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The formation was broken by a single attack from Roja. If the Second was present, he would be shocked to witness this.

That formation didn't break even under the attacks of the NIbi. Only a full out attack could break this formation, and that's a full out attack from a tailed beast.

But Roja's Ice, although it was very powerful, it was far from breaking the formation.

That's to say, Roja relied on brute force to break the formation.

"This kind of power… Really…"

Looking at the abyss that traversed a hundred meters, Jiraiya didn't know what to think anymore.

All the Ninjas were shocked beyond belief.

Clang! Clang!

Two shurikens held in a ninja's hand fell to the ground and broke the silence.

"Is this a joke…"

Jiraiya looked at the sky, and his back was full of cold sweat.

Others saw this and couldn't help look at the sky, and what they saw made them doubt their eyes.

On the sky, the cloud was split in half.

Anyone would be shocked by this, maybe if Sarutobi was here, he wouldn't be as shocked because he witnessed Hashirama and Madara's strength.

At this time, the ninjas were frightened because they saw Roja smiling while holding his Sen Maboroshi as if he was waiting for them to continue their attacks.

"Please calm down."

Inoichi's spirit recovered. He looked at this scene while difficulty keeping his calm.


Jiraiya looked at Shikaku with a bitter smile.

"Wait here, will send you what you want."

They didn't want to fight with Roja. The reason why they did in the first place was that they believed that they had the advantage and could suppress Roja.

But now, the situation was reversed. Jiraiya doubted that he can defeat Roja. Moreover, even if he somehow can, won't these thousand or so Ninjas die. Will they be able to survive his power?

It's a totally worthless sacrifice.

What's more, Roja didn't want anything fundamental to Konoha.

"Good then."

After looking at Shikaku for a while, Roja put away Sen Maboroshi.

He couldn't help think about the difference between this world and the world of one piece. In the latter, even in this kind of situation, some of them won't just accept defeat like this.

There is a thousand Ninja here, even if Konoha didn't want to accept Roja's demands, with his power, there is no end of useless sacrifices.

In the end, Jiraiya didn't mind fighting with Roja, he was young and hot-blooded, but in this fight, many Ninjas would die.

"If the Second is here, then it would've been fine."

In his heart, Jiraiya thought about the Tobirama's time-s.p.a.ce Jutsu. Roja was strong, but they would have chances in fighting him.

Unfortunately, Tobirama wasn't here.

There were more than 30 people that knew about Chakra nature transformation. After a while, they recorded the method for Roja.

Roja took a look at them and couldn't read the words. He directly threw them in his s.p.a.ce. Roja was too lazy to name that s.p.a.ce, so he just called it Sen Maboroshi's s.p.a.ce.

"Do you want to come with me?"

After storing the scroll, Roja glanced at Kurenai next to him.

Kurenai was silent and didn't speak.

Roja suddenly smiled and said: "I don't know how many people want to follow me, and you have that chance, I think you should cherish it."

Kurenai's mouth was slightly twitching as her eyes rolled. Although Roja was strong, can he not be such a narcissist?

After looking at her, Roja ignored her and started walking away.

Kurenai looked at Roja's figure and hesitated and couldn't help look at her father. He also hesitated before looking at Shikaku.

Shikaku shook his head slightly.

If Roja is that strong, it's best not to offend him. If Kurenai can follow Roja, they might be able to establish a friendly relationship with him.

Shinku knew Shikaku's meaning. At first, he was worried about his daughter's safety, but now that he saw Roja's strength, he clearly knew that his side is much safer than the Camp.


Shinku took a deep breath as he nodded at Kurenai.

If you say that Kurenai didn't want to follow Roja, that would be a lie. Roja's power and temperament could count as ladies killer. Now that she got permission, the stone in her heart was lifted.

She became relaxed as she nodded seriously at her father. She quickly moved and chased after Roja.

After a while, Roja and Kurenai both disappeared.

Jiraiya turned toward Shikaku and said: "Shikaku, what do think about this?"

"I think the information should be blocked."

Shikaku was already thinking about this for a while, and he could only think about this.

"What happened here shouldn't be leaked. Otherwise, it may affect the momentum of our troops and the other villages may think that we are too weak and attack us."

Having said this, Shikaku's eyes flashed as he continued: "There is also the conflict between Roja and the k.u.mo. Maybe they would take the initiative to attack him."

"Good! Then block all information immediately!"

Jiraiya heard what Shikaku said nodded his head in approval. The others felt frustrated at first, but hearing Shikaku's words made them think that this may have benefits for them.

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