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Chapter 4.4

TL: Pineapple

Editor: Isalee

It took longer than he thought it would.

That's what Han Woo Jin thought when he the returned the ball. After he lost a game with just service aces, Lee Hyun Woo became serious and began moving.

He wasn't thinking about the future. He was just thinking about winning the current point.

'You can't receive this… you don't have any strength left.'

Looking at Lee Hyun Woo's status window, he saw that his HP was less than 500. It was the result of him not thinking about the consequences and constantly running around.

The set was currently 5 games to 3.

The current game score was 30:15 with Han Woo Jin in the lead. As soon as Lee Hyun Woo lost the first game, he won the 2nd, 3rd and 4th games. He completely lost his stamina after the 5th game. His body was exhausted and his body couldn't follow the orders from his brain. He did his best with every swing and so now his legs were shaking from exhaustion.

'Because he's tired, I have to keep on attacking.'

Han Woo Jin aimed and hit the ball opposite of where Lee Hyun Woo was in order to tire him out more.



If he won one more point he would win the set. Also, Lee Hyun Woo didn't have any stamina left to play the second set. Han Woo Jin had the intention of ending the game with this point and he threw up the ball as his body twisted.

He served Sparrow which Lee Hyun Woo wasn't able to receive.


Lee Hyun Woo tried his best to react but his foot just stopped and wouldn't move. The ball hit the court and bounced to his feet.

"… I give up."

"You worked hard."

Lee Hyun Woo said he gave up and left. Han Woo Jin who put out his hand for a handshake was ignored as he left the court. The player who knew the feeling of a frustrating loss would get stronger. Lee Hyun Woo was a player that had the potential to grow stronger.

If Lee Hyun Woo was at full stamina it wouldn't have been easy to win the first set. His backhand style with a fast reaction was something that even Han Woo Jin had a difficult time playing against.

[This is the first time your opponent, a pro, forfeited. Therefore, all of your stats go up by one.]

[You won by using your opponent's weakness (stamina). Your stamina went up by one.]

[Due to your victory, you gained experience for all your skills.]

[Drop shot level increased by one.]

He was satisfied with his progress. At least that's what Han Woo Jin thought. He used his stamina a little bit but he got a long rest break because he finished his match in one set. Moreover, his stamina stat went up by two so his rough breathing became calmer.

[Han Woo Jin]

Strength 50 / Stamina 48 / Agility 42

HP 1305/1920 SP 280/400

Forehand: 9/20

Backhand: 4/20

Serve: 10/20

Volley: 5/20

Smash: 8/20

Drop Shot: 2/20

Lob: 2/20

Special Skill: Sparrow

He used Sparrow eight times during the match. Sparrow cost 15 SP per use so he can use it 18 more times.

He was preparing for the top four semifinals, so Han Woo Jin drank the warm water in his water bottle.

"Eeeyah, how long has it been since newbies got this far?"

He reeked of alcohol.

Han Woo Jin had no intention of hiding his displeasure and scowled at the smell. Earlier, when the players were gathered, he saw [Hungover] in some of their status windows and that man was one of them.

[Park Chang Jin] [Hungover]

Strength 52 (-8) / Stamina 47(-10) / Agility 48(-8)

HP 925/1880 SP 300/300

Forehand: 8/20

Backhand: 2/20

Serve: 8/20

Smash: 7/20

Drop Shot: 2/20

Lob: 3/20

Special skill: None

"Son of a b.i.t.c.h."

Han Woo Jin mumbled under his breath.

How could a pro player smell like alcohol on the court?

It was the punk who never cared about the basic etiquette for sports regardless of his skill.

Furthermore, he spoke in a drunken tone and kept talking.

"Hey, aren't you going to answer me?"

There was no reason to respond. It was the same as the bald guy. They were amateurs who had no respect for the sport.

Han Woo Jin's eyes were filled with anger.

"Ha! Alright. You come see me after this."

Park Chang Jin who was talking to himself suddenly threw up the ball. He skipped the formalities and just decided to serve first.


Han Woo Jin saw the ball hit the service court grit his teeth in anger.


Rising. As soon as the ball bounced on his side of the court, Han Woo Jin immediately hit the ball and the ball hit the ground next to Park Chang Jin's foot.


"Uh…hey, don't you know this is practice? You can serve first."

Park Chang Jin shamelessly said this as he was the one who served first in order to score a point and handed the ball over to him. But Han Woo Jin wasn't a pushover.

