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Chapter 634: Roja and Aizen

“This is bad…”

Toshiro’s heart was about to stop the panic. He was terrified as he ran while looking around. But he couldn’t feel and see the Menos Grande.

Hinamori was also fearful if this Menos Grande attacks her directly, she was confident she could resist for a while, but if it sneaks attack, she will die without a doubt.

She could use Shunpo to get away, but Toshiro didn’t learn it yet, so she didn’t use it and ran together with him instead.

The Shinigami coming for support were coming near, but suddenly, the Menos Grande made his Move.

It directly appeared above Hinamori and attacked. Hinamori directly moved without thinking at all and defended with her Asaushi.

The Giant claw stuck Hinamori’s Asasushi head-on, forcibly sending it flying away.

Although she defended this time, it didn’t end there at all.

“This is bad!”

Toshiro’s heart shook. He gripped his Asaushi, clenched his teeth, and swung it down.

His Spiritual pressure erupted, reaching the Menos Grande’s rank, but his sword couldn’t cut the claw that moved around Hinamori. He managed to cut one-third of it only.

At this moment, someone suddenly appeared beside Hinamori, directly striking the claw away.

The one who appeared wasn’t Roja. He was someone wearing the white captain’s Haori, it was the fifth division’s captain, Aizen Sosuke!”


Aizen directly struck the Menos Grande killing it directly.

His expression was calm as he didn’t even put any effort into doing this.

The Menis Grande just disappeared without a trace after getting killed.

“… Captain Aizen!”

The Shinigami nearby directly cam running toward Aizen and Saluted him.

Aizen smiled at the Shinigami before looking at Toshiro and Hinamori and said.

“Are you alright?”

“We are alright, thanks!”

Hinamori respected Aizen, and she didn’t think he would be the one who’d appear here to save her. She thought Roja would be the one to save them. But even though she respected Aizen, it was far inferior from her respect for Roja.

Toshiro looked at Aizen in deep thought. He just entered the academy, and this was the first time he felt the spiritual pressure of a captain, and indeed he couldn’t compare to one at the moment.

Aizen smiled at Hinamori and Toshiro before turning around and saying: “I just pa.s.sed by, I didn’t think you’d be here, if I had known, I wouldn’t have made a move unnecessarily.”

“Don’t worry, saving someone is always good.”

Roja walked out of the darkness nearby.

Just pa.s.sing by?

Does he think I’m a two years old kid?

Toshiro and Hinamori were in danger. He sensed that clearly, however, when he moved to save them, he didn’t think that Aizen would come as well, that’s why he didn’t come out.

Roja didn’t care if Aizen rescued Hinamori or not. Currently, he finished ‘brainwashing’ her completely. Even if Aizen rescued her three times out of five, she would most feel grateful toward Aizen.

The situation was currently strange.

“Roja, you’re also here!!”

Hinamori looked at Roja, and directly she beamed with happiness. Moreover, from Aizen’s words, if he didn’t come, Roja would’ve saved her in his steed.

“Um, I was slow getting here, but it’s alright now.”

Roja nodded and smiled at Hinamori.

Hinamori happily introduced him to Toshiro: “This is the person I told you about before, he is Roja… Right, you have to call him Sir Grand Kido Chief.”


Toshiro was speechless. He looked at Aizen, then at Roja, before narrowing his eyes. He felt that there is something going on, but he couldn’t tell what.

But at this time, a loud Roar invaded the battlefield.

The sky disrupted, revealing a Hollow with Menos Grande’s mask falling into the academy.

The people looked, but no one was nervous or afraid at this time. Why would they be, while the fifth Division’s Captain and the Kido Grand Chief are both here.

“A Menos Grande?”

Aizen looked at the Menos Grande naturally, and drew his Zanpakuto, smiled at Roja then said.

“Grand Kido Chief Roja, you don’t know my Zanpakuto, right? My Zanakuto name is Kyoka Suigetsu, and its ability is like an illusion related to water, it creates ripples that can make enemies kill each other…”

So this is Aizen’s goal.

Roja almost laughed out, here was Aizen, trying to cheat him using Kyoka Suigetsu, which he already had.

Roja didn’t wait for Aizen to use his Zanpakuto and directly pointed his finger with a cold look in his eyes.

“Hado No.78, Zangerin!”

“It’s only two Menos Grande, why would Captain Aizen need his Zanpakuto.” Roja completely obliterated the Menos Grande and smiled at Aizen.

Although his plan failed, Aizen’s expression didn’t change, it wasn’t his only plan anyway, or so he thought.

“Grand Kido Chief Roja’s Kido is getting frightening by the day.”

“Yours as well.”

Roja said with a smile.

Aizen’s brows moved slightly before he turned around and vanished in the darkness.

If Roja didn’t know of Kyoka Suigetsu already, he wouldn’t have any problem with Aizen releasing his Shikai.


“Instantly killing two Menos Grande, The Grand Kido Chief is really strong.”

The nearby Shinigami couldn’t tell what happened between Roja and Aizen. They only noticed that Aizen killed one Menos Grande, while Roja killed two instantly.

But Hitsugaya still noticed something strange with their interaction, but he couldn’t figure it out still.

But Hitsugaya Toshiro, for the first time in his life, saw something so powerful. The power he witnessed from Roja and Aizen left him in awe.

The disparity was currently too huge.

“That Fellow Aizen… His purpose isn’t controlling me with Kyoka Suigetsu. There is seems to be another purpose…”

While people were in awe at Roja and Aizen’s powers, Roja was looking at Aizen’s back before shaking his head.

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