lei Xingfeng was extremely disappointed, "Sigh…Si Donald, Si Donald, you jerk. Once I become a Ninth Ring Sage, I will come and look for you!"

When Yan Wu heard Lei Xingfeng, he was shocked, "Ninth Ring Sage? Do you think it's so easy to reach that level? Let me guess, you're at First Ring Sage, right?"

Lei Xingfeng said, "no…I am a Monarch of a Seventh Ring Sage. As for Ninth Ring Sage, I'll reach that level sooner or later!"

Yan Wu was dumbfounded. Seventh Ring? Are you kidding me? He did have some thoughts, but he could never believe that Lei Xingfeng had reached the level of Seventh Ring Sage. Several years ago, Lei Xingfeng was only a Milun Master. He wasn't even a Monarch yet. He said, "well…it's not possible. How…how did you upgrade yourself?"

Tian Xiaonian was also stunned. Although he's a Wanlun Master, he knew that Monarch, Seventh Ring Sage were rarely seen. In reality, these people were the most powerful. He didn't expect that such a person would pay a visit today.

Lei Xingfeng replied, "well, I entered the secret door."

Although Tian Xiaonian didn't understand, Yan Wu did. He had a powerful Master who was at the secret door. When Yan Wu was about to reach the level of Sixth Ring Sage, this Master let him enter the secret door.

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