He ignored the hand that was over the net with the ball and said, "It's 15:0. If you say one more word, I will go speak to the coach to go check the camera. Shut your d.a.m.n mouth and keep serving, you drunk!"

"What… what are you going to do?"

Park Chang Jin was surprised that Han Woo Jin suddenly began speaking rudely and even cursed at him. How could he speak like that to his senior? Was this brat cursing him? This was the first time since he had entered this company. He couldn't curse back at him because he knew that Coach Jeon was watching them so he kept his mouth shut, but he wore a furious expression.

"Han Woo Jin… you son of a b.i.t.c.h, I won't let you go."


Han Woo Jin cut him off with one word. He was still hungover so his body swayed. Also, he was really angry so he couldn't correctly hit the ball.

He hit the net twice which resulted in a fault. His next serve was countered with Rising which was a return ace for Han Woo Jin.


"This f.u.c.ker…!"

This rally was something where anyone could see who the winner was. His weak serves were always returned with Rising and as soon as Han Woo Jin returned the serve, it resulted in a return ace. The result would be unknown if Park Chang Jin's status was normal, but because he was hungover, he couldn't beat Han Woo Jin right now.

The first set was finished with 6-0. Park Chang Jin immediately glared at him with his fierce eyes said, "You rude b.a.s.t.a.r.d… Do you think you're good? Do you think you won because you're good at tennis?"

"No, I won because you're r.e.t.a.r.ded."

Park Chang Jin trembled in anger after he heard the junior that he saw for the first time today call him a r.e.t.a.r.d. He threw his racket.

"That's right, you f.u.c.ker! You won! But let's see if you'll be c.o.c.ky next time!"

Hearing the threat from him, Han Woo Jin's face darkened. Park Chang Jin thought that seeing his expression change meant that he was now scared.

"… pick up your racket."


"I said pick up your racket you r.e.t.a.r.ded s.h.i.t!"

"…Aiish! This a.s.shole!"

Han Woo Jin pointed at his racket and Park Chang Jin ran over to Han Woo Jin. He grabbed the cuff of his shirt. The two players tumbled onto the ground, and as the players started surrounding them, Coach Jeon ran over and separated them.

"Han Woo Jin! Park Chang Jin! What are you two punks doing?!"

"Hey, Woo Jin! Let him go!"

"Senior Chang Jin! What are you doing?"

Choi Yeon Hyuk pulled Han Woo Jin back. And two other players pulled Park Chang Jin's arms back. They weren't at the point of hitting each other so they weren't injured. Fighting would be a big problem if they fought on the court.

Coach Jeon Sang Shik was seriously angry and he shouted at them.

"Do you think this is the neighborhood playground? You punks! Are you in your right minds?!"

The two men didn't say anything. Han Woo Jin really didn't want to talk to Park Chang Jin and Park Chang Jin didn't want to escalate the problem further because it was his fault so he stayed quiet.

Coach Jeon looked at the two people were looking down without saying anything until he smelled alcohol.


Park Chang Jin's face paled. As soon as he saw Park Chang Jin's face pale, he discovered the reason for the fight and Coach Jeon furiously roared at him.

"Park Chang Jin! Did you just come to the court while drunk?!"
"Get out of here! Before I force you out!"

Park Chang Jin immediately left since he knew that n.o.body could go against Coach Jeon when he was starting to get crazy. Han Woo Jin didn't like that he didn't pick up his racket off the court. He didn't want to from the game he played with him.

However, the status voice spoke.

[You have gained experience in all of your skills due to your opponent's forfeit.]

[Your smash level went up by one.]

Suddenly, a tough hand grabbed the cuff of his shirt. Coach Jeon's wrinkled face was in front of him. Coach Jeon spoke right into his ear in anger while clenching his teeth.

"Han Woo Jin. No matter how much of a b.a.s.t.a.r.d your opponent is, you have to have self-control… that's what a pro is. Do you understand?"

"…Yes, Coach."

After he answered, he let him go. His neck stung because of the tight grip on his clothes.

"The final game will be in 30 minutes. Rest until then."

"Coach, who's my opponent?"

Han Woo Jin already knew but he asked anyway. He just wanted to release the awkward atmosphere and wanted to confirm who he was thinking about.

Coach Jeon turned and just walked before answering him.

"Don't you already know?"

That was true.

